11- Self-Assessment part 1- journal pages & what to track

Podcast #11 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 11
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Short Story Featured: The Cracked Pot
Moral: Even if you don’t see it right now, everything has a purpose
you are not perfect. I’m an not perfect. No one is perfect.
That’s what makes us unique and beautiful
it’s what makes life interesting
your journal pages are no exception.
they will not show day after day of perfect food plans followed
if they do- they aren’t real
be willing to capture your messy moments and unpleasant binges
be open and willing to change- by allowing yourself to capture the bad with the good
you are the only person who has to see it
if you don’t write it down… it still happened. You may as well make it a learning experience, right
pretending it didn’t happen and refusing to write it down shows your aren’t willing to change.
try again one more time- when you ARE willing to change
Remember: perfect is a unicorn doing the splits in the corner- it does not exist
Perfect fake journals do not end up in 1st place in life
it’s the messy, real, useful journals that can help mold us into the version of ourselves we want to be
you can have pretty journal pages, or a pretty body
successful fake journal days, or a successful life
you must be willing to learn along the way
and you must have the real uncensored authentic data to learn from
after all …if you had nothing to learn- you would already be thin

NOW before we jump all the way into the lesson===
AND Since we are now 10 podcasts in- I thought it would be beneficial to do a quick review
of what we have learned so far.
In case your just joining us- this may also help you check point which podcasts you may want to go back and listen to
or refresh yourself with

Podcast 1-
We learned that being committed to your goal is imperative
the difference between try and commit
and the “trick” is to be just committed to try one more time…

Podcast 2-
I shared my past diet history, how I went from a size 18 to a size 4, losing 75 pounds
and I spilled the beans on all my cringe worthy moments of being overweight which you may have resonated with

Podcast 3-
My favorite podcast.
talked about the unmagical motivational moment you need where you walk through that threshold and finally commit
go over the Best Life Weight Loss plan- exactly how I lost 75 pounds
5 rules that we need in order to lose weight

Podcast 4-
We talked about fear of failure
We realized most of what we avoid or procrastinate is due to fear of failure
that perfectionism is actually fear or failure
and we learned why failing is good sometimes, in fact needed,
and accepted a challenge that we would set out to get 2 no’s or fails per day-
by putting ourselves out there and getting good at sometimes doing the uncomfortable.
planning to fail, and keep going anyways

Podcast 5-
We got our magic #. Our calorie budget amount custom designed just for you
we learned what we can eat and when
and how much

Podcast 6-
We leaned how to use that # to our full advantage-
we learned what, when, and how to track what we eat for full optimal results
which is different than any way you have ever tracked before
did a brain storm about meal planning and prepping

Podcast 7-
we learned how to overcome challenges and come up with fantastic solutions
again to try one more time
and how to make things fun that we don’t wanna do
think outside the box

Podcast 8-
this was our mental week
how to not be a victim
or blame others or situations for our failures or success
that it’s always just us who decides to think a certain way about each situation in our life
We can go thru life blaming others and miserable.
OR we can wave our freak flag and be proud of who we are, where we are, and what we are doing
our mood, success and failure, weight, time, thoughts, and daily activities are ALWAYS controlled only by us.
and we can Own that, or we can change it

Podcast 9-
this is my second favorite podcast I think
we went through the to 10 most popular excuses for weight loss…
and debunked each one.
and BTW- side note…I’m putting out there a challenge to anyone who can stump me.
If you can come up with an excuse you think I cant debunk, or a challenge you cant think of solutions for
email me at Kary@wlmotivation.com… I double dog dare ya!
I’ll bet you cant stump me!

Podcast 10-
We talked about having goals versus being stagnant and coasting
we had an interactive goal setting workshop-
we started out remembering past goals, and check marked off everything we set out to achieve and slayed-
remembering how we ARE achievers and have thrived in the past
We opened up our mind to the possibility that there may be more out there that we want to accomplish
and we allowed ourselves to dream a little- looking into the future at our ideal life
we may have even set a new goal
So this brings us up to date and current with Podcast #11- self assessment by tracking your results, self awareness
We all know how to lose weight
it’s more of an issue actually DOING what we know we should be doing, right?
The best life breaks it down into bite size pieces, adds in accountability, assessments and tweaks until we reach success.
organized common sense in baby steps with flexibility
bite sized pieces aka: one weekly focus that when mastered and repetition will turn into
to habit and eventually essentially effortless
adds in accountability (AKA: journal pages to track your results and actions)
and then at the end of the week we go through assessing that week and adding changes where needed
aka: self assessment and flexibility in your approach to get to the committed end goal

Knowing all of this, assessing is #3 and 4 of the plan… VERY IMPORTANT
it is also impossible without #2- tracking our results
1 focus- action
2 track
3 assess
4 flexibility, tweaks

in order to self-assess our results- we need to have tracking information to review:
We learned a brief portion in podcast 5&6, of what we are to be tracking
and of course if you are a best life reader you have the customized journal pages you need to follow along
if not yet- you can come on over to Wlmotivatin.com and sign up to get a free sample journal page
you can use for now- or if you are artistic create your own bullet journal type page to follow along

IT has been proven again and again and again in every study performed over the last 30 years that tracking what you eat,
journaling your food intake helps aid your weight loss by double!!!
this is a large reason why the best life book is like 1/2 book and 1/2 interactive journal- for this purpose
In the plan, habit #1 that you learn and implement- is how to track what you consume.
before we even talk about what you consume or how much- just getting into the habit of tracking what you eat
is #1

and I can not stress enough… responsible tracking is KEY
if we make a mistake, we need to have the data to be able to learn from it
we must write it down
if we make a mistake and hide it and don’t write it down and pretend it didn’t happen
we will keep making that same mistake, hiding it, and never learn how to avoid the mistake
then we will get frustrated when the scale doesn’t move as fast or as much as we would like
sound familiar?
instead of learning from that mistake, in a kind way as to not beat ourselves up but to find it a challenge
in our journey that we can come up with solutions for…
instead of fixing the obstacle that prevents us from having the body and life we deserve…
we blame the plan… doesn’t work
we blame ourselves calling ourselves broken
we blame our period, age, hormones, or that one piece of cake at a birthday party
I can promise you right now- you are not overweight because of one piece of cake
you are overweight because you have not been willing until now to really look at your habits and actions
and have the guts to acknowledge it, track it, view it as a challenge you can overcome,
and implement alternative solutions to those actions that are holding you
back from your ideal life
If I could jump up and down right now without knocking over my microphone I would because I am SO
serious that if you learn nothing else from me ever… and only ever implement one habit of my 12 habit program…
CHOSE responsible tracking.

So this is what we track
throughout your day, you will write down __5__ things to begin
1 food ate, time, what, how made feel
if you are on the best life plan- you are filling out your journal pages and have all the data
you need to start your assessments, including your assessments which are in the book as well
If you are not, make sure you are writing down all your meals (I love myfitnesspal) but also writing
down more than that
your also writing down how you feel after you eat
this is a bit confusing- “feeling” can mean emotion, or physical sensation.
The physical sensation is what I am looking for.

Examples are things like:
full/ satisfied/ gassy/ bloated/ lethargic/ hyper/ jittery/ buzzed/ refreshed
once you get good at this, you can go a bit further
to more specific detail, something like satisfied for 3 hours
or the “satisfied only for an hour”
or “hungry again in an hour”
and you may notice these most… the next time you write in your journal when you are tracking your next meal
because you are also writing in the time you eat each time. And you are writing in the journal
every time you eat- not just trying to selectively remember at the end of the day
When you start to track this way, which Is what I refer to as responsible tracking,
you will begin to notice patterns…
incredibly interesting
uncover things that you can’t believe you didn’t know about yourself
for me- when I eat fruit before noon- hungry all day- the sugar makes me crave more and more sugar-
endless pit syndrome
this is also how I noticed my kryptonite’s- like chips and salsa, or pasta
and whenever I eat them it makes me MORE hungry… and causes cravings for more.
I can never eat a small bowl of pasta and get a “satisfied” feeling.
Once you notice a pattern- you can adjust to figure out another approach and customize it for you
I began to notice my stomach hurt if I ate an apple
but if I had 2-3 cups of water that day before eating the apple- I was fine
if I eat red pasta sauce I know that needs to be accompanied with a tums
yellow part of eggs makes me gassy- uncomfortable. I don’t love egg yellows- I’m ok with that
I’ll ask for egg whites (less calories and more of a bonus)
I realized my pasta intake would cause cravings for more pasta- so I only eat a small
serving of past along with something I KNOW will fill me up like a large salad and soup
IF I eat late- usually wake up hungry… so I try to avoid that
leaning how your body reacts to food is super helpful
if you have ever tried yoga- and were kinda overwhelmed by the feelings of self
awareness of your body, your breath, your mind… its kinda like that but better
and more useful
Each new thing you notice, may be a coincidence… or it may be a pattern
This is why we track- to figure that out. We will begin to notice these patterns as we assess every week

2 We are also tracking the challenges and solutions we face
we are doing this as they pop up, day to day, trying to find a solution to do better next time or to presently
make a good decision
and we are also doing this in a pro-active fashion… before they pop up in some instances, since we know ourselves and
our excuses better than anyone else
we have self awareness enough to write out challenges we expect to face that week and brainstorm
a myriad of solutions, remembering to make the solutions fun, compelling enough they are better than
whatever the undesirable current response happens to be. Tying a reward to it if needed, and thinking
outside the box on occasion for optimal results
My most favorite and best example of this- is getting in my steps by watching a show on Netflix
I pick one show that I really look forward to, then I only allow myself to watch it while I’m
on the treadmill

3 No’s building our confidence and getting more comfortable at being uncomfortable
we know that putting ourselves out there,
sometimes failing,
and always trying again- is the key to success in everything

the more put yourself out there, get better at trying again
you WILL fail sometimes. We want to fail sometimes so we have that opportunity to try again
it doesn’t matter how you go down, getting back up always gets a standing ovation.
if you start getting better and better at not being afraid to fail, to get a no
to have a daily # of “fails” or “no’s” you actually expect to get…
the more likely you are to go after what you really want in the world-
expect to have flexibility, some setbacks and obstacles, not be afraid of
them and in fact have more tools and confidence to overcome them and keep
at your goal
the real secret here- is that this works in your life for more than just weight loss
the key is to start out slow
I recently read, for network marketing… think
MK, Avon, pampered chef,
essential oils, vitamins, and countless weight loss products
the % of sales people who quit after they get their 1st or 2nd NO. is astonishing… like 80-%
most new customers don’t buy till they are asked the 5th time. Only 8% of sales people
make it that far cause most cant
take the rejection- amazing
if we get good at getting the NO and being able to adjust, adapt, FLEXIBLE and try again
how would your life be different If you could not fail….
or if you could fail sometimes yet still try again

as far as assessing your no’s for the week-
if you have been participating… you get an A for effort
Have you been putting yourself out there?
if you have not- try an entire week with just this as your focus.
At the end of your journey, when your at your ideal weight and stronger with more energy and confidence
you will be proud of many things this journey had taught you and you have learned about yourself along the way
But I will promise you right now-
the #1 favorite thing you will gain is the ability to LIVE your IDEAL LIFE…
and to live your life full out
you will not get there without sometimes being uncomfortable
you will get better at putting yourself out there
you have to practice it. Again and again.
this is a learned NEEDED skill. Essential to success in anything that requires effort

4 Speaking of uncomfy- Your also tracking your weight
if weight daily- you are being kind to yourself
I have a 4 pound variance throughout my week- which is why I use happy scale with averages out your weight
salty foods- popcorn, canned soup, alcohol, water intake
weight every morning or every other, butt naked after morning pee pee
if you are a morning regular #2 go-er, weight after that of course.
once a month- measurements also .
fabric tape measure

5 and of course you are tracking your water intake…
we really haven’t talked about this a lot before, but my rule is:
drink 1/2 your weight in ounces- OF WATER per day
the more water you drink- the better you are to flush out the fat
if you aren’t drinking enough water chances are you are somewhat dehydrated and
therefore somewhat constipated and heavier than you should be right now

not so 6 dependent upon how far along you are in the best life program- you may also be tracking other things
like activity, energy, etc but we are not getting into that today- that’s more of an advanced class

next week we will pick right back up with self assessing these 5 journal sections we track
and remember if you are just starting out- don’t try to do everything at once. Work in one at a time. Add one habit,
or journal section at a time until it feels automatic then add in another
until next week- track responsibly
Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: non-fat vanilla yogurt with 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp granola, and 1/2 banana and coffee
Snack: 1/4 avocado mashed on 1 piece 35 calorie toast and 1/2 banana (the rest of the banana from this morning)
Lunch: chilled strawberry peach soup, and mason jar salad with lettuce, bacon bits, halved cherry tomatoes, and calorie free raspberry dressing
Snack: 35 calorie bread (toasted) with lettuce leaf, mustard, turkey, and cheese
Dinner: Grilled chicken with foil pack veggies (squash, zucchini, onion, mushroom, salt & pepper and coconut oil), baked potato with 2 tbsp lite sour cream and salsa, and salad with shredded mozzerela, croutons, radishes, carrots, and italian
Snack: 2 sugar free popsicles
Calorie Content for the Day: 1341


Question to consider until next week…

What makes you most proud to track in your journal? What do you enjoy most writing down? Click To Tweet

Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:

Show Notes Bonus Features…

Strawberry Peach Soup:
serves 4- 146 calories per serving

5-6 strawberries washed and cut in a couple pieces
dash of cinamon
1/2 cup mango peach V8 juice
2 cans sliced peached in water- no sugar added
2 tbsp lite sour cream
1 can pears in juice

Blend in Ninja Blender (or another good blender) until desired consistancy-
I like mine a little on the thicker side. Divide among 4 mason jars and put in fridge for 2-3 hours until chilled. Can last all week in fridge
Foil Pack Veggies:
2 servings- 160 calories per serving

Cut up 1 vidalia onion
handful of mushrooms
1 squash chopped into bite size pieces
1 zuchini chopped into bite size pieces
* optional= potato chopped up or baby potatoes halved. This will increase the cook time
1 tbsp coconut oil dallop in middle of foil pack
salt and pepper to taste

Put all in middle of foil
fold up foil pack so that edges are creased together and top has some air between food and foil
put on grill or next to fire pit 25-30 minutes
check veggies and put fork in potato to check cooking status

(If it’s raining or you dont have access to a grill… you can also cook these on the George Foreman)
Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
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Ninja Blender


tape measure

wide mouth mason jars

raspberry calorie-free dressing

dressing tupperware

water bottle

35 calorie Bread-


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