19- Q+A about calories, morning routines, cheat meals, dog food and more

Podcast #19 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 19
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Short Story Featured: The Blind Girl
Link: https://academictips.org/blogs/moral-tale-the-story-of-a-blind-girl/
Appreciate what you have
Your reality is what you focus on
if you are frustrated, angry, or hopeless throughout your day-
look back at your thoughts- your focus on the frustrating, angry or hopeless things
change it up
focus on what you are thankful for, what you appreciate
and enjoy your life thoroughly
give yourself another point of view
if there are always 2 sides (at least) to every story
there are 2 points of view
chose the best view
chose the best attitude

If you were in the market to buy a house
and you had a 300k budget
and you had 2 choices in the particular market you were looking in
one was a gorgeous pristine brand-new home with all the amenities you could ask for and a reputation for having the best view in the city
and one was right next to the town dump, run down and falling apart. You could smell the trash when the wind picked up
And both were in your budget- which would you choose?
the trashy dump or the brand-new best view in the city
remember this throughout your day
the best things in life ARE free
and that’s our own ability to control our thoughts and attitude
it doesn’t cost a thing to have a great attitude, or focus on what you appreciate
And if you need an attitude adjustment,
think location location location… and change the location of your focus
in order to get the best view and enjoy

OK I’m off my soap box. This week I have decided to answer some of your amazing questions you have sent in.
Thank you everyone that has sent in questions. If you don’t hear yours, you may be on the next
q & a podcast which I believe may be episode 24. Keep the questions coming.
I love hearing for you all. IT appears we have listeners now in 28 different countries around the world.
Which is amazing and so much more than I ever expected when starting this podcast
But we still have room to grow so if you haven’t- tell friends about us and the best gift you
can give me is to rate me on iTunes so that we show up in searches

And so, question #1 comes from Marie from the Keys
1 “Do you do a cheat day or a cheat meal throughout your week?”
The answer- Not really
I don’t participate in cheat days because I never feel deprived or the need to
I’m eating 5-6 times a day usually- what I like. What else would I want?
that is still being in a deprivation diet type mentality and remember we can eat whatever we want on our plan
that being said- I also allow myself flexibility and I don’t beat myself up if I go over
so, if I’m at a birthday party and there is cake and I want a piece- I have it. I write it down. And its ok
AND if I go over, I write it down and I don’t feel guilty anymore because it’s one day
it’s not an issue. Some days I’m less
If I notice my weight goes up slightly I scale back for a couple days and readjust.
next week- overeating episode I will discuss options for when you crave certain foods

2 From Diana in NY
What do you think about Keto? My coworker tried it and lost weight.
In my honest opinion-
I’m not a big advocate of eliminating food groups- doing anything short term
if that is how you lose weight- it will come back after you add it back in
just common sense
always about calories in vs calories out
budget your calories
find your ideal weight
determine how many calories you will require at that ideal weight if you were sedentary
then that’s your calorie budget to aim for
it will be less than you eat now
common sense- if you weigh more than you would like- you are eating over your budget
scale back- but eat what you want- just track it
every diet plan out there is the same thing-
calorie deficit.
3500 calories in the hole, less than what you need to function, and you are 1 pound less
500 calorie deficit per day, lose 1 pound a week
1000 calorie deficit per day, lose 2 pounds a week
weight watchers, Atkins, hcg, master cleanse, south beach, Mediterranean- they are all
calorie deficit.
Keto no different
If I am going to lose weight by being in a calorie deficit
I may as well have whatever I want along the way
I personally love starch and feel my meal isn’t complete without it
now if you eat it and have ill effects- which is why we track how meals and food makes you feel in your tracker-
and if it’s your choice to eliminate starch due to your own personal wants and needs- by all means
we can keep our eye on our end goal, and stay flexible in our approach
some people chose to do weight watchers along with my plan
whatever works for you
I don’t recommend going below your recommended calorie intake for your ideal weight at a sedentary activity level
it’s not enough food
you will feel hungry and deprived
and likely will quit
we are leaning to eat for our body we want
creating a habit about how much and what to eat
lower calorie foods are naturally healthier choices
when we are budgeting our calories, we tend to make healthier choices
I am hardly 5′ tall and can have 1500 calories
If I had to stick to a 1200 calorie plan
I would not be here, doing this podcast because I would have quit a long time ago and never stuck to it

3 Stephanie from Kansas City
asked about philosophy on how many times a day should eat- worried about diet rule… metabolism
She goes on to say she has lost 17 pounds so far and s eating once a day because she gets super busy during the day at work
if that’s what works for you great-
like intermittent fasting
body is feeding on itself for periods of the day
still boils down to calories in vs calories out
if you want to spend them all at once or spread them throughout your day- your choice
make sure to track how your feeling- the best life journal you can write don throughout your day your hunger scale
I wouldn’t be worried about metabolism but maybe blood sugar levels if you are sensitive to the ups and downs
So, a good rule of thumb- if you’re feeling hungry, eat
you just want to make sure you aren’t creating an atmosphere for yourself where you are feeling deprived- and go into that diet mentality
through tracking, I’ve learned what to eat to make me feel satisfied or full for 2-4 hours throughout my day
that’s what works for me
learn to eat certain times, be satisfied for a certain time, then eat again
remember to stay committed to the end goal and flexible in your approach.
It might work for a while then become unsustainable or not work as well later
be open to try something else if you hit a plateau

4 from Sharon, Toronto
Sharon asked what to do about being scared to go out to eat due to not knowing how food is prepared, especially if it’s not a
chain restaurant where calories may be available online or plugged into MyFitnessPal
Sharon- I get you. But here is where we will use our best guess
we can find the ingrediants to write in
if something is greasy or I think it was prepared in butter- I write in an additional 100 calories for the oil
it won’t kill us
might make our hair shinier
you can always ask how its prepared and ask it to be prepared different-
what’s the worst that can happen?
get a no
add it to your no list for the day and congrats you just put yourself out there
I LOVE going to restaurants
I find it incredibly inspirational in my healthy journey
I try to pick healthy foods then if I fall in love with the dish I research how I can make it at home and make it healthier if need be
call it research
don’t stay in and be afraid to go out there and try new things
don’t be afraid to ask questions
call ahead and get the restaurant’s menu or specials and plan ahead or just chose healthy in the moment
most likely unless it’s a chocolate and cheese fondue restaurant
you will not go over on your calorie budget by 3500 calories and gain a pound
enjoy yourself, write down what you can, allow yourself to be inspired and give yourself a break.

5 Daniel Colorado
I downloaded your free journal page and it seems a bit girly for a guy to use, sorry to sound negative- just stating the obvious. Will you consider
a more masculine version for your testosterone-infused listeners.
Oh, Daniel I’m so sorry.
And yes- I am working on a pdf version of the 8-week journal plan that Is for sale now on the website Wlmotivation.com
Currently it is only for sale in the US and Canada for shipping reasons- Australian request almost twice as mush for shipping and the book cost
for that reason- I am working on a pdf downloadable version
you can print out the journal, either a half page day timer type size or a full-page size and put in a notebook
I will work on a more masculine version as well
Thank you pointing that out Daniel
get on the VIP list and you’ll get an email when the pdfs are ready and on the website

6 Angie in Seattle
You mentioned making your dog food and I know you have recipes on your website- can you please post your dog food and share the recipe?
Absolutely- I will share it and also put a recipe on Wlmotivation.com and in the show notes
A couple podcasts ago I shared my dog has allergies- allergic to chicken and a few other things
we would buy the expensive dog food, lamb, salmon, etc.
would like a dog food for a week or 2 then refuse to eat it
got my instant pot and started researching dog food
my dog was allergic to chicken
got all ingrediants from Aldi
x3 frozen turkey ground frozen section
white rice
x2 cans carrot slices
x2 cans peas or green beans
x1 or 2 cans pineapple chunks
oil (coconut or sesame)
flax seed
in my instant pot- 3 cups rice
4 cups water
on rice setting
in wok= 3 lbs. turkey cook
2 large bowls
empty 1 can each of pineapple, peas, and carrots in each
1/2 the meat
1/2 the rice
3 tbsp. oil and flax seed
divide into baggies and store in freezer up to 3 months,
fridge up to 2 weeks
1 cup in each for my dog- 55 pounds
microwave 13 seconds
2x a day

7 Amy from Tallahassee
Do you have any tricks or suggestions to wake up early in the morning?
I would like to get up in order to start out my day early and walk. I feel like it will set up my whole day.
I plan to every morning, then morning comes, and I just can’t get up. any suggestions?
I struggled with this for like- almost my whole life
morning person I was not
I love staying up late, having my “me time” watching mediocre TV
treating myself .. By..binging… this was my old lifestyle
I started to get up a little earlier once I started my healthier lifestyle
but it wasn’t until I reached my first plateau that I realized how important sleep was
see I was getting up a little earlier- most of the time… but not going to bed earlier
I had a sleep deficit
calorie deficit= good for weight loss
sleep deficit= bad for weight loss
As an adult it is almost impossible to get the 8 hours of sleep you hear about
I aim for 7
but as always listen to your body for ques on what feels right for you
in the best life journal- there is a place to track when you wake up, when you go to bed and your sleep hours
there is an entire chapter in the best life book dedicated to sleep- as one of the basic habits we need for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
sleep, regardless of when you get up or go to bed is important
the reason I’m bringing up sleep- is if you are going to bed at midnight- do not expect to be able to pop out of bed at 5am
or 6am
so, suggestion #1= make sure you are setting your morning up for success by ensuring you have gotten at least 7 hours of sleep by the time you wake
by going to bed early enough
hormones in our body go bonkers if they don’t get this and it will be twice as hard to lose weight.
You will feel hungrier and your body won’t have enough time to complete its filtering cycle to get rid of the fat
If you don’t believe me- next time you get up before your bedtime or in the middle of the night- weight yourself
go back to bed then weight yourself again once you wake up…
Ha! See what I mean?
Give it time to do what it needs to do
develop a sleepy time routine BEFORE you start developing a morning routine for your new wake time.
this is not chicken or the egg… bedtime comes first.
spend a week working on this habit
get a warm bath, have hot tea, do yoga, walk your dog then cuddle in bed, read a bedtime story, – develop whatever you need in order to customize your evening
to go to bed at a decent time to allow for your earlier wake time
once you have this down-
you may or may not need to work on your morning wake time.
sometimes this is enough, and you wake at the time you set, and you jump out of bed ready to go.
I didn’t
I needed extra help in this department as well
I used to daydream of blanket alarm clocks that poked you, warmed up or became freezing in order to wake me up enough to get up
I don’t feel like I have a reasonable frame of mind when I’m half asleep and I always chose “keep sleeping”
I saw this as a weekly challenge many weeks and didn’t give up
I even googled how to get up early and found a great article
which uses repetition
suggested on a day when your available- to set your alarm, take a nap and wake up to this alarm
jump out of bed and take a cold shower immediately
then repeat this all day long, taking naps, setting the alarm, then jumping out of bed and taking a cold shower
like 10 times until when your alarm goes off you know exactly what to do- jump out of bed and get a cold shower
well this wasn’t going to work exactly the same for me cause I wanted to jump out of bed and write, or get on my treadmill
I tried this a few times, jumping out of bed, and getting right on the treadmill and I will say it did help
when my alarm went off- the first thing I thought about was my treadmill.
But it was the reason attached to getting on the treadmill which I think was my winning ticket
that was my Netflix show that I only allowed myself to watch while I was on the treadmill
I started out with scandal, then Gilmore girls. Shows that I couldn’t wait to see the next episode
if you are just starting to get up early- make sure you love what you are going to do first thing
it might not be working out and that’s ok
it might be writing in your journal
making your to do list
cleaning you house before the rest of the family wakes up and messes it up again
whatever it is you are going to do first- make it compelling enough to get you excited to get up
if it isn’t compelling- attach something to it to make it compelling- like Netflix on the treadmill
or a recorded Kelly and Ryan during a cleaning session
can you guys tell I’m a boob tube junkie here?
or a great weight loss tiki podcast during a run
do things you love first thing. At least at first until you get used to it and get the momentum and habit started
of getting up at this time
what’s things that you LOVE doing?
if it means you are up at 5am baking a cake every day for a week until it becomes habit- so be it
or maybe you will be painting or watching sex in the city reruns while planking? GREAT!
it’s all about repetition
make sure you get in your needed sleep
at first pop, up and do what you love….
work on perfecting your actual morning routine after you master he art of getting up at this new fine hour
if someone told me a couple years ago I needed to get up 2 hours earlier than my norm to go run
nope- not happening
maybe later
not at all at first
wake up and watch great show
have your me time
scrap book
give yourself a break
maybe not wake up right away and walk- or run- or clean
maybe wake up and do something you really really like for an hour- like read
I find my clearest thinking first thing in the morning
cook- precook your meals
or straighten your hair and do your make up like a freaking warrior princess
something you will look forward to
do this at first- then layer in the stuff you want to add
so, I hope that helped
so funny- full circle answer is still the same rules over and over again
one at a time- to develop habit and not get overwhelmed
being flexible
being kind to yourself
having fun

8 Hanna Atlanta
Will I always have to count my calories?
no, you will memorize them after a while they don’t change.
okay only slightly kidding
creating a habit
as far as what kinds of food we eat and how much of it we can eat
we need to track it at first
find out our optional amounts
optimal foods that leave us feeling good and satisfied
if we eat a certain food and crave things we will begin to stay away from it or tweak when or how we eat it or what we pair it with in order to give ourselves the best experience
and we are becoming aware of how our bodies react to all different scenarios.
once to your goal weight- don’t need to be the tracker Nazi
but you can be if you want
you may have collected enough data and know yourself pretty well by then you don’t need to
if you start to gain- naturally this may happen as we age- the older we get the less calories we need
so, we may want to start tracking just to see where our body is.
If we are eating 1700 calories a day and gaining .25 pound every week- scale it back to 1600 until you hit that perfect spot again
where you don’t gain or lose
If you stop tracking- you can always start again if you need to- and you already have the expertise and know how to do it
it is a very scientific common-sense controlled environment
meaning if you stop counting your calories and just try to eat the portions and foods you have become accustomed to
and you’re not measuring your cereal and milk and sunflower seeds out exactly anymore- what is the worst thing that can happen?
you have a calorie surplus
in order to gain an entire pound- you need to have a surplus of 3500 calories.
to gain one pound in 1 week, that’s 500 calories extra eaten per day above and beyond what your body needs
so, if your scale raises slightly-
start counting again, figure out where your surplus is coming from- tweak it and live your gosh darn life without anxiety that you may gain a pound
If you do- scale back a little, create a calorie deficit to make up for it.
easy peasy
we make it difficult with our anxiety
we become unreasonable- thinking we will gain 10 pounds in a week from not having control
all you have to do is keep your focus. Make sure your physique is important to you and it will be in the back of your mind throughout your day in the decisions you make
when we get out of control- is when we turn our back on our own awareness. When we put away the scale and the mirrors and don’t look at our habits
you are learning how to be completely 100% aware. You are learning how to have the habits you want on purpose
you will not lose control unless you do it on purpose

9 Carmella from Springfield
Thank you for putting this podcast out, I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and need help getting started
I find your technique easy to follow and makes sense. I was wondering if there is anything else you offer besides the weekly podcast?
Do you provide coaching?
several of you asked this
Thank you for asking
it is very flattering
I will email the VIP list once group classes start for the best life book
which will be offered in a group setting once every 6 weeks
for those that want extra help, following along with the book
limited space
make sure you’re on the VIP list-
get on it by going to Wlmotivation.com
sign up for the free 24-hour kickstart journal page and you’re on it
you can always opt out if it gets annoying
that’s the best I can do right now- not taking on anymore one on one clients- at least for now

10 What is your favorite treadmill shows?
mad dogs
sex in the city
Animal kingdom
The Royals
True Blood
Sons of Anarchy
hand of god

The killing
The OA
insatiable- good weight loss one
vampire diaries
13 reasons why
stranger things
call the midwife
schitts creek- funny
bates motel
hemlock grove
hart of Dixie
girl boss
breaking bad, Dexter?
the magicians and series of unfortunate events- kind of harry potterish
friends from college

Well that Is it for today- I will do more Q +A’s so keep your questions coming
I love to hear from you all and so far I’ve been good about answering everyone personally-
and now I have figured out how to IM over Instagram which is my social media of choice
WL.motivation, the website is Wlmotivation, Instagram has a dot between WL and motivation.
if you haven’t heard your question yet I either have it on the next Q+A- which I believe will be #24
or I have made it into its own podcast- Jeanette, and Brittany-
on overeating & dieting on a budget

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Dunkin donuts egg white flat bread
Snack: Tim Horton’s turkey and wild rice soup
Lunch: outback- chicken on the barbie with steamed veggies and a jacket Idaho potato
Snack: red robin ceaser salad
Dinner:applebees grilled tilapia with mango salsa and rice pilaf and steamed veggies with a side salad with light ranch

Calorie Content for the Day: 1626


Question to consider until next week…

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Show Notes Bonus Features…


Homemade dog food
x3 frozen turkey ground frozen section
x3 cups dry white rice
x2 cans carrot slices
x2 cans peas or green beans
x1 or 2 cans pineapple chunks
x6 tbsp. oil (coconut or sesame)
x6 tbsp. flax seed

– in the instant pot- cook 3 cups rice with 4 cups water- on the rice setting

in wok or skillet- cook the 3 lbs ground turkey
get out 2 large bowls
empty 1 can each of pineapple, peas, and carrots in each, plus:

1/2 the meat
1/2 the rice
3 tbsp. oil and 3 tbsp. flax seed

for my dog who is 55- 60 pounds, I place 1 cup of the food mixture into a ziplock bag, and feed him one in the morning and one at dinner time per day.
I keep in the fridge and microwave for 13 seconds right in the bag before serving
it lasts 2 weeks in the fridge
if you have a smaller dog you may need to reduce the amount in each bag
you can store in freezer up to 3 months

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