13- top 20 technology tips and tricks to weight loss Part 1 (#’s 20-11)

Podcast #13 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 13
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Short Story Featured: The 2 hospital patients
allow others to encourage you
and if you get the chance- pass it on
there are so many amazing people out there willing to share their tips and tricks with the rest of the world
soak it up like a sponge
I’ll share with you some of my favorites
hopefully they will encourage you as they encourage me

If you listened to my podcast #2, you know my story
I struggled with my weight for 30 of my 40 years on this earth.
The last 10 years, I half committed to diets and was never fully invested
I found once I really began my lifestyle change all the things I had been missing out on that had completely changed in the
last 10 years. And I would like to share these things with you
Technology can be confusing and frustrating. Or it can be amazing and eye opening
it’s whatever you decide to focus on.
I still cant figure out my Roku or blue Ray player… but I have found the following top 20
things to be incredibly helpful and game changing in my weight loss journey

I can only fit 10 at a time on the podcast so you get 2 incredibly amazing podcasts out of my technology tips and tricks for weight loss
and this is part 1 of 2

top 10 of 20 ways technology has made dieting and healthy living easier

20 2nd hand shopping websites:
things like:
let go
Craig’s list
Facebook market
offer up
even amazon
for things like gym equipment that you can buy and make yourself a home gym on a budget
it’s like having your very own modern day garage sale priced options right at your fingertips
you can even set up a notification on most sites to let you know if a certain “keyword”
becomes available within a your determined mile radius in your set price range.

We have bought other gym equipment this was as well.
I love a good deal, and 2nd hand gym equipment is hardly ever used.
if a home gym is an option you are considering and you need equipment- this is a great option

19 Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ HULU
use as a motivator like I do to walk.
either at home or at the gym- bring your pad or phone and connect to WIFI and your Netflix or amazon Prime app
and away you go
find a show you can’t wait to watch the next episode- like the killing, scandal, anything binge-worthy
you will find yourself popping up on the treadmill or stationary bike more often than your scheduled workout times just to watch another episode or 10 more minutes
binge-worthy doesn’t have to mean you are a slave to your couch

calorie counting has never been so easy
already implemented in the site is almost all brand names, fast food items, you name it
there’s even a bar code scanner
recipe input- manual or online
if you find a recipe on a website, you can go to myfitnesspal and give the recipe name and website and it
will download it for you, and verify the ingrediants & servings
so if you copycat the recipe and swap out something to make it healthier- you can adjust it here as well
if you food prepped for a few days or so, there is an option per meal you can fill in other days with the same meal
you can save meals per whatever you would like to call it such as “Kary’s kick A Gazpacho”
There is a blog that gives you meal prep ideas, fitness articles, recipes, and other worth while reads

fast food and chain restaurants already input- you can look ahead and create your meal plan for a future trip
you can use the free version or buy a year membership with extras like macro nutrient information, personalised meal
times, etc for $49 per year- which I do chose to utilize
you can save your weight daily and look back on progress, and even add progress photos
You can attach your step tracker to the site and gain “activity calories”
you can get a daily assessment for “if everyday was like today, in 5 weeks you will weight…”- although I have a better
app for that I will discuss coming up

17 podcasts- advice for free
such as this one
more favorites: loosing 100 pounds with Phit n phat- love her! Feel like could be best friends
The life coach school with Brooke Castillo- mind blowing mental game
like Tony Robbins- feel in complete control of your thoughts by listening to her
Dirty John- story and entertainment only
which brings me to audio books
I will sometimes purchase them, also can borrow them through my library card.
set it all up through overdrive app- need your library card # and pin to set up
can normally borrow about 21 days
podcasts or audio books you can download onto your phone when your on WIFI, then listen to them
during a walk with your dog or while driving or working out.

16 FB/ Facebook groups
can start groups,
get content
some of my fav=
Facebook- getting ready to start group soon for the best life weight loss plan Kary Has or Wltiki
groups with great content
Coming soon- the best life fb group
Wltiki or Karyhas for everyday content

15 Instagram

some of my fav=
powerwithin.in= great motivational quotes and stories
quotesonthewall- great quotes from modern day leaders you will recognize and love
the.motivation_club- great quotes and statements
zest my lemon- great food porn healthy pics
blinkist= great positive quotes of modern popular authors
delicious fitness meals
tastemade- great recipe videos on fast forward- hardly ever healthy- but you can adjust
buddha bowls- great food porn
Wlstories- before and afters and stories
instagram- wl.motivation= everyday content: Sunday meal prep, Monday motivation, Tuesday tips, etc

14 forums
community of like minded individuals who can share
and seek help
talk to others going through exactly what you are going through
help each other through it
Wlmotivation.com now has an active forum you can discuss content, ask Q, answer Q, uplift and motivate one another
and get great tips and tricks
make friends with like minded others
our family and friends can be a great support system- but we sometimes need to talk to someone else who understand
our exact same struggles and issues without judgement
come to Wlmotivation.com- click on forum on the header and sign up to post today and get the
conversation going!

13 Pinterest
watch out- huge time suck because you can get lost in how amazing it is
keep “files” things you love
type in front porch swing and wait ,3 second until your mind is blown with hundreds of photos and possibilites
you can save a photo you like into a file you create.
organizational ideas
this is great for our weight loss journey for so many reasons.
you can create a vision board right in a file for fitspo photos and motivational quotes
you can save healthy recipes
you can even save separate files for
zoodle recipes
cauliflower recipes
Buddha bowls
italian, instant pot, slow cooker, grill, foil packs, vegetarian, etc
under 100 calorie snacks
great for meal prep ideas
mason jar salads
you can search for your favorite types of
workout plans, Pilates, dances, yoga, strength train, etc
there are many isometric or body weight exercises and challenges for certain activities or events
such as academy awards, super bowl, or Victoria’s secrets show outcomes
you can save photos and posts about
vacation places you want to visit when you reach that goal weight
or rewards you can give yourself along the way
or outfits you will wear at that ideal weight
there’s even informative information to educate yourself on things like what cigarette’s do to your body. And aspartame
Pinterest- search for Kary Has
check out my Pinterest which is divided into best life book chapters

12 workout apps
push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, pull ups, yoga, running, biking, walking
some of my fav-
if you want to run: 5k runner. You can open this app and have in the background running when on Netflix
or amazon and it will ding and tell you to run or walk and have a notification at the top of your screen
if you use your phone or tablet to watch shows during your treadmill like I do
Pocket Yoga- great beginner yoga lesson right on your phone
JEFIT design own workout based on your own body weight like push ups, sit ups, etc without needing gym equip
besides dumbbells

Footpath- if you walk in your neighborhood or outside-
you can plan your walk or bike ride, by tracing your finger on a google earth type view of an area
which you can use your current area or type in an address and find out your mileage. You can save these
planned walks or rides under whatever name you assign it
wonderful for exploring your town
free and paid apps for yoga, Pilates, workout ball, kettle bells,
push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, pull ups, planks
usually month long challenge that steps up the intensity and reps every check in, which is normally
3 days a week preferred
sworkit- 5 minute workout

11 you tube-
beachbody workouts
yoga workouts
Do you have any old favorite workouts that could be revived from searching them,
like some richard simmons, elle mcpherson, kathy ireland, or cindy crawford workout videos?
How about the carmine electra workout series teaching a whole new kinda dancing
or buy some old pom poms from a garage sale or dog them out of your attic
and tackle the 1990’s dallas cowboy cheerleader workout
learn to belly dance or hula
or break dance
do you know the thriller dance?
learn to make certain recipes on you tube like sushi, hibachi cooking, or seafood quiche
if there is anything you do not know-
go onto you tube and search it and it will teach you
literally anything and everything

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Granola cereal with almond milk and an orange
Snack: sugar free jello and a pack of 100 calorie salted peanuts (both from the Dollar tree)
Lunch: Salad with lettuce, 2 tbsp goat cheese, sliced strawberries, 1 tbsp candied pecans, thin red onion, and chickpeas
Snack: peanut butter and jelly on 35 calorie bread (sugar free jelly)
Dinner: stuffed baked potato with salsa, lite sour cream, 1 tbsp real bacon bits, melted american cheese and broccoli and a marinated grilled salmon steak
Snack: 1/2 cup orange sherbert
Calorie Content for the Day: 1407

Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
the conclusion (#’s 1-10 of my favorite top technology weight loss tips)
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100 calorie nut packs

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dressing tupperware

wide mouth mason jars

raspberry calorie-free dressing

35 calorie Bread-


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