14- best apps, sites, and technology for weight loss- top 10

Podcast #14 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 14
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: A Sense of Goose
just as last week-
have a flock of encouragement
have multiple places you can go to get your uplifting thoughts
whether it be social media, calling a friend, the Wlmotivation forum,
or reading a great blog that motivated you through that challenge
we can all use positivity
what goes in, comes out
pass on the positivity, pass on the encouragement to others

the top 10 we discussed last week were:
2nd hand shopping websites:
Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ HULU
podcasts advice for free
FB/ Facebook groups
workout apps
you tube-

and nowthe conclusion… #11-20

10 Step tracker/ health app
if you do not have a step tracker- get one.
In the best life, you will need yours for week 5
there are many on the market
fit bit probably most well known
my favorite and what I recommend is the vivofit 2
it’s garmin. Its outdated. I love it
it does not have heart rate.
I have a finger heart rate monitor I keep on my treadmill besides when I’m on there I don’t care what my heart rate is
its waterproof, doesn’t fall off, and does not have to be charged
one a year I go to a battery store and have the battery changed for under 6 bucks
the strap is interchangeable and I bought a rainbow of colors for it on ebay for about 2 bucks per color
when it finally dies someday I will cry. I’ve seen it online for anywhere between 35-65$, fraction of the newer trackers
the whole point tp the step tracker is to find out how active you are
its all about awareness
once you know how much you are normally moving- you can set a goal for yourself so you move a little more
when you become aware of how much you are (or aren’t) moving its amazing how much more movement
you can squeeze into your day
the door rings I’ll get it… I need steps anyways
you need a water? Ketchup? Oh I’ll get it… gotta get in those steps!
the dog needs to go out- volunteer here! That will add to my activity
Plus as we already mentioned under myfitnesspal- most companies that sell trackers
have apps or websites with stats that sync to your device and to myfitnesspal directly to give you more calories to eat
I know for sure- garmin and fit bit have challenge with 9-10 other people with similar step activity
as you do per week- if you are of the competitive nature and are neck and neck with someone or want to win- you
will for sure be able to find additional ways to get in your steps
there’s also social features on most apps so you can request to be friends and challenge
certain friends with private challenges
And I can NOT talk about steps and moving more and cool apps without talking about pokemon GO!
YES I know. MY son had pokemon cards growing up and I have no idea a poke is besides slang for prison
but the game gets you out and about and is so much fun to collect the little strange creatures.
I am a proud middle aged poke mon player
hey if nothing else- it makes going to your local parks and zoos THAT much more rewarding because there are
always rare poke mon there. If you havent done it yet- Geek out with me and try it. I’m on level 24
they are always adding new creatures and making it more and more fun.

9 food science advances-
when I was growing up, health food tasted like cardboard
cauliflower rice
veggie burgers
seaweed snacks
0 calorie dressing raspberry kind is amazing still wouldn’t recommend the ranch version
fiber bars and cereal taste better than ever before
even an option for sofritas at chipotle- vegetarian protein
instant pot
ninja blender- amazing
suagr free candy and popsicle
potato bags- microwave
eggwhich cookers for microwave
quesadilla maker and Panini maker

8 recipes
no longer do we have to drive to the library
or the book store
search for the healthy books we can find a couple recipes in each we may like,
buy them or check them out to bring them home and find a space for them along the other recipe books that have 2-3
recipes we like in each book
now its as easy as typing it into your search engine and viola! You have thousands of options
you can search very specific under a certain amount of calories,
the way its cooked such as slow cooked, instant pot, microwaved, etc
you can search by the ingredients you currently have
or the time period you have to make it in
we can get written instructions, a shopping list, how to photos or videos
and we can save them now in our phone- under a file we create
by the evernote app, or by saving a a favorite, or a youtube follow
and we can even get notified when the same chef comes out with a new recipe
taste made has the fast forward videos that make any recipe look do-able and amazing and inspiring

7 online shopping
we talked about great 2nd hand online shops- but what about just plain old shopping… even grocery shopping
amazon- if you can’t find something, or you just don’t want to go to 4 different stores to get everything
you need- I am now an amazon affilate just so I can enter in products I recommend on the podcast
into the show notes with links in case you can’t find things in your area we discuss…like extreme wraps-
an absolute must in my house- order and it will come to your door, plus perks if you are an amazon member besides
free shipping- that’s right the netflix-like app with amazing shows that are binge-worthy…
There’s also actual grocery delivery and pick up services available out there
I te;ll you what- it’s never been more easy to become a recluse you never have to leave your house
kroger clicklist- you can now in many cities either have your groceries delivered to your door
or go show up at a certain time and have them loaded into your car for a $5 fee which you will be saving
by not walking through isles picking up items you don’t need anyways
other companies send pre- determined dinners or healthy recipe ingredients right to your door places like
hello fresh, blue apron, home chef, sun basket, plated, and freshly among others
and itunes, speaking of itunes

6 music- be it from Itunes, spotify, sound cloud, pandora, even you tube
if we hear a song in a movie or on the radio or on a tv show or on netflix-
we can now purchase this immediately with a few swipes and digits to type in
the other day I was watching episode 1, season 1 from beauty in the beast on netflix- great song
it sounded familiar but I had no idea the name or what it was called
I opened up my S H A Z A M app
which is an app that listens to the song, then tells you information about the
song like who sings it, the name, when it was released, etc
and so within 2 minutes of me thinking- I love that song. And having no information
about it at all, I now have it in my library
because it even gives you an option to purchase it right away on itunes
for 99 cents to a 1.29
same as the recipe book where you used to have to buy the entire book for one or 2 receipts you were intereted in,
you no longer have to buy the entire album for the one or 2 songs you actually want
there are apps like spotify that will create playlists for you
or rock my run- a great app with workout playlists already made up for you
I like to call it rock my dishes because I like to listen to it while I pre-wash my dishes to make dish washing more fun
you know it’s the little things
in your music library on your phone you can create playlists
im huge into playlists on my phone- inspirational songs and workout songs
sexy jazzy dinner making music and chillaxin playslists I play while lounging at the pool
then more serene playlists for when I’m practicing yoga, writing, or relaxing in the hammock
I have an upbeat nautical playlist for when we’re on the boat
I even have a playlist for when I’m walking through the grocery store even to keep up my tempo,
speaking of keeping tempo- There is an app I would like to share called Pace DJ lite
if you are walking or running- this app will scan your music and play songs to the beat of your feet.
There is something so harmonious about walking or running to the beat- this makes that happen
also an app called sleep pillow- no more need for a sound machine at night, you have this app
you pick and choose what sounds you want to hear- sounds that sooth or relax you
sometimes I like to play this in the background during a yoga session or just while I’m working
some of my favorite sounds they offer is whales, bamboo chimes, ocean waves, rainforest, birds, fire crackling,
rain, even soft music. You compile your own concoction up to 3 at a time and enjoy.
heat up a washcloth for over your eyes and spray some lavender on it and you’re set!!! IT can literally feel like a massage room
it’s sleep pillow and has an owl on the app picture
and speaking of sleeping…

5 phone alarms
have also come a long way
ive mentioned using my phone alarm as a tool several times
the amount of alarms you can have In a day is limitless
you can now label your alarm so you know what the alarm is for
and control what the sound is on the alarm- from a “swoosh” to a door bell, a rooster crow or witches cackle
or a song from your library
you can set your alarm to a great motivational song in the morning
think lion king
I even set my phone alarm tp remind myself to take a break, get up and walk around
if I’m into a project,
or to remember to take my vitamins (with P1nk’s raise your glass song).
set an alarm to remember to drink your water
or to write in your journal

4 Email
good old fashioned email isnt a new technology in the last 10 years- but it can be used to further our fitness journey
I don’t know about you but I can type a lot faster than I can write and I can think a lot faster than I can type and
I can always read my writing when I type- not so much when I write
that all being said..
create a new email address
use this email as your journal
write at lunch at work, in the morning first thing, after dinner, or at night from your bathtub.
give yourself 10 minutes to just write about your journey, about your day, about your successes and frustrations
set 10 min alarm- I use the little alarms they sell at the dollar tree but you can even use your phone alarm
you will enjoy when you reach your goal- looking back on your progress.
you will also learn to work out a lot of challenges and solutions just by writing about them
9 times out of 10… after I get done with my 10 minutes I want more time to keep writing because I’m on a roll
about something or other
at the end of your journey- you have an entire email full of your experiences from yourself
fron your old you
that you will cherish
you can even email that account snapshots of your day, your progress, or your recipe wins along the way

3 Video Games-
not your old nintendo super mario 3
Wii fit
balance ball
dance dance revolution
I even have a Black eyed peas video dance game-
have a tennis match with your family
if you follow any of my social media you will know I have a 15 year old sponsored skateboarder at home-
and yes you can even learn to virtually skateboard on wii at 40 years old without serious risk and injury
pilates and yoga

2 closet app- (Style book)
ok another fun one
remember Clueless
if you are a female or feminine male and have not seen this movie I demand you immediately order this movie!!!
the famous closet scene when Cher goes into her computer and puts together her outfit and the closet spins around
and produces the outfit—- ok its kinda like that
here is an app you can take a photo of your own clothes
(or future clothes)
and put together outfits
I went to the thrift shop and got a yellow sheet and a red sheet, that along with a
white sheet I already have on my bed
you then take photos of your clothing on a contrasting colored background which then removed the background
all together
each outfit item you will put into a category you select such as tops, shorts, shoes, jewelry, etc
from here you can search for each item. Put together outfits, and save favorite ensembles
its just fun
especially if you are like I was, and one of my biggest motivator was being able to fit back into my smaller
clothes from my past.
Cute clothes, sundresses, and high heels was both a reward and motivator in my journey
this allowed me to dream as I input all the clothes I couldnt wait to wear.

1 tracking sites:

progress body tracker & health- I use this to keep my measurements
happy scale- tracks your weight loss trends and can predict how much you will weight
by certain dates you enter (think xmas, family reunion, vacation)
and by certain times, likeby the next Monday, in 7 days, in 30 days, in 6 weeks, in 20 weeks,
and when you will reach your final goal
myfitnesspal had its own #
mydietcoach- where you customize an avatar to represent you,
more fun and motivational. Dress your avatar, get points and clothes to dress your avatar as you
sign in and do different things on the app like click on a button saying you are having a craving and it
will count down then give you avatar clothing
there are challenges you can accept that are fun such as water consumption, filling 1/2 your plate
with veggies, eat only when seated at the table, etc.
it’s like a womans weight loss game and is fun to use
you can even download motivational photos to review when you want- or before pics if you do not want to
save these to myfitnesspal or your own camera roll

the one thing I think is still better in paper old fashioned form
is our journals. Our trackers
I have not yet found an app or online version yet that can track the items I find imperative
I just think it’s
easier to look back on paper pages for meal plan ideas, assessments, highlight and write notes in the margins
white out, erase, circle and highlight
I have been toying around with the idea of app development for the best life journal- so stay tuned
for future possibilities
I will practice what I preach… I will stick to my end game- to help as many people
as I can reach their ideal weight & best life possible, and stay flexible in the approach.

in the meanwhile- the best life book has built in journal pages
and Wlmotivation.com my home base website also has journals for sale to purchase- if you are outside the US you
and are interested in a journal message me directly for shipping pricing
no go on- get out there, track responsibly, and live full out today. I’ll catch you next week

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: 2 whole wheat waffles with lite syrup, 2 tbsp fat free whipped cream, 1 cup sliced strawberries, and 1 tbsp chocolate chips
Snack: celery stuffed with laughing cow swiss cheese
Lunch: tuna salad “plop” in a bed of lettuce surrounded by 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup honey-dew, 1/2 cup watermelon, and 1/2 cup cantaloupe
Snack: plum and a cutie
Dinner: spinach pie (or spinach Quiche), buddha bowl with 1/2 cup cous cous, 1/4 cup sweet peas, 1/4 cup blueberries, 5 olives, and 5 cherry tomatoes and a caprese salad with lettuce, tomatoes, 2 ounces mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and salt and pepper
Snack: strawberry shortcake with 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 short cake, and 2 tbsp whipped cream
Calorie Content for the Day: 1532

Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
the positive collateral damage to losing weight
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