16- weight loss benefits- the “internal” benefits including: confidence, mood, lowered stress, and lifestyle

Podcast #16 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 16
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Short Story Featured: Changing our vision
Moral: Keep your focus and you will reach your goal
you can be flexible in your approach and keep your commitment on the end result
be creative, think outside the box
focus on your goal
try again when you fail
re-consider mistakes and repackage them as challenges
challenges you can overcome
and try one more time.
and when you do… this is what is on the other side of the rainbow and its worth so much more than gold

The psychological benefits of weight loss
part 2 of our weight loss benefits- make sure to listen to podcast 15 for part 1- grab your paper you started last week and let’s get to work
as long as your losing your weight the lifestyle way- not by restrictive dieting or cutting out food groups
if your working along with us in the best life journal- you have been working on more than weight loss already
you are tracking progress and putting yourself out there everyday- getting stonger and growing a pair- tracking your no’s with pride
you’re brainstorming solutions to obstacles as part of your week prep and daily observations
you are working daily on some self love aspects-
you are most likely proud of achievements you have been making and may already have some of these benefits

psychological benefits of weight loss

Did you know that low self esteem is considered an emotional problem. Like grief or anger
which can negatively affect the quality of your life and all your experiences
something tell me- you may already know this- first hand
but guess what… Once you have a plan that is actually follow-able
a big enough why and determination to try one more time
your weight starts to fall off… almost making it feel too easy at times
right here you begin to realize you CAN do what you commit to do, you CAN follow through
how many people TRY to lose weight, but you actually did it
you put in the actions, and you got the results
you gain confidence that you CAN do what you set out to do because you are willing to do the work involved
you realize you can do other things the same way and your mind opens up with possibilities
has this ever happened to you before?
have you felt almost euphoric or like a light bulb went off or something really clicked
say you quit smoking- which is hard to do… which took effort… and you were proud of your accomplishment
you knew if you could do that, you can do anything
forward momentum
and your confidence begins to grow- rightfully so
this leads you to want to dress better- to show off your new found indentations
doing your nails, make up, hair in a different way- updating your new you
proud of your physical accomplishments
you will begin to feel important and worthy in situations where before you may have felt inadequate
your confidence will allow you to say no when you need to- because you have new found self esteem and are not OK with being used or pushed around
with being used or pushed around
studies also show our thinner counterparts are making more money- so you may get a promotion, a raise, or have the energy, confidence and
energy, confidence and self esteem to seek better opportunities you will enjoy more
you wont take anyone’s Poo-poo. Especially if you are working on your No’s from Episode 4.
You are becoming more mentally strong and able to go after what you really want- and you now have evidence to back it up
that you are not only good for the work and can put in the effort- but you also are worthy of it and deserve the results

Think dominos- it’s hard to have all these awesome things happening to your body and health and clothing choices
better relationships and naked moments, energy and confidence—- without being in a better frame of mind
You have a positive focus now in the back of your head all the time
a goal to achieve- a positive goal which requires many focused positive decisions throughout your day
your writing down moments in your day that make you proud,
your trying new things and putting yourself out there
and fails are looked upon as challenges you can overcome
I mean Heck, It would be more unusual if you didn’t have a better outlook and mood if all these other positive things
are happening strategically all around you, bettering your life
your focus changes
so your attitude changes
with your focus
because it can
because you are looking at everything in a new light
in a successful achievers light
looking for the healthy, for the better
looking for the improvements because you are self improving
looking for he experiences because you are having real life experiences and making memories
because you are older than you have ever been and as young as you will ever be RIGHT NOW and you have so much to be thankful for
and there is so much beauty in the world to see when we wipe the fat out of our eyes and allow ourselves to see past it

Even people who complain about being “sore from working out” do so with a beaming pride and usually giggle
This multiplies once you add in your week 5 habit from the best life= movement
and week #9= strength
This also happens from science- chemistry in your body which automatically can change or enhance your mood
endorphins let loose in your body naturally from physical activity
think of it as a built in “tickle me Elmo” type of internal happy dance
you wonder why most athletes don’t take drugs or seek ways to get high…
they don’t need to!!! They have it all figured out.
They already know about the internal happy dance option here!
Further more- I was listening to Ryan Seacrest’s national radio show, this was August 2018- where
Ryan discussed a recent study that focused on people at the gym dating
and they found a very interesting fact
the study found when working out your body doesn’t know the difference between
excitement and working out.
Your body gets so happy from working out- it gets excited!
And I’ll have to admit I really have not noticed many people leaving the gym all pissed off
most are happy, with more energy, revved up, or excited.
recent study in Australia found men were 90% more likely to feel moderate psychological distress
if they sat more than 6 hours a day at work
phycological distress:
being nervous
I’ve had depression in my past- and it is nothing to take lightly
I’ve had anxiety- and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy
I’m not declaring that walking around the block with fix all psychological disorders
it will help improve mood in a healthy mind by releasing endorphins
If you suspect you may have depression, anxiety, or other mental illness issues- a healthy lifestyle change wont hurt
but also reach out for professional help as well. Drugs are not the answer always for everything
but they saved my life once. And I’m not the only one
Some depression is situational, some is clinical. You are best to be seen by a professional
to have this monitored and have a game plan personalized for you
Also- depression symptoms are not always 100% of the time just being sad.
Sometimes you wont even feel sad.
we have been programmed to eat away our feelings- many of us are numb and don’t even
know what we are feeling half the time
you may just notice a lack of energy and motivation, extreme tiredness in some cases,
and not particularly feeling sad at all
Now stress is something we all know too well
movement and activity can help this
As your on your journey- you find that the habits you are developing that are making you healthier and thinner
and your giving your body what it needs to work
like water, vitamins, nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, resistance
it not only makes you physically feel better, but it also becomes hyper sensitive to anything not optimal-
to the point where you know immediately if something is off
pay attention to how stress feels in your body
I carry mine up in my shoulders and neck and find myself getting migraines when I’m at that top stressed level
sometimes I’ll grit my teeth, or grind them
you can feel it in your muscles and joints
it’s like a warning signal your body puts up in order to let you know its reaching those levels
and stress in the body- well let’s face it- it can destroy you
it can cause heart attacks without having clogged arteries
it can cause strokes, high blood pressure, even menstral problems among many other things
but you now have an internal stress alarm to know when it hits.
when you start to feel those physical symptoms..
shoulders start to feel tight or you tummy starts to bubble-
you can say to yourself-
Uh oh- “here comes Hurricane Huffy”
and I have found- that once you are aware of it
if you do 2 things- your stress simmers down
1- is it a stressful situation or are you making a mountain out of a mole hill?
listen to podcast 8- you may need to change your focus to realign your reality
maybe it doesn’t HAVE to be a stressful situation
once you are able to do that- go to #2 which is
2- treating the physical symptoms
this normally causes you to stop what you are doing and relax, stretch, or do whatever
it is needed in order to make your stomach calm, or your shoulders relaxed, or your
headache cured- even if it is just taking a 30 minute bubble bath or going to Starbucks to
get a coffee and read a book for 30 minutes, or take a walk, or do a 7 minute yoga session
from the app pocket yoga behind your desk
listen to your body to know when its “Hurricane Huffy” alarm sounds and its had enough
then know what helps calm down those symptoms in order to treat them
being able to control your own stress levels is an amazing healthy self love gift you can give yourself
and again you are the only one who can help yourself this way.
you are the only one who can feel your physical symptoms
you are the only one who can know what caused the stress to raise, what you were thinking
you are the only one who can alter your thinking to be more helpful,
perhaps more positive, in some cases even being able to turn it around to be enjoyable
but most importantly less stressful to you
and you are the only one who knows what you can do to relieve those physical stress
YES- you are the only one who has the power within your own brain who can lower your anxiety and stress
Worry is a misuse of imagination
Let’s save our imagination for our Dreams and Aspirations instead
Something else that is a huge benefit for weight loss- is you leave behind the shame and embarrassment
that you have been carrying around with your weight
this helps alleviate a lot of that stress and anxiety- since you np longer have it about
specific things related to your weight- like if people are looking at you or
judging you for order certain foods, wearing certain clothing, even being with certain people
I know- Shame is the heaviest thing I ever carried
I know a lot of my food cravings, were my psychological brain trying to make me feel better
most of the time I was trying to feel better about being ashamed of my weight
being ashamed I couldn’t physically keep up with my family
or do things I wanted to do like swim, ski, wear shorts in public
Not having as many psychological food cravings is definitely a benefit- since you don’t have as
many painful situations to feel better about
or embarrassing and shameful experiences to avoid
which brings it home to my last benefit which is my favorite- and will most likely be your too

The quality of your life
this is due to everything wrapped up into one persons amazing journey of what is possible
when I was overweight I think just about every moment and experience I had was shadowed by my weight
If I was at a store I felt frumpy and inadequate
If I was at a grocery store my feet hurt and I just wanted to sit down
I hardly went into a mall or clothing store because it was torture to buy clothing and see myself in them-
about 5-7 years ago my company employer had a picnic for the employees which was supposed
to be fun. They had a mandatory softball game to try to get everyone involved. This was absolute
torture. I hadn’t run for years. Having to all of a sudden run from home plate to first base was one of
shame and disgust. I couldn’t believe how slow I went- I felt weight all around my hips and thighs and
rear like weights holding me down. And MY hips hurt for days afterwards because I wasn’t used to using
those muscles anymore. I was praying I would strike out so I wouldn’t have to run.
MY picnic shouldn’t have been torture. It was supposed to be fun.
And when I go to the back to school events- I would feel self conscious and frumpy. I wondered if the
teachers thought I was a lazy mom since I obviously didn’t take care of myself like I should
I stopped going to amusement parks, fairs, carnivals all together because it was too hard to walk around
that much, especially in long pants and 3/4 sleeve baggy XL shirt tent I needed to hide in.
I loved seeing family at holidays but always went through the painful motions of trying on 20 outfits, crying, and
settling for the one that I hated the least. Maybe if it had some sparkles on it would make me feel pretty
My point is… I can’t remember doing much of anything that didn’t have my weight holding
me back from enjoying the actual experience.
And once I began to lose weight- it all got better
I slowly began being able to take the focus off my pain and size, and enjoy the task or experience I was in
When I removed the shame I was feeling all the time… it allowed room for life to give me back joy
it was such a remarkable experience
without all the worry- I felt as if I had won the lottery everyday
I could wear what I wanted without being self conscious
you get to enjoy the moment you are in. Not feel shameful, self conscious or embarrassed
you’ll enjoy where you are and the things around you as opposed to being pissed. At the pool or beach
realistically now- I’m not going to tell you false promises feel you will feel like Bo Derek or
Pam Anderson running in slow motion on the beach with a perfect body and no extra jiggling parts
but you will go.. Participate.. Maybe even show off that bathing suit.
and that’s a bunch better than sitting there and sulk that you are fat
you will swim if your want, build sand castles, walk on the beach, find shells, read a book
and get a sunburn and feed the seagulls
your focus will be enjoying what you are doing where you are and who you are with
not on your humiliation or what you are missing out on
once you get a taste of what it’s like to live, enjoying every moment the way its supposed to be enjoyed…
and add in the confidence, and sprinkle on top the fact that
you are getting braver and braver and are more and more comfortable with being
uncomfortable because of your no challenges
you even begin to add more to your plate
because achieving things is addictive
self improvement is another habit you have automatically obtained
as a positive collateral in your journey
and you will never again be satisfied with an average life
because YOU are not average
average individuals do not purchase self improvement books
they do not track their habits, and plan for failure
average individuals do not listen to podcasts about improving their lives
and if they by chance happen to stumble upon one- they most certainly don’t
make it to podcast 16 on accident
you are extraordinary and are on your way to obtaining many goals- this is just the
beginning of your journey
you will get to a point where all of a sudden it all clicks, the lightbulb beams
and you have a game changing mind blowing moment
and you realize you CAN do it. Whatever IT is. You can
because this life of yours is amazing. And you are living every moment- FULL OUT
you are enjoying every moment you have and you realize you have the best life
because you make it that way. And you know exactly how to do it
you can dream and plan and achieve goals and look forward to the future
I think about where I was just 2 short years ago.
I loved my family. I had great friends, a good job that I enjoyed going to most days that allowed me to
help people and earn a decent living and have my desired material items
But I had no energy and I hated myself
I was slowly dying and had given up on being attractive ever again, on skiing, swimming, and most things I loved.
then I made a decision. To try one more time
and I made a plan different from anything I had ever tried before
I wrote it based on what I was willing to do the rest of my life, and how to make it part of my life in baby steps
and made sure I couldn’t fail
my worst fear then- would have been anyone seeing me in a short sleeve t shirt and shorts due to the shame I had of my own body
No I have a picture of that scared sad 39 year old woman on my website for anyone to see- in a bathing suit.
and a picture of who I have become. On purpose.
you can see my before and after on Wlmotivation.com
You may look at me now- hardly 5′ tall and a size 4 and say I could lose another 10 pounds.
And it wont make me cry and eat 3 cheeseburgers in my closet anymore
I have confidence I found along the way
I wrote a book. You may say it doesn’t work
I have proven results attached- and I can hear No and keep going
I don’t take any medication anymore. I can run. I can focus on anything I want
I still deal with hurricane huffy, and occasional victim mentality- especially when dealing with electronics
but I have HUGE DREAMS that I pursue everyday and you cant stop me
My quality of life has skyrocketed beyond my wildest dreams
and I’m pretty awesome but I’m not special. You can do the exact same thing
which is why I named my weight loss plan…. The best life

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Banana and an extreme wrap rolled up with American cheese and red bell pepper strips
Snack: cottage cheese individual pack with fruit (in the yogurt aisle)
Lunch: pesto zoodles and a can of tomato soup
Snack: hard boiled egg made in the instant pot and a plum
Dinner: 1 cup bowtie pasta with marinara sauce, 6 turkey meatballs, and veggies (spinach, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes), a salad with shredded mozzerela, croutons, cucumber, bacon bits and honey mustard, and a mini croissant
Snack: vending machine size bag of pretzels
Calorie Content for the Day: 1460


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