12- assessing your week, customizing your results

Podcast #12 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 12
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Short Story Featured: Rafting
life with its challenges and obstacles does not have to be a battle
you can alter your attitude at any given time to make your experience in ANYTHING more pleasurable
depends on your attitude towards to obstacle, what you chose to focus on
focus on following the leader to a T, and the danger you will be in without his commands, and
your experience will be about how well you followed direction and stayed out of danger
focus on harmonizing with your surroundings and laughter- and you will appreciate the beauty
around you. You will find yourself enjoying the process

try to keep this same mentality with you as we begin to assess our weeks actions and progress going forward
if you look back on your journal pages focused on mistakes
you will be assessing your progress with disgust at decisions you made, or disappointment in yourself
you will not only be breaking rule # 5- be kind to yourself
you will also not look forward to your next week and any momentum you have built up,
or confidence you have gained will deflate
any mistakes or failure along with way- we will add to our challenges and solutions brainstorm
all it is- is an obstacle we still need to tackle.

Part 2 of self assessing- this is where we really get into the nitty gritty-

So after we have been tracking our food and water consumption, weight and our weekly focus and challenges, and fails
everything we discussed in podcast 11 all week long- now it’s time to self-assess our progress
You should now know the best life program is all about adding in one focus at a time until it becomes habit
so look back first on your weekly focus.
How did it go?
did that focus get easier?
does it feel like it is beginning to formulate into a habit?
Is it beginning to feel automatic?
did challenges come up that you were able to find solutions for?
do you feel comfortable to add in another habit or should we stick to this focus another week to get it down,
and master it
this is what that looks like:
So week 1 you just focused on tracking- writing down everything you ate and tracking weight, obstacles, etc
after the first week you became good at remembering to track everything until it became 2nd nature
habit was formed. So week 2 you were able to add something new since tracking was mastered, and
on its way of becoming a habit
week 2 you focused on drinking your required water amount. But you had some things come up and
maybe you allowed your focus to falter. And you need another week to try again
then you do another week of focusing on water, then go onto your third focus in the 4th week
Do your focus as many times as it takes to get it down
I had to repeat multiple weeks along my journey. It happens.
don’t keep going when you have confusion or if you are still struggling with that focus,
or you make everything 10 times harder and overwhelm will follow…
the purpose of focusing on 1 item at a time, it to focus on that habit, repeat, repeat, repeat
until it works for you on autopilot.
the ONLY difference between you and the person you want to become, is a set of specific habits
the ONLY difference between your life now and the life you desire, is your daily actions
the ONLY 2 ways you can implement those daily actions- is by strategically adding in these
habits to make the process automatic and enjoyable consciously OR
working your absolute ass off, hating the process, and struggling uphill the entire time
it’s always your choice. You can chose the hard way.
most chose the highway and just never get that life they desire.
very few are able to strategically add in new habits, change their life.
Be one of those people. Be amazing.
It will be a consistent dance of going slower than you desire usually, but fast enough to build momentum
if you go forward too fast, you get overwhelmed because you have multiple focuses you are
concentrating on at once
if you haven’t quite got it yet- keep at it. If you’ve hit a wall- it happens
dig in and keep at it
always commit to try one more time and eventually u will conquer it
example: say you are on your vitamins week and you just keep forgetting to take them
you are not self sabotaging yourself- you just forget.
if you are tracking in your journal- you have an area to write in a checkmark or x or smiley
when you take them- this will help you remember
if you don’t yet have a best life journal…
then let’s go ahead and write up a challenge/ solution for this obstacle
ready- challenge: remembering to take your vitamins
I like to try to think of at least 3 solutions if I can
solution 1- set an alarm on your phone
you can label it vitamins…
you can have it play a certain song.
like- “raise your glass” by Pink
or “worth it” by fifth harmony
solution 2- tie it in with something- such as morning coffee or
brushing your teeth- put in you toothbrush drawer
solution 3- make it part of your meal prep- if you line up your mason
jars in the fridge- use small jars or little dollar store tupperwares
wrap them up in little tin foil and stick inside your mason jar salad
1- FOOD- look back on your food-
keep a list of food handy that leaves you satisfied
that gives you cravings
and makes you ill
this week when your making your food plan- keep these things in mind
you may need to tweak and adjust things dependent upon the signs your body is giving you
if you are getting hungry 1 hour after lunch, maybe you need a bogger lunch, or more protein then
maybe having a large breakfast is making you sleepy first thing in the morning
maybe too big of a dinner is depleting your energy too early in the evening
maybe you need a snack between a meal here and there
take your food responses for how each meal made you feel into consideration when planning this week

2- WEIGHT- remember a 500 pound deficit per day is equal to 1 pound lost per week.
other factors can alter this throughout your week- like sodium consumption, constipation, our monthly friend
what I can promise you however, is having that cookie that one day did not cause you to gain 2 pounds.
its impossible. Stay with me. Be realistic here
a cookie is what- 150-300 calories maybe
you need 3500 additional calories to gain a pound
now if you had 70 cookies- maybe.
and if you did- let’s write that in for one of our challenges to overcome

3- In fact, look back on all your week’s challenges and solutions
what worked?
what still needs work?
let’s brainstorm some additional solutions to challenges we didn’t quite conquer that we know may come up again
Be part of the 8% and don’t give up
go ahead and get a game plan together
do yourself a solid there and proactively fill out a challenges and solutions guide for yourself for all your known obstacles
such as if you are going to be out of town and have limited pre-packing options
or school is ending for the summer break. Kids will be home and you want to make sure your
not going to be tempted to get off track- remember to be flexible and think outside the box
if you think of one u cant get a solution to, email me- I challenge you to stump me.

the challenges that DID work- what worked about them-
is that something you can take and implement into a different challenge’s solution
example: you stop at McDonalds every day the last year and buy a chocolate milkshake on the way
home from work
you now don’t want to spend the extra 500 calories per day on that milkshake and would rather
put it towards eating a couple starch servings with your dinner
so far your solutions haven’t worked
your solutions were:
1 just keep driving and don’t stop
2 stop and get a salad instead
3 call a friend and talk to them on the way home so you cant stop to order

it hasn’t worked so far. Day 1 you stopped and a salad sounded horrible so you got the milkshake
you are not looking at this as a failure. You are looking at it as a challenge…
you are aware of a habit you have that you would like to change. Awareness is key
you look at it as a challenge… you know you will do better next time… you will try again- 1 more time
day 2 you really tried. You tried calling a friend but they didn’t answer, and a salad sounded awful
you stopped and got the milk shake
you still did not beat yourself up because you know that helps nothing
you are aware of this habit and look at it as a challenge,
AND now you also know what does NOT work
you realize you can not expect said friend to always be available
you realize you need a solution where you just rely on yourself so you cant rely on or blame someone else for your actions
you realize a salad is not compelling enough obviously- how about an ice cream come?
Its 170 calories and much better than the 500. Or a iced coffee
keep at trying one more time.
keep your end goal, have flexibility in your approach, try one more time… and you will get there

but we tried something else last week that worked well- instead of eating over the sink we ate at the table.
Here- our solution was to reward our-self by putting a black checkmark on 0ur calendar at work.
We felt proud looking at all the checkmarks adding up on our calendar
Could we use that same method, since we know it already worked for us, for our milkshake issue?
Why not? I’ll bet we could get really creative even and buy a red pen, or green or blue or brown- and put
another check mark, or x on the calendar on days we passed on the milkshake.

So this mind play sound easy but you and I both know it isn’t. I’m asking you to pretty much step outside yourself and
look yourself right in the brain to figure yourself out
to get conscious about your unconscious behavior
how you work. What makes you tick… and manipulate yourself in order to mold yourself into the person you want to be’
there’s a lot of mind work that goes into that
it doesn’t happen overnight
the key is tracking- the more info you have to work with the better
you can look at your patterns, what works and what doesn’t, and change it all up
it’s fascinating
you CAN Frankenstein yourself, mold yourself into the person you deserve to be
You CAN get yourself to do anything you want to get yourself to do
commit to it, track it, assess it, adjust it. (be flexible & kind to yourself), Repeat.. Repeat..repeat until
Boom- new on purpose habit is born

So now that we have looked back on our week-
1 we know if our focus was mastered enough that it is becoming automatic or not,
and if we feel comfortable moving on and adding another focus
2 we have reviewed what foods and meals felt like in our body- in order to make informed
decisions this week for meal planning more appropriately for what makes our body feel magnificent- or at least not sickly
3 we have reviewed the challenges and solutions we faced last week- and if we need to add additional solutions to overcome
some lingering challenges, and we have brainstormed some more ideas to try- remembering to make solutions compelling and fun
if possible, and pulling some ideas from our solutions to challenges we slayed
4 our water and No’s were reviewed to make sure we are following these habits as well- and we are planning separate weeks
to focus on these areas if we need to

Now that we have assessed last week, and are moving forward into our next week
we will do so with flexibility to improve 1% bettwe than last week because we have real, transparent results
right in front of us
what worked
what didn’t
what we need to improve
if we are adding a new focus or not
Now for the most stellar upcoming week: we will plan:
a new meal plan for this week- if you want to do the exact same thing- do it
make some tweaks here and there, great
or completely change it up- awesome
most likely you have a better idea now of when your body is hungry, what satisfies it and what doesn’t that
you can plug right in
BTW- what is the best day to start a diet? Or lifestyle change?
Most people surveyed will say Monday
I say today. In the best life journal you pick if it’s a Monday, Tuesady, Thursday, or whatever
the BEST day to start is now.
My day 1 of my week is a Friday.
if you want to wait till Monday- double check your commitment, that’s called procrastination

Now you have all the tools you need to track your daily habits and actions
Have a stellar week! And Track responsibly

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Oatmeal (100 calorie pack), hard boiled egg, 2 pieces toast (35 cal bread) with sugar free jam
Snack: fiber one granola bar
Lunch: chicken salad on bed of lettuce with a mini croissant
Snack: assorted fruit and veggie mini spread= 1 plum, 1 cup snap peas, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 cup celery with 100 calorie guacamole dip pack
Dinner: stir fry= chicken, onion, pineapple chunks, peanut oil, teriyaki sauce, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas and mushrooms served over 1 cup of white rice made in the instant pot. Sprinkle on top half of 1-100 calorie pack of salted peanuts
Snack: individual bag of baked chips and 1/4 cup of salsa
Calorie Content for the Day: 1380


Question to consider until next week…

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Super Easy Chicken Salad
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either 2 large cans tuna in water or 3 regular size cans
4 tbsp lite sour cream
4 tbsp relish
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