15- Weight loss benefits- the “physical” benefits including health, energy, social life, relationships, & mobility

Podcast #15 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast what is your top 3 reasons you want to lose weight?
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: Weight Loss Benefits
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Short Story Featured: It’s in your Purse- one of many amazing stories in:

Everyone has embarrassing moments in their past
We can later tell these stories of humiliation and laugh,
whereas at the time there was no laughing matter
But we made it out alive, the embarrassment and shame of that moment is done and gone
someday soon we will look back on our heavier times of our life in the same way.
without the pain- with only laughter and love
we are fast forwarding to that time today
to discuss some of the amazing weight loss positive collateral

The benefits of weight loss inside and out

There are so many great things about loosing weight I wanted to go over with you- so many in fact I had to break this into
2 podcasts in fact even when talking fast. And I missed about 9000 items so please forgive me for that
you will think of many more along your journey I don’t even touch on.

But if you are able to- use this episode as a motivator for the future you that has a bad day, needs a little
push, or for that one more try moment. We all have them. Bad days aren’t reserved for bad people
they happen to everyone.
So get out a piece of paper and get ready to write on every inch of that paper. All the reasons why you
want to lose weight
Perhaps it all started out due to a favorite dress you can no longer fit into. Or maybe you are tired of not
portraying yourself on the outside the person you are on the inside
write down on that piece or pieces of paper why you cant wait to lose weight.
what are things you want to do that this extra weight is holding you back?
keep this list in your phone, your wallet, your purse, your car, or on your fridge
add to the list as we go along if something resenated with you or sparks your interest
this week and next week’s episodes are full of content of weight loss benefits
on the inside and the outside
and when the flying poo hits the fan and it gets tough.
When you need that little push to try one more time.
get it out and read back through it

And so #1 benefit of loosing weight
we can’t even start to talk about weight loss benefits without talking about health benefits
that you gain when you lose
think of what a 5-10% reduction of your current weight would look like
if you are 300 pounds, this would be 15-30 pounds
if you are 250 pounds, this would be 12-25 pounds
if you are 200 pounds this would be 10-20 pounds
with just this amount of weight loss, the following begins to happen in your body:
decreased risk of diabetes
improved blood sugar levels
if you are currently pre-diabetic, diabetes is not inevitable
it is not too late- with this lifestyle change, and weight loss it is possible
to being your blood sugar level back to normal
lowered blood pressure
which is important because a raised blood pressure causes risk for heart attack and stroke
improved cholesterol levels
the average american has borderline high cholesterol anyways..
And 1 in 3 have not had their cholesterol tested in the last 5 years
and the higher the cholesterol- the higher the level of heart and blood vessel disease
and also leads to blood clots, heart attacks and strokes
now whether you are in America or Australia or the Phillapenes- if it’s been awhile since
you’ve seen your doctor- go ahead and make an appointment- this could save your life
write DR on the back of your hand like I always do to remind yourself
and so by loosing just 5-10% of your body weight right now,
you already have a decreased risk of obese killers like
heart disease
even certain cancers that fester in obesity such as breast cancer, esophagus, brain & spinal cord,
kidney, ovary, liver, thyroid, gallbladder, pancreas, upper stomach and colon and rectum
there’s more- go to cancer.gov and search cancers associated with overweight and obesity
Your pain begins to decrease in your
and back
due to less pressure exerted on these body parts
I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I used to wake up with lower back pain
used to
decreased risk or even improvement in
symptoms of osteoarthritis
and sleep apnea
and speaking of decreased risk and improvement
you may decrease or eliminate all together some or all of your medication & disease
Now everything I have mentioned so far just happens from losing 5-10% of your body weight- no matter
how you do it… even one of those stupid diet, liquid unobtainable diets or VLCD

BUT- When you add in the practice we preach— Lifestyle changes
with healthier eating- eating more of those good for you foods which just
happen to also be the lower calorie foods like fruits, veggies, good grains, fiber
you begin to do the following:
everything mentioned above-
lowers or controls blood pressure
combats and prevents cancer
reducing risk of heart disease, stroke, reducing pain…
you can even
strengthen your bones- with veggies like broccoli and beets
you can boost immune system and ward off disease- are you sick often
aids digestion and prevents constipation- especially when your water intake in on
say goodbye to squatty potty and hemroids- you wont need them anymore
when you are eating better with more fruits, veggies and fiber-
things realign and flow as they should
or if you have the opposite issue- apples tend to help prevent diarrhea
avocado helps stop strokes
and bananas have been known to protect your heart
a balanced diet also helps
improve your memory
slows aging process
helps prevent painful heart burn, dizzy spells, and
improves life expectancy- do you want to meet your great grandkids?
and further more- once you begin to move a bit more- which is week 5’s focus in the best life book,
you get even more added health benefits
since just being sedentary alone without even adding in obesity
has similar risks and more. Couch potato is the new smoking
besides the obvious heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke,
high blood pressure, blood clots and cholesterol, cancer, depression, anxiety, AND osteoporosis
it can also cause you to develop hormonal imbalances
your bones get weaker and lose mineral content
your metabolism is effected and you may have more trouble breaking down fats and sugars
immune system gets weaker
more inflamation- which means more pain
poorer blood circulation
and of course premature death risk
I remember reading this along my journey and being horrified
I couldn’t imagine dying before I was able to lose this weight
before I was able to live my live full out
and memory is also effected
I think the only thing worse than death would be to lose my memory
recent studies show older adults who are sedentary
may be just as likely to develop dementia
as their counterparts who are genetically pre-disposed
and men we didn’t forget about you…
men who binged on tv more than 5 hrs a day had a 29% lower sperm count
and higher likelihood of erectile dysfunction
all of the specific diseases and risks I’ve discussed have a
whole set of symptoms of their own as well
such as high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels causing frequent headaches
cysts from thigh fat friction and infection from poor immune systems
GREAT NEWS is all of these are preventable or much less likely as your lifestyle change
begins to improve your health and well being

2 Beauty/ Appearance
You know what we are allowed to get a little vain here just to point out the benefits weight loss provides
the obvious of course, is you will be thinner
some other non- obvious benefits exist as well
such as your clothes looking better on you- not as bunched up and tight in certain areas
clothes just fit better and are more comfortable to wear as bodies shrink
you have more options- more choices.
Such as sun dresses and skirts, tank tops, bathing suits, shorts
dare I say… lingerie
if your drinking your water as we discussed in episode 11’s tracking lesson,
There are some benefits from weight loss just from water consumption being on task you are already noticing some benefits from this such as
a younger appearance due to hydrated skin which helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
water will also help with skin elasticity- which you will want as much as you can get as
you lose weight and may have extra skin
if your eating healthier your complexion has most likely improved tremendously
since you aren’t oozing oily toxins from your pores of your face
now don’t fret if this hasn’t yet happened. It will.
your body may still be in the process of getting some of those nasty toxins out-
they gotta come out somehow and it may get worse before it gets better- bear with me
and speaking of eating healthier- other benefits will be your nails and hair
vitamins like biotin in fruits and veggies like avocado will assist in this
even your skin coloring will improve- not so ashy
And with the confidence you gain which we will discuss next week in more depth, you tend to dress up more
for your life
your posture improves since your back is not so sore which makes you more attractive
your face gets chiseled to flaunt those cheek bones
your body gets chiseled and you will notice bones you forgot you had like
collar bones
shoulder blades
even ankles
and you will find yourself buying clothing to show these new sexy chiseled body parts off
3 Mobility
your mobility is improved
This means everything from= if you fell down and no one was around- could you get back up
to- Can you roller skate, sled, or ski with your kids or grandkids?
how about if you were kidnapped and stuck in a trunk- could you kick your way out?
When you start to lose weight- you are suddenly able to move around more, become more agile
and have less injuries
I used to get bruises all the time and I had no idea why
I know when I went to the movies I was always banging my hips against the
seats when I walked through the aisles
if you are moving more and have increased your strength- week 9 in the best life plan
you may even be able to suddenly do more things around the house you weren’t used to
like lift yourself up one the counter to grab the higher to reach cabinet items
or get yourself up into the truck
You’ll find your self suddenly participating in those family activities you used to find excuses to duck out of
such as hiking
zip lining
impromptu living room dance offs
handstand contents

you can reach your toes, paint your own toe nails, even climb to the backseat without having to
call the fire department to get you unstuck
spatially you will physically fit into spaces and places better
your behind will not take up as much landscape when you lose weight
so things like even your own car seat and the space between you and the steering wheel
you will not feel squeezed in or like you have to hold your breath in the airplane
or at the play or movie or recital squeezed right next to someone
you will have plenty of room to sit comfortably
you will be able to fit in the rides at the fair or carnival if you want
and when someone physically picks you up for the first time you will feel like the world just stopped
turning and angels will begin singing and you will feel the pride excluding like a beacon
4 Social life and relationships will improve
better relationships- because it’s hard to love someone or believe they love you when you hate yourself
as you begin to love youself in this journey- your capacity to love others and allow them to love you back opens up
you realize you are worthy of amazing love and you are
if you are single- you will have more dating prospects- partially due to your improved looks
and partially due to your own confidence improving which is even sexier
And speaking of sexy and confidence- you will begin to feel better without clothing- Basking in the glory of your own nakedness
I’ll let your imagination take over from there of those possibilities
and I know It should not be like this- but it is a fact- that people treat you better if you are not overweight
you will get more compliments
people will open doors for you
smile more at you
and people just want to be around other people who are:
1 attractive
2 successful and achieving a goal- as you are
3 positive- you uplift others and others like to be uplifted… you will become contagious
Be ready for people to gush over you- compliment you and probe you for your secrets
of how you magically lost the weight
friends want to be around you- confidence, exude excellence and achievement when you are killing a goal like this
people may look up to you, see you as a role model and turn to you for advice, inspiration and motivation
you will get more compliments
more than likely you will want to go out more anyways- show off your progress, be seen
and because you don’t have embarrassment, wardrobe issues, or shame holding you back anymore
in fact shopping for your wardrobe is FUN- even reward-worthy!
another fact- thinner people make more money- you may have more to shop with as you lose weight
or new career opportunities and options
plus you will definitely have more of our next benefit which is priceless in my opinion
5 Energy
There is so many reasons why you have more energy- physical and psychological reasons… some of which are
better nutrition, less vitamin and mineral deficiencies
improved hydration is a huge energy booster
better quality sleep due to how your treating your body
improved mood
reduced anxiety and stress
once once you add in movement you add in endorphins and watch out- you will be crawling up the walls
Now increased energy happens fast in your journey- I noticed a big difference in mine around week 3
Suddenly I noticed I could come home after a whole day at work and cook at night, clean, take walks with my family- kayak, boat
it was like adding an additional day to my day.
previously I had no energy after working 8-10 hours- I was spent.
Compare it to- after college or school… when your finally out in the real world-
before kids and houses. After your work day you could
do anything you want and not feel guilty you weren’t reading that book or studying.
it’s like that- it’s like finding the best kept secret in the world= free time
quality free time
time is the one thing you never get back- time is priceless
In a world where Time is priceless… and extra QUALITY free time is found
life is good

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: fried egg with a light Engligh muffin, 1 russet potato chopped with green pepper, onion, and mushrooms on the skillet with salt, pepper and of course…. hot sauce and salsa
Snack: apple
Lunch: Aldi Poke Bowl (found in the meat/cheese cooler- near the humus and guac)
Snack: plum, cutie orange, and a hard-boiled egg
Dinner: Marco’s Pizza 1 slice pepperoni pizza and a small garden salad with 2 light italian dressings
Calorie Content for the Day: 1520


Question to consider until next week…

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