20- overeating, cravings, and maintenance

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at any given time you can change your focus
changing your focus changes your attitude
changing your attitude changes your outlook
changing your outlook changes your experiences
and changing your experience changes your life
by changing your focus to what you appreciate-
you are half way there
remember: the best things in life ARE free
which is our own ability to create our own attitude and happiness in any situation
Make this weight loss experience a great lifechanging wonderful self-love journey
there is no reason it can’t be an enjoyable experience…
keep this in the back of your head
especially as we dig into today’s topic, of overeating

Welcome to today’s Lesson…
so- you can go along your journey
creating new wonderful habits
having a good attitude
having great focus
hydrated and becoming healthier and healthier each day
but still have this little annoying voice in the back of your head that is thinking this is all temporary
giving you anxiety
that you will gain it back
or is that your nosey neighbor Gladys?
nope, it’s your head..

telling you that your body probably likes being overweight and will set back to its obese physique
if you sneeze the wrong way one day
or forget to take your vitamins
or get an ingrown toe nail
Let me resolve this right now

You cannot gain back your weight
unless you overeat again

overeating is how we got this way
not genetics
not due to our family’s schedule
not because our job is demanding
or our lack of time management skills
or because Gladys annoys the crap out of us

the answer is always the same scientific equation on paper
the reason we are over weight
is due to calories in vs calories out
we have become overweight because we have been overeating
we have constantly consumed more calories than our body needs to be at the weight you desire
our body has just reacted to the calories we have given it- and has transformed into the size you are eating for
it doesn’t hate us or have it out for us.
currently you are eating for the body you are wearing right now
it’s a very transparent relationship
you are what you eat
or- how much you eat

if you start eating for the body you want- you will create a calorie deficit and your body will shrink down to that size
like the goldfish in the pond, that get huge- your body adapts to your environment
you create your environment for your body
and how much food and movement it gets
if it has extra fat storage- that is because you loaded up on more food than you need, and your body is keeping it in storage for you
good news is- it’s not permanent and we can purge our storage
declutter our body- streamline
quick review: to create our calorie deficit, unless you have 6 hours a day to work out- I do not
we do this by following a customized calorie budget
customized to the weight you want to be
going too low creates a diet mentality and a temporary fix
so, we find out how many calories we need for our ideal weight.
and we stick to that.
we stick to that calorie budget now
while we lose weight
and once we lose the weight, it’s still our #
it becomes a habit to eat a certain amount of food that allows us to have the body we want
we are going to skip all the diet rules
all the restrictions and fasts and fads and liquid diets, pain and suffering
it is not needed, we can
cut right to the chase
this is how to not have to diet ever again
eat for the body you want
I mean all the crazy diets you have done-
what do you think is going to happen once you lose the weight-?

that you can go back to overeating and not gain it back?
in order to maintain that weight- you would need to eat the calories needed for that weight-
that’s called maintenance- to maintain that weight
we start at maintenance- now
eat for the body you want
I will have a link to the calorie budget calculator in the show notes

HERE= https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-many-calories-per-day?floorType=lowestByBidder

to find your calorie budget,
Just type in your height, age, sex, and the weight you would like to be
I always chose sedentary for activity level
then the # that pops up is your calorie budget

so, in a perfect world- that would be enough
we would say- ah yes that makes sense and go about our day and life and begin shrinking immediately
eating at this calorie budget with no issues what so ever
and not have cravings or binges or a love hate relationship with food
but this is the real world
and we can know things intellectually, and have certain urges and thoughts and actions that do not coincide with what makes sense
we can have moments where we feel out of control
we can lose will power due to strong urges and wants
this is the mental part of our journey which requires some additional thought work
because we can still overeat when we don’t want to
but we can fix that.
But first…

what is considered overeating
we know its consuming more calories than we need
we know what the issue is…
now we just treat overeating as the challenge and start working on the solution
and we can do this by tracking
this is why you ARE going to succeed this time, and how you are NOT going to gain back the weight
because you are going to be willing to write it down when you over eat
when you don’t make “perfect” choices
so that we have the data we need in order to create solutions
we need to figure out where it is these extra calories are coming from
and if we refuse to write it down next time we over eat- we will never be able to have awareness
of our patterns, and changing these habits would be next to impossible
so, THIS is why this plan IS going to work for you.
and so, wherever you are- raise you right hand
repeat after me

I will track EVERYTHING
the good, the bad, the imperfect actions
I will not beat myself up about my actions.
I will be kind to myself
any imperfect actions will be treated as a challenge-
to study, to tweak, to brainstorm solutions
and to try again one more time
I can be dedicated in my end goal and flexible in my approach

OK now through tracking,
We are going to take a good look at what, when, how much we are eating
all the raw data
to be able to figure out when and where and why the overeating is taking place
so that we can change this habit
and have the body we deserve so much

3 ways that I know about how to overeat

1. each time we eat- eat too much- get too full- like can’t stop
(getting seconds)
2. binge eat- massive amount at one time
3. Snack, eat too frequently, unconscious grazing

no matter how you do it-
what it all boils down to-
is you are eating past what our body needs

So, wouldn’t it be nice if our body would tell us somehow when to eat, and how much to eat?
ding ding ding
You just won the golden ticket
remember- the best things in life are free
our body DOES have a way to tell us when and how much to eat
This is called HUNGER
our body has ways to tell us when it needs nutrients, when its hungry and thirsty
but if we are overweight- we haven’t been listening
if we eat when we are not physically hungry- we are overeating. Period

so… if you have a new best life journal you have probably noticed a couple other columns for each food you eat:
that you’ve never tracked before and we haven’t talked about yet in the podcast
these columns are
and physical symptoms
so, before you eat any meal, or food going forward- and are tracking the food in your journal before you eat
you are going to have to answer these questions…
Am I hungry?
most likely you will declare- well yes. Because it’s snack time and I want to eat this now
then… you’ll need to answer: what are your physically symptoms
so, you say your hungry- prove it
when you have actual hunger- your body lets you know
there are multiple ways your body tells you its hungry
you could have an empty stomach or throat feeling, headache forming,
grumbling stomach, dizziness.
many weight coaches out there talk about a hunger scale
your hunger scale is custom to you only
everyone feels hunger differently
so, we need to figure out- how does hungry feel to you?
this is harder than it sounds if you haven’t listened for years
my suggestion is figure out your scale, write your own
if you have never heard of the hunger scale and this is a new concept for you- you probably have no idea
what your scale looks like
it is a scale- it can be 1-5 or 1-10 or .10 to +10- whatever works for you
it goes from being so full you are in pain
to starving and ready to eat a horse
you are the only one who will ever know what those physical feelings feel like in your own body-
who better to write your scale then you?
if you are full what happens? Put on stretchy waist pants, get heartburn, burp, maybe the other end has movement as well
if you are hungry- what are your symptoms? There are signs your body will tell you before it passes out from malnutrition
and you may not know what they are at the moment, and that’s normal
you may always eat before you get hungry- not allowing your body to want or need for anything
you may not have been actually hungry for years, with constant overeating, not a problem
it’s been suggested by other amazing weight coaches that you fill out your scale- by not eating until you are hungry one day
one day- in the near future- wake up and don’t have breakfast
once you start feeling your body tell you your hungry- start writing it down.

Keep a scientific record of what happens
Here comes your weird scientist persona again
then maybe even skip lunch
find out your first 3-4 symptoms of what it feels like when your body gets hungry, so you have a
base line to fill out your scale
you may be surprised at how long you can go without getting hungry
keep going till you start to feel these physical sensations
I promise you are not broken and you will have them- most likely by dinner, maybe before… allow this to happen
mine looked like this- first I started having an empty type feeling in the back of my throat-
if I still don’t eat within an hour or so from there it starts to go to my stomach and feels a little nauseous
an hour or so from there I begin to get a headache
I get dizzy an hour or 2 after that
That’s my scale.
which is completely different from my husband’s experience?
my husband gets a grumbly tummy first thing- I never get a grumbly tummy
when he starts to get hungry- I know it because I can hear it too
it’s like his little warning siren which lets me know and is so adorable
this is why it’s imperative you listen to your body and customize your scale for you
so, you know what to listen for
your body will physically tell you when it’s time to eat
if I waited until my stomach rumbled I would never eat
I now know its time to get out my lunch when I get that feeling in my throat. It might not be right at noon.
There are days I plan for and pack a snack and I don’t eat it- because I didn’t get hungry.
I’m not going to freak out and get those calories in later- just as I won’t freak out if I eat a piece of cake once a month in the break room for a birthday celebration
it equals out

ok- so now you know before you eat- to ask the magic loaded question- am I hungry?
You understand the science behind it and it is logical and makes sense to you, you have a plan ready
fast forward to next Tuesday
by then, you have completed your scale and know what you’re looking for because you let yourself get hungry one day
you didn’t perish or pass out- but you know what signals your body puts off now- and you know your hunger symptoms
you work until 4pm, and always make dinner at 7, and usually have a snack on your drive home
its 4, you always eat at 4, and before you pull out of the parking lot and begin driving, you get out your journal
you are writing down your snack in your journal and you get to the hunger column
And you stop…. ARE you hungry?
you write down yes because its 4 and you really want that granola bar, you’ve been looking forward to it since lunch.
Its planned. It’s halfway unwrapped
you get to the physical symptoms column
Hmmm… what are your symptoms??
you scan your body head to toe
headache or light headed?- no, feel pretty good
throat feel empty or nauseous?
stomach feel empty or grumbly or nauseous?
uh oh
and you realize… I’m not hungry
now what?

when this happens the first time- you will be pissed
I was

For me- it was around 9pm
I had a healthy snack almost every night
it was a habit
but I wasn’t hungry
But I really wanted that popcorn
but I wasn’t hungry
this is a very strange feeling when you are in the moment and realize you want to eat something, yet you aren’t hungry
you will try every excuse to allow yourself to eat it-
it’s healthy, it will go to waste, to prevent future hunger

OK quick side note for SOAPBOX time: to prevent future hunger is a cop out :
it assumes feeling hunger symptoms are a bad thing- which they are not. They exist for a reason, to guide you. To let you know its time to feed
Unless you are living in a 3rd world country and hunger is actually starvation-
Another hint- if you have access to podcasts- you are not starving in a 3rd world country so that excuse is invalid
And as far as the “it will go to waste” excuse- what do you think happens after you eat it? Literally it goes to waste- if you’re lucky. Or it goes to fat.
You are throwing an opened granola bar in the trash does not make or break anyone starving in a 3rd world country. IT has nothing to do with them- either way
If you really want to help starving people- donate to starving people or send food. Do not use them as an excuse for you to eat more. It’s unrelated
Throwing an opened granola bar in the trash is power. IT is a powerful statement you can make to yourself to show your commitment
OK hopping off the soap box
where were we?

you will try every excuse to allow yourself to eat it-
so why do you want it so bad if you aren’t even hungry?
this is when tracking will come into play- perfectly
and will be imperative

I got a mini notebook I called my uncomfy journal
you can also use the notes sections of your best life journal
your phone Evernote app
you can email yourself

but you want to, at this point
figure out why you want to eat that item
habit doesn’t count at this point- because you are consciously doing this
you intellectually know you aren’t hungry and still want it.
if you are not ok with waiting until you are hungry to eat it
or putting it away- its more than habit
there’s something mental attached
The best way I’ve found to come up with why I want to eat each time I’m not hungry….
Is to write, journal, and ask myself WHY? So WHAT? And who cares until you get to the reason
you don’t have to be worried by this exercise.
you most likely won’t uncover some traumatizing event from your past and regress
usually I have found- I just want a treat for myself.
There is something making me uncomfortable
and instead of working thru our feelings-
we eat to numb them, to ignore them
we eat to feel better

eating comforts you
and you want to be comforted
this turns into habit
and the habit of eating to feel better- causes overeating, which causes obesity

it will amaze you when you notice this happening in real time
it will unfold right before your eyes in real time and the difference now is you will be aware of it and have a plan
for example- a customer or coworker is upset with you and you automatically start thinking about what
heavenly restaurant you will escape to for lunch- because you’ve had a crap day
once you know yes- you want to eat and no- you aren’t actually hungry
start asking yourself the 3 questions- write or doodle
set a timer for 10 minutes
you will get to the bottom of it
it is always due to a feeling your having that you don’t like, makes you feel uncomfortable-
that you want to change by eating
that your looking to comfort yourself from
because that is what we have taught ourselves to do, and it has become habit
So, once this comes into light, and we have awareness
find the feeling, reason for the feeling

whatever caused you to have the negative feeling that made you uncomfortable- we can deal with it head on
take ownership of your feelings and experiences
we don’t need to ignore or numb them by eating anymore- we have other tools to deal with them
you know how to change your attitude and mood from ep 17
and take ownership of your thoughts from episode 8

or you can just have the feeling- you don’t have to change it
sometimes we want to be sad or angry or anxious and there’s nothing wrong with that
if there was, thrillers and sad movies wouldn’t exist
But what we DO need to do- is separate our eating from being our feel-good go to
the physical habit of eating needs to be replaced

once upon a time, you didn’t feel great about something, and wanted to feel better
and you ate something. And it made you re-focus (on the food) and temporarily feel better
what you were aiming for worked, and so you did it again
and a habit was formed
and that habit has caused you to be overweight

as with any habit= we need to have something to replace the undesired habit
the reason we overeat- is partially due to habit-
and part mental- it makes us feel good. Usually…
by using food as a way to treat our self, numb our feelings, refocus and enjoy that moment
I needed to find a new way to do that- without it having such an ill effect on me
chances are- if you have an overeating addition, and use food to comfort yourself to feel better
you may have or be prone to other addictions as well- such as shopping, drinking, sex or gambling possibly
you want to make sure you don’t trade one bad habit for another bad habit
consciously pick 2-3 other alternatives to treat yourself without food, that would be
appropriate and compelling to do at a time when you WANT to eat but you are not hungry
other forms of self-love
yes- self-love. This is what we have been doing for our own self-love until now
by eating we were treating ourselves- loving ourselves
and creating our demise at the same time
it is a never-ending vicious circle
until we stop it
it stops once you are aware, willing to ask yourself why, and replace the habit
I should add in here- when you’re sitting there pissed you can’t eat when you’re not hungry and you start your 10 minutes timer
9 times out of 10, when that timer goes off after 10 minutes of writing- you usually don’t even want to eat anymore-
throughout your journal and tracking- find the places you overate- what was the situation?
let’s begin our challenge and solution for next time

and btw: you will not always white knuckle through this.
it’s hardest your first 2-3 times.
take the time to set the timer and write, type, text, whatever you need to do to find the “why” you need to eat when you’re not hungry
usually to feel better about (fill in the blank) different every time
may take a minute to find it the first couple times
then gets easier
until you don’t have to write anymore- you will just be able to figure it out by rewinding your brain a half reel
and track it
the most important aspect
figure out your situation for these triggers
were you at work? Out at a restaurant? In the car? Alone at home?
or after eating certain meals earlier in the day that may have caused a physical craving?
make sure you know the situations that are your weak spots or triggers
this will help you really hone in on customizing your challenges and solutions
if you have triggers when you are driving in your car- a replacement habit cannot be microwaving some popcorn, it isn’t a reasonable solution
if you have triggers at work after giving presentations- taking a hot bath and reading a book would not be a reasonable solution

some ideas of other things you can do to make yourself feel better/ aka self-love instead of eating:
listening to a song and dancing it out (car dancing counts and is preferred in many cases)
make an inspirational playlist
looking up a word or phrase to learn in another language
painting your nails or toenails, straighten your hair or do a facial mask
doing a 7-minute sun salutation yoga practice from app pocket yoga
writing a list of what you appreciate right now
check Facebook- comment on friends posts with sincere compliments
write a ty note or call the manager of a store or restaurant you recently visited to brag about an employee- make someone’s day
walk your dog or play tug of war with them for 1 minute
play with your kids
memorize a joke
have a hot water with lemon- great for you and detoxifying
put some drops of your fav essential oil in a spray bottle, spray a warm
washcloth and lay it across your eyes and daydream for 5 minutes- I love lavender
research online vacation resorts in places on your bucket list
create a new Pinterest category
draw a picture or doodle, write or journal
find and post a positive quote on your social media
have an ice water
rearrange your furniture
weed your garden
ride your bike
write a ty note
play Pokémon go at a park
color in an adult coloring book
use a foam roller
find a new recipe you want to try
plan next free date night
add to your vision board
clean a room or declutter it- the fresh cleaning smells and elbow grease will do you good
maybe even your clothes closet which is certain to have clothes that are now too big
create a playlist on your phone
these are just a handful of ideas that will give us a new healthy positive habit, and interrupt our pattern

so, if you are able to- follow along with me and grab a piece of paper
at the top write am I hungry?
to the left= yes, to the right write no
branching off yes- write- do I have physical symptoms?
if no, arrow back to the “No” from am I hungry?
if yes- you do have physical symptoms…. Now what?
now you eat.
you have planned foods, healthy snacks, or healthy choices to make here
if you did not have a snack planned for this moment when you are hungry- have a backup plan just for this
have an apple in your desk, a 100-calorie nut pack, or a popcorn, box of raisons in your purse
if you are having a specific craving=
try to make good decisions based off your craving.
If you are craving a specific food- normally not really hungry
side note: make sure you are taking you multi vitamins, sometimes cravings can be your body’s way of getting a nutrient it is deficient in

always first ask yourself if water would cure your craving
or a hot water with lemon
if not-
is it a salty food, creamy, sweet, bitter?
swap in your unhealthy craving for a healthy alternative

or fudge pop
choc covered pretzels

sweet and creamy
banana ice cream (recipe in wlmotivation.com)
McDonalds ice cream cone
guac and hummus

kale chips
seaweed snacks
100 cal popcorn
tomatoes with balsamic, salt and pepper
canned soup or Keurig cups

capers and smoked salmon
spinach with balsamic vinaigrette

baked potato with salsa or hot sauce

on the other side of the spectrum- or paper if you answered NO
you are not hungry
but you still want to eat
can you drink water and be satisfied? (may be thirsty)
if no
you’ve got awareness
now take 10 minutes to figure out why you are wanting to eat, why are you “numbing your feelings” or trying to make yourself feel better?
once you know- and can face it head on,
make yourself feel better with the on-purpose habit alternative you have picked for your challenge solution
pick 2-3 before hand… chose one in the moment that sounds best
make it compelling

I promise there is a way to enjoy food, eat
without having to stuff yourself until you are literally uncomfortable and in pain
emotionally and physically
gassy, bloating, heart burn ridden
fatigue, etc. from overeating until you literally can’t eat another bite
you can still enjoy food without feeling the need to keep consuming it
just like you can enjoy sleep without sleeping all day long
just sleep for the amount of time you need
we just need to re-route our habit of making our self-feel better by eating
and deal with the reason we are trying to make our self-feel better
and develop a new on purpose better healthy habit for self-love

it all starts with tracking
start slow if you need to
just track at first
have awareness
then start to ask the right questions
then start to compile other alternatives to consider

Don’t forget- YOU are the answer you’ve always been looking for
The best things in life are Free!
Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Smoothie- mango, yogurt, strawberries 190 cal
Snack: chocolate covered cherries- individual bag
Lunch: grilled chicken salad with lite balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, red onion, croutons, goat cheese, bacon bits- all the goodies! and a light English muffin on the side with sugar free jelly
Snack: smoothie bowl- banana, blueberries, chocolate peanut butter protein powder, yogurt, almond butter and almond milk- recipe
Dinner: Grilled cheese panini (35 cal bread with 1 slice American cheese) and Vegetable soup- Progresso (filling 265 calories)
Snack: fudgesicle
Calorie Content for the Day: 1387


Question to consider until next week…

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Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
food prep- how to meal prep for the week- efficiently, tips and tricks

Show Notes Bonus Features…

Fruity Smoothie

1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup strawberries

Blend together in the ninja blender


Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

1/2 nonfat vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 banana
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 tbsp. almond butter or peanut butter
1/2 cup almond milk
handful of ice
– blend together in ninja blender

pour into bowl
top with other 1.2 of banana- sliced
a couple blue berries
sprinkle of slivered almonds

Other toppings can include chocolate sprinkles
drizzle of chocolate syrup
chia seeds

Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
Click on the photo for more info or to buy immediately from Amazon 😉

Ninja Blender

100 calorie nut packs

Keurig K-cup broth

popcorn 100 cal bags

Popsicle Molds

raspberry calorie-free dressing

Seaweed snacks


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