18- Recommittment- getting back on that wagon

Podcast #18 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 18- Recommitment
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Short Story Featured: You Have to buy a Ticket- from Taste Berries for Teens

Just really wanting something- even if you want it really really bad
no matter what it is
isn’t enough
you gotta buy the ticket
you gotta take action to get what you want

This podcast was made due to your requests by popular demand
I wanted to quickly thank all the listeners who wrote in about what you want to hear about.
next week we will have a q+a podcast where I will get to a lot of your other questions
it not too late you can still send me anything you want
but by far one thing I heard over and over in your amazing stories, was how you wanted more information on
hearing about re-commitment…

We’ve all been there
when you were on the healthy bandwagon and getting great results and all of a sudden
something happens
then you’ve fallen off that healthy train and can’t seem to catch it again
and now you’re in the guilty, shameful, defeated zone
you’ve lost motivation
you cant understand why
you were doing so good
and you feel almost worse-
because you know you loved your results
so how can you get that same motivation back?
what’s different?

First thing- you are different
something happened
you lost your focus
you focused on something else
which caused your actions to do something else
then your momentum went another direction
new temporary habits were formed that were not part of the healthy lifestyle you had been aiming for and focused on previously

don’t worry- we can fix this
we have totally got this
rest assured- my goal is by the end of this podcast you are recommitted and ready
OK let’s continue

this exact same thing happened to a couple friends of mine
however their situations greatly differ from each other.
we are gonna peek into their situations like weird scientists and asses what challenges they faced and how they can
tweak it and be successful when they try ONE MORE TIME
let’s call them Betty and Veronica

Now Beautiful Betty,
Betty is 45 years
Betty has a family and a life and is… as almost everyone I know… Busy
Busy Betty has been searching for a weight loss cure for the last 15 years
Again… like almost everyone I know as well
Betty recently tried a diet plan
Not naming any names
But it restricted certain foods.
Let’s just say Betty lost bread
As in the food…not the money
Betty had incredible motivation, although it was really hard
but she prided herself on the fact that she could go out to eat
and watch everyone else enjoy things like rice and potatoes and pasta and bread… and alcohol
and Betty used her incredible fantastic will power to pass
Betty was also diligent on writing in her food journal
she had a stinky day
and there just happened to be a birthday at work and cake was involved
Betty allowed herself to eat a piece of cake.
Betty thought the cake made her feel so good and she felt she already blew today so….
she decided to get seconds, then ate the rest of another co workers cake they left on their plate
Betty felt like she was treating herself, she deserved it afterall watching people eat all around her for 3 weeks
Betty didn’t write the cake in her journal- and figured she would start over again the next day
And the next day was Saturday and her family ordered a pizza.
Betty figured one more day would be ok- Plus this way could enjoy an adult beverage Saturday night
she would pick it right up the next day.
Then the next week.
Betty had lost 14 pounds. And gained back 15 after a couple months
And just cant seem to get that recommitment back

Now Veronica had a different approach to her weight loss
Veronica didn’t want to diet or exclude any food groups
Veronica decided to try to eat healthier, add in more fruits and veggies
and protein
and added in walking in the evening with her friend
Veronica was overweight for as long as she could remember
Walking was challenging and over a 2 month period,
went from just being able to walk around the block, to walking all around her neighborhood
Veronica was steadily loosing weight and proud of herself
she really enjoyed the new healthy lifestyle and looked forward to her walks
Until- her friend got an injury and was not able to walk with her anymore
Veronica stopped walking also
And allowed herself to use her friend not walking as an excuse
Slowly, Veronica stopped her good eating habits because
she felt what’s the use
she spiraled into a self pity state
and gave up on her healthy lifestyle

Now- 2 very different situations
But both were losing weight
each had some great stuff going on
Can you tell what happened in both situations as to how the focus changed?

In Betty’s situation-
It was bound to happen
limiting entire food groups is not a long term solution
IT takes massive amounts of motivation to continue to deprive yourself of something
eventually you will “Fail” due to either your body requiring certain nutrients
or your will power finally giving in
Betty did great for as long as was humanly possible-
Had she put that effort into a plan that was sustainable like Veronicas-
and allowed herself to sometimes not have a perfect day- but still keep track of everything
she would already be at her goal weight right now.

Veronica had the right idea
she was having fun, making small changes
and slowly making improvements
however, she lacked personal ownership of her actions and results
by blaming someone else- using them as an excuse
she quit on herself
Could she have walked alone?
or walked in a mall, or on a treadmill? Or at a gym?
found another friend or neighbor to walk with
Could she have tried yoga or something inside until her friend recovered?
She failed to use flexibility in the approach
which is sometimes needed to get to our end goal

Now mind you- both girls had originally lost weight
Do you know why?
Both had a calorie deficit.
All diets that work and lifestyle plans that work, and weight that is lost
is due to one thing…. A calorie deficit It’s just science
I don’t care what diet your talking about…
weight watchers
slim fast
atkins or low carb
master cleanse
south beach
They all create a calorie deficit

When they work- its because there is a calorie deficit
you don’t have to limit entire food groups or create strange rules in order to create a calorie deficit
you just have to have awareness.
of what you are eating
and so my point here is- if the end goal is the same= losing weight
and the main idea is the same= calorie deficit
why not find the best way possible to create the calorie deficit?
And the answer is not to limit entire food groups.
that reason alone is why many people do not look forward to getting back to their “healthy” lifestyle

We need a plan we look forward to- that brings fun along with it
This is what the Best Life Plan excels in

If you haven’t listened to podcast 3- I strongly recommend it- IT goes through 5 rules of successful weight loss in detail
the dramatically reduced overall idea is:
1 only adding in one focus (or habit) at a time- to prevent overwhelm
2 no restrictions- including food groups, alcohol, etc.. It has to be something we would be willing to do forever
3 we are to be kind to our self throughout 4the process
4 making sure to have fun
5 and being flexible when needed

If Betty and veronica were following these rules- they would both be already at goal
it is fail proof- make sure these 5 rules are imbedded in your head
focus on one thing- not 14
you will get there- you don’t have to jump right in where you left off
it will take a minute to build back up your momentum
do what you can with what you have
do what you want
don’t deprive yourself
in our plan
you will not be taking anything away from yourself , no deprivation
you will be adding to it
adding habits
focusing weekly on something else wonderful to add into your life
and even when you get to week 3- this is not a very low calorie diet
this is a lifestyle- where you eat for the body you want
you have been eating too few calories on these other diets- no wonder you aren’t motivated

So in order to get ourselves hyped up to begin a lifestyle change
we need to take a minute to stop our current thinking and behavior

Most likely you are looking to jump right back into where you were when you quit
that’s sabotage
that’s overwhelm
and normally not even physically possible
no wonder its hard to re start- we are expecting WAY too much from ourselves

I have a friend, Melissa, who has an administrative office job in the health care world.
25 years ago she was a waitress
she got an opportunity to take a once in a lifetime vacation- and was determined to go
Melissa is a friend who has that natural born dedication, perseverance and motivation
Melissa got a 2nd job- as a waitress in the evenings to earn extra money for this trip

Her first day of work, walking in after not waitressing for over 2 decades
Do you think she walked in:
having the menu memorized
knowing what sides go with what dishes, extra options,
menu prices
ingrediants in each of the dishes in case an allergy question comes up
abbreviations for each item on the menu to write in her ticket to give the cook
cash register expertise for entering orders
history of the restaurant
plus knowledge of all retail products sold that the location
how to make the salads and deserts and soups that were her responsibility to get together
remember to check on every customer at the perfect time so no one wanted for anything or was annoyed of being checked on too much
making sure every drink never had to be asked to be refilled
SHE is amazing- but this is impossible

She started out learning the menu
then the codes to put in her ticket pad
then how to make the additional items like the salads and soups to serve
she followed around another server for a couple days to learn the ropes
she learned a lot as she went like what condiments to automatically bring out with each meal
and when to check on her customers
and she got help along the way for things like the cash register and dish ingrediants
think of everything you do in your job, or at home-
could someone just come in tomorrow and replace you and do everything 100% the way you do now?
or would you need to train them, systematically. With a certain order to the chaos.
what happens If you expect 100% of everything to be known and executed before its taught or tried?
definitely not fun
definitely not something you would want to do for your entire life
you would want a break from that environment immediately
it is too much.

95% of the time- this is why you are not yet recommitted…
your are looking at the whole picture
the 100% area- and not ready to jump back in to THAT.
BEST NEWS YOU’ll HEAR ALL DAY- you don’t have to
you shouldn’t!!!
Start slow, I know you’re excited… but I also want you to succeed!
Can we agree that this time around, after trying restrictive diets that cause us to lose and gain and gain
we will be open to trying the lifestyle approach? Don’t worry you have time… no research involved…. I will teach you how.

So we KNOW what it looks like to lose focus
Now we just gotta get it back

This is the tricky part
because we already have momentum going in another direction
if you have done any research on neuro associations- its fascinating
But basically our brain is working in the most efficient way possible-
it likes momentum, repetition, and routine
which is absolutely to our benefit once we start adding in our healthy habits
but when we are trying to stop an undesired behavior or thought-
we need a little extra

ENTER stage right… pattern interrupt
So what is a pattern interrupt??
Pattern Interrupt is a technique to change a particular thought or behavior

pattern interrupt’s purpose is to interrupt our normal routine and
give us another perspective, another point of view, stop that neuroassociation
that pattern. That behavior. Derail the trail.
give us different thoughts
out of the 50,000 thoughts we have per day, 95% are the same thoughts
that’s insane
I mean literally… insane
I’m talking about Einstein’s quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results”
Now as I mentioned… this CAN be good.
In fact this works in our favor once we have those habits implemented that we WANT in our life
But when our behavior is one that we currently want to change and re-route in the right direction—
we need something to stop that negative behavior momentum
In all it’s glory- what a pattern interrupt does is
give you a new thought, a fresh perspective.
Some describe it as it being like seeing something in a new light or for the first time
Best Example of a pattern interrupt: VACATION
You stop your normal routine
get to see new places and do different activities than your normal day to day.
You find inspiration and creativity in the different environment
And usually there is some kind of life reflection which normally ends up
being either refreshing and ready to return to your normal life or longing to do something different after an epiphany
NOW- you do not need to book and plan and go on vacation in order to have your pattern interrupt. Nice try though
You could take an afternoon to do something different- go to the park
bring a notebook and write yourself a letter or do a goal setting exercise like podcast 10

You gotta buy the ticket… figure out your pattern interrupt.
I will tell you what to do next
first of all- week one day one is right now
and week one’s focus is tracking
if your serious about getting back on track. You can prove it to yourself like this
write down what you have eaten so far today
yup. No warning. It’s show time
right now- grab your journal. If you don’t have it- grab a notebook or your phone evernote or a napkin
or the back of that fast food receipt you just swung through while listening to the recommit podcast episode
write down everything you have eaten so far
you can transfer this to your journal later
write down everything you have eaten and drank so far today
and let out a breath because…
The first week- we aren’t interested in counting calories. Just writing down items
that’s it
don’t even write down the calories yet
I know it will take everything you have not to write them down-
if you are having trouble getting back started- this WILL work
don’t write down those calories
week 2 don’t write them down still
are you feeling tension?
like we are breaking every diet rule imaginable?
Do you feel like you wont be able to write down the food without counting calories or fat or macros or points?
that means #1- you are in my perfectionist category
which will help you later in this program
and #2- that its working
we are interrupting your pattern
week 2
as you are STILL not writing down calories, but tracking what you eat
you will add another focus: water.
your daily water focus- to get in 1/2 of your body weight in ounce every day
YES! I am telling you that you ARE NOT allowed to start focusing on your calories until week 3
so knowing what you know right now-
do you think you can do it?
Best Life challenge
week 1- just write down what you eat
week 2- drink 1/2 your weight in ounces per day- so if you weight 300 pounds you will drink 150 ounces of water
btw you can still drink other things too- but in addition to the other things you drink- get your water in
alcohol, coffee, even soft drinks- whatever it is its ok- but drink that water
you can even add things to your water if you currently hate water like
crystal light sugar free powders, the squirt stuff, lemons, limes, cucumbers and oranges like they have in the spas
my favorite is amino energy
ill have a link to it on the show notes
you can drink it with ice or warm, with a straw or in a wine glass- whatever keeps you tipping that cup up!
OK- so you now have a challenge. And I’m telling you- you aren’t even allowed to start
writing down you calories until you have completed 2 weeks of focusing on other stuff (tracking and water)
Do you think there is a chance by week 3 you will be ready to start digging in to your nutrition again?
I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’ll be you lose weight without even trying the first 2 weeks-
even more of a bonus
in 3 weeks from now- you can be still wishing you would catch that magic motivation again…. Or
you could already have healthy habit forming momentum and
be actually excited to be starting the good stuff
looking forward to it
all we need to do, is get that momentum going… starting our engines to be unstoppable
it takes a minute to get momentum going
starting slow
taking away the diet mentality
It’s your turn.
IT doesn’t work unless you INTERRUPT THAT PATTERN
buy that lottery ticket
So I’m going to give you a little push….
How about this…

If you haven’t done it yet, do it! write down everything you have ate and drank so far today
don’t wait till tomorrow when your journal page can be prettier
I don’t care if you don’t have a journal
you can get one and transfer it over later
just write it down. Start immediately
That’s different that what you are doing now- right?
You’re driving?
Pull over.
That’s a big pattern interrupt, right?
Where ever you are going and whatever you are doing right now is not more important that your
health, happiness and vitality
be 5 minutes late
Make this important
have your pattern interrupt and commitment all packaged in one
Just went through the drive through?
Great then you have a receipt you can write on the back of
what you ate should be fresh in your mind
don’t want to write it down cause it wasn’t the best choice you could have made?
even better!
we WANT to capture those imperfect decisions. Your only focus right now is to write it down. I don’t care how many calories you ate.
Your FOCUS is tracking. Nothing else

start right where you are
expect imperfections
YOU writing it down even when it’s not perfect- is a great pattern interrupt.
It’s a quit-free lifestyle change if you aren’t afraid to show your flaws
think about that
you wont have a reason to quit this time
expect imperfections

Go on and have responsible tracking… and have fun with it! There is no pain associated with writing down food items.
be kind to yourself this week. If you write down your food- you won! That’s your only focus
don’t care what it is you wrote- not looking at calories- inly the habit of writing it down no matter what it is
I am proud of you for interrupting your pattern- listening today… and being willing to try something NEW for YOU

And as a side note- 8 week Best life habit journals are now for sale on Wlmotivation.com
If you are not in the continental US- email me directly to find out shipping prices for your particular region if you want one of your very own

MAKE it an extraordinary day!!!!!

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Sweet potato Breakfast Burrito
Snack: egg and english muffin
Lunch: 2 oz mozzarella, roma tomato cut up with salt, pepper and balsamic vinaigrette
cut up banana
cut up green apple
Snack: peach
Dinner: 2 hot dogs- in the rolls with mustard and relish, baked chip bag 2 miller 64 beers

Calorie Content for the Day: 1542


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Show Notes Bonus Features…

Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos- 226 calories
(serves 4)

– 2 tsp olive oil
– 1 small sweet potato- peeled and diced
– 1 small yellow onion- chopped
– 3/4 cup frozen tri-colored bell peppers, thawed
– 2 cups baby spinach- roughly chopped
– 1 tsp chili powder
– 2 eggs
– 2 egg whites
– 4 extreme wraps (see below)
– 1 ounce shredded cheddar cheese

On a medium skillet over med heat- heat oil

Add potato, onion and bell peppers- sauté 8 minutes

Stir occasionally until potatoes are tender and onions translucent

Add spinach + Chile powder. Sauté 2 minutes more

Increase heat to medium high heat

Add eggs and egg whites- cook 3 minutes, stir occasionally

turn off heat and let cool 10 minutes

divide egg mixture evenly in 4 wraps on tin foil

sprinkle with cheese, wrap in tin foil or parchment then tin foil

**You can place wrapped burritos in zip lock and freeze up to 3 months, to serve place in oven at 400 degrees for 35 minutes

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Extreme Wraps

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