1- Key to Commitment, difference between committing and trying, the 3 reasons you don’t commit, and the magical motivational moment

Podcast #1 Show Notes
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Podcast Episode: 1- Commitment
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Short Story Featured: The Tiger’s Whisker Link

The Tiger’s Whisker Story ~ Folktales Stories for Kids

Due to a very strong “Why”- Yun OK had stellar Commitment
Through pateince, gradual improvement, and an unwillingness to give up- she reached her goal
She achieved what she thought was impossible…. with small gradual progress


The difference between HOPE and COMMIT
HOPE- You want it… as long as you can do it perfect, fast, or temporary
COMMIT- You WILL get it- no matter how long it takes, you refuse to compromise on the end goal
(Example: Running in a marathon vs. Running to find anti-venum for a loved one)

Is your “WHY” strong enough that you are willing to keep going when you fall?
When you are commited, you are not willing to take excuses.

The 3 reasons why you arent commiting or following through
1 Fear of Failure- since we know from experience the diet probably wont work
2 Confidence- we have lost all out confidence since we have tried diets again and again
3 Pain- Since dieting SUCKS!!! And is restrictive.

WE HOPE FOR THAT “MAGICAL MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT” where everything clicks and your ready to commit:
It does not exist
We have become accustomed to settling with ourselves as we are- gradually allowing this to happen to ourselves

GOOD NEWS!!! You don’t need that magic moment!!!
You do not need crazy restrictions to lose weight
You can look forward to it and make it fun
THE BEST LIFE plan implements small habits for maximum results- PAIN FREE
Be willing to commit to small habits

You WILL fail sometimes- expect it, and focus on trying again

KEY to commitment
Have an intentional moment of clarity- decide its time
Decide you WILL lose weight
Have a great WHY
Decide when you fall (mess up), you WILL try one more time

Tweet: Commitment is deciding you will. And trying again when you don’t. Period

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: 1/2 cup Fiber One Cereal, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup blue berries
Snack: Egg white Omelette in a mason jar- with cheese, spinach, pepper, onion, cheese, mushrooms, bacon bits (check out the recipe at the bottom)
Lunch: Poke Bowl (Hawaiian Protein Bowl)- Rice, lite Soy Sauce, Ahi Tuna (from Alid’s!), Avacado, sesame seeds
Snack: Mason Jar salad- red onion, tomatoes, radishes, bacon bits, carrots, & balsamic vinegrette
Dinner: Shrimp and Chicken Kabobs, baked potato and salsa, corn on the cob, green beans, chicken noodle soup
Snack: Carrot and Snap peas with Hummus
Calorie Content for the Day: 1541 Calories!


Question to consider until next week…
What are you currently commited to?
You are always commited to something…
So are you currently commited to staying the same, or changing to make your life better, thinner, & healthier you?

Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
How the Best Life Plan was born- My Story

Show Notes Bonus Features…

Egg White Omelette in a Mason Jar:
2 egg whites (you can substitute for 1 full egg)
veggies you want (I like chopped bell pepper, onion, halved cherry tomatoes, mushrooms)
meat (I use chopped up lunch meat ham or a tablespoon of bacon bits)
cheese (I like the Aldi’s American cheese slice which I just rip up a bit and stick in)
salt and pepper
Put the lid on the mason jar and shake it up, then remove the lid and microwave for 2 minutes

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