22- Dieting on a budget, an ecomomical healthy lifestyle

Podcast #22 Show Notes
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Podcast Episode: 22, Dieting on a budget
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Short Story Featured: The group of frogs
Link: https://www.upliftingstream.com/the-group-of-frogs-encouragement-story/

The moral of the story is:
keep going
don’t look back
don’t allow anyone to derail you
don’t allow yourself to make up excuses to give you an out
to relieve temporary pain in order to give yourself short term pleasure
and as far as the excuse: I don’t have enough money to eat healthy
This is not valid…
I guarantee you do
You will probably even SAVE money

Welcome to Dieting on a budget
we touched on this in episode 9- popular weight loss excuses
many people think they will need to go to expensive health food stores and supplement stores
hire a trainer and diet coach and personal chef
maybe even a personal assistant that can walk around with you and slap the food out of your hands
Have you ever looked at thin celebrities and think they can stay thin or lose baby weight since they have so much money
Unless their money goes towards liposuction
they have what we have
24 hours in a day
ability to count calories
freedom to focus on anything they would like to focus on
and arms and legs and lungs just like we do
you may argue and say they have access to the best fitness instructors and cooks money can buy
if you have the internet, or access to you tube- you do too.
Once you drop the excuses, you will start seeing progress

I can tell you honestly- I spend less money since acquiring my healthy habits
For a handful of reasons
1. I “pack” more
I premake all my meals except my dinners on Sunday for the upcoming week-
takes guess work out of what to eat when hunger strikes to stay healthy
packing is almost always less expensive than buying
for example- even if you think it might be cheap- if you swing through fast food
and order a drink and something to tide you over- you are normally spending 4-5$
for that amount you could buy a tub of hummus, a bag of baby carrots and bag of celery and have snacks for the entire week
or a bag of apples or oranges or pears and a pack of 5 individual 100 calorie peanuts
or a pack of string cheese, carton of eggs to hard boil, AND bunch of bananas
all for under 5$ for a week
AND all of these options are most likely healthier than those chicken fingers, or those fries or milk shakes at the drive thru
2. The second reason you save money- you eat LESS
I used to look at my bank statements and I was amazed sometimes at how much I spent at fast food, gas stations, and restaurants
all throughout my week
because I was always hungry (not physically hungry, emotionally hungry- discussed in podcast 20)
and it was habit to give myself food when I wanted to make myself feel better. And looking back- I must have felt bad a lot
3. Less ordering in due to inadequate planning, organization mishaps, or low energy
For me- we ordered in and ate out often because I didn’t have energy to cook- to stand in the kitchen for a half hour or an hour after work
was way too much for me. I timbered over onto the couch after work and barley moved
until bedtime
as your healthy lifestyle unfolds- your energy explodes and you will have time and energy to plan and prepare your meals
plus if you begin food prepping (discussed in deatil in podcast 21) which not only smart for your wallet, but also you waistline,
your stress levels- and your time management
4. You wont buy as much impulse junk walking through the isles
you will have focus and intent when shopping

So if you are brand new to the BEST LIFE weight loss approach-
Either because you just stumbled across the weight loss tiki podcast or you are reading the Best Life…
Weight loss plan for the first time and purposely sought out this podcast-
either way- the entire idea for the plan is to baby step lifestyle changes
by focusing on one habit to implement at a time
for a minimum of a week, until it becomes automatic.
One they are automatic, they become habit, and these specific set of habits will allow
you to be at your ideal weight AND have the best life possible

So we will walk through getting you started in your new healthy lifestyle,
and what you will need to invest financially per habit
for your first month or so

Week 1- is all about Tracking
get used to writing down everything you eat, the time, and how it made you feel
week 1- we don’t count calories
week 1- we don’t look at fat grams or micro nutrients
we don’t require deducting food groups from your diet or emptying out your fridge and pantry
there are no cult-like bans on beauty products that you may absorb fat from and you wont be required to chug laxatives or use special enemas
you just write down everything you eat and drink- then how that foods feels in your body
pay attention- did it give you gas, make you bloated, make you jittery, or satisfy you for hours?
Penny saver budget for this week= is $1 (that you may have to spend for a notebook at the dollar store if you don’t have one sitting around you can use)
Splurge cost- if you want to spend more- you can purchase a best life book or journal at Wlmotivation.com

Week 2- You will be focused on tracking just like last week, and if you did well with tracking,
you will add in water
get 1/2 your body pound weight in ounces
track it in your notebook, too
you can drink other things as well, including alcohol, soda, coffee whatever you want-
just make sure to drink your required water per day- anything else is extra above and beyond
penny saver budget for this week= free- if you have clean water to your house- you are set
most fridges now have a filtering system with ice and water dispenser on the door
if you cant stand the taste of water- you may want to add some lemon wedges to your water,
a bag of lemons is under 3$ at aldis
if you want to splurge- you can get a nice water bottle- Walmart has the knock off Yeti cups
with a straw, and a britta pitcher so that you can filter your water and keep it cold- all for under $40
I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to lose weight in the past and would go buy very expensive water bottles
then I hated the way they worked
and it was a huge waste of money
there are so many different kinds of water bottles out there
if you have a goodwill or thrift shop near you with housewares- my best penny saver advice is to go stock up on water bottles there
you can buy water bottles for cheap- and you wont feel bad if you end up not liking the way some work

Week 3- This is where we begin eating for our ideal body
we look up the calories needed at our ideal weight, and this is the calories we aim for each day
we add tracking our calories to our journal, in addition to the food we eat, time we eat it and how it makes us feel
This is where some people will say they cant afford a healthy lifestyle, and again, couldn’t be further from the truth
we are going to cheat a bit this week and do our shop chop and roll early, and times 3 for 3 different food plans
and not only discuss the calorie budget, but also the monetary budget
First look at your own bank account, how much are you currently spending on food every week?
add up the grocery store items, convenient store purchases, fast food, take out, and farmers market buys
How much are you spending on food for yourself for one week?
Here is example #1 for thrifty shop chop, and save

Dinner Choices

OK now if you are a foodie and like the shop chop and roll grab your paper and pen cause this is the motherload
I have 3 weeks of meal prep options- that are healthy AND cheap
And 4 different dinner options to chose from each evening.
The dinner options are the same for all 3 weeks, and include enough ingrediants to make each option twice a week

So I will go through the 4 dinner options first,
Then I will share the 3 meal prep week’s og Breakfast, snack, lunch, and snacks
plus calories for each meal and weekly grocery budgets for each week
including the 4 discussed dinner meals

Dinner Choice A-
fish- salmon 207 3.79 3.79
rice- faux fried rice with eggs, veggies 205 1.29 1.29
egg (1) fried in with rice 70 0.89 0.89
soy sauce 25 1 1
broccoli 20 1.59 1.59
with american cheese melted 35 0.99 0.99
salad- see below 114 8.04 8.04
16.59 16.59
Salad details
spinach 10 1.59 duplicate
bacon bits 25 1.29 duplicate
lite balsamic vinegrette 30 0.89 duplicate
cherry tomatoes x3 9 1.79 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
crouotons 30 0.89 duplicate
114 8.04

Dinner Choice B
keilbasa 180 2.29 2.29
potato- stuffed with 110 2.49 2.49
american cheese 35 0.99 duplicate
broccoli 25 1.59 duplicate
sour cream 25 0.99 0.99
veggie foilpack- see below 110 12.24 12.24
20.59 18.01
veggie foil pack details
green pepper 10 1.69 see above
hot sauce 0 0.99 see above
onion 10 1.59 see above
squash 20 1.99 see above
mushrooms 10 1.99 see above
1/2 tbsp coconut oil, salt and pepper 60 3.99 see above
110 12.24 see above

Dinner Choice C
grilled cheese
bread 45 cal x 2 90 1.29 1.29
american cheese x2 70 0.99 duplicate
Can of soup 200 0.89 0.89
360 3.17 2.18

Dinner Choice D
chicken breast 120 4.99 4.99
egg noodles- 1cup 220 1 1
bread on side- 2 slices 90 1.29 duplicate
Salad 114 duplicate duplicate
544 7.28 5.99

Salad details
spinach 10 1.59 duplicate
bacon bits 25 1.29 duplicate
lit balsamic vinegrette 30 0.89 duplicate
cherry tomatoes x3 9 1.79 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
crouotons 30 0.89 duplicate
114 8.04 duplicate

total price for dinner ingrediants= $42.77

Meal Plan A
Breakfast vitality cereal 110 1.89 1.89
1 cup almond milk 30 1.89 1.89
1/4 cup blueberries 21 1.79 1.79
2 sliced strawberries 8 1.99 1.99
169 7.56 7.56

snack apple 70 3.49 3.49
yogurt- 4 pro biotic 110 1.69 1.69
180 5.18 5.18

lunch turkey sandwich
bread- 45 cal 90 1.29 duplicate
turkey lunch meat 50 2.49 2.49
lettuce leaf 10 0.99 duplicate
mustard 10 1 1
cheese- american 35 0.99 duplicate
195 6.76 3.49

snack hard boiled egg 70 0.99 0.99
cheese stick 50 2.49 2.49
120 3.48 3.48

total for week including dinners $62.48

Meal Plan B-

Breakfast Smoothie
non fat vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup 50 1.69 1.69
berries 42 1.79 1.79
almond milk 30 1.89 1.89
1 tbsp cocoa powder 10 1.79 1.79
132 7.16 7.16

snack cottage cheese (1/2 cup) 80 1.59 1.59
bananna 110 1.33 1.33
190 2.92 2.92

lunch grilled cheese
bread 45 cal x 2 90 1.49 duplicate
american cheese 35 0.99 duplicate
tomato soup 1 cup 90 0.49 0.49
215 3.95 0.49

snack 100 cal peanuts 100 1 1
2 mandrain cutie oranges 80 2.59 2.59
180 3.59 3.59

Total for week including dinners: $56.93

Meal Plan C
Breakfast oatmeal 100 1.49 1.49
2 sliced strawberries 8 2.09 2.09
1/4 c blueberries 21 2.99 2.99
egg- fried 70 0.99 0.99
toast 45 1.29 1.29
244 8.85 8.85

Snack hummus (2 tbsp) 50 1.99 1.99
baby carrots (5) 25 1.69 1.69
celery 12 0.99 0.99
87 4.67 4.67

Lunch ground chicken 3 oz 120 1.99 1.99
1 tbsp lite sour cream 20 0.99 0.99
green pepper 10 1.69 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
4 cherry tomatoes, halved 12 1.69 duplicate
hot sauce 0 1 duplicate
lettuce 10 0.99 duplicate
182 9.94 2.98

snack spinach 10 1.59 duplicate
bacon bits 25 1.29 duplicate
lit balsamic vinegrette 30 0.89 duplicate
cherry tomatoes x3 9 1.79 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
croutons 30 0.89 duplicate
114 8.04 duplicate

Total for the week including dinners: $59.27

Here is 3 weeks food plans- less than $75 per week to purchase these ingrediants
these food plans will be on the show notes- Wlmotivation.com
each food item calorie and price listed for the Aldi’s in Columbus Ohio in Sept 2018
your local grocery store may be more or less- these ingrediants are normally healthy and economical

Week 4- your habit is to Add vitamins/ supplements
if you haven’t had a check up within a year- schedule that
your health is #1
a multi-vitamin is a good idea
$3.79 at Aldis
I know there are more expensive options out there-
I don’t buy into expensive vitamins- maybe someday I will but I don’t for now
for now if you are on a budget- just get a multi vitamin to cover the basics
if you want to splurge this week-
fish oil is a great supplement to splurge on
most fish oil supplements are 20$ a bottle
I normally buy these from the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for their recommendation
also if you have ever had a blood work up done- and have been told you are deficient in Vitamin D
as many people are in my region, those are also a great supplement to pick up
But if you are on a tight budget- pick up the $4 vitamins and start the habit
of taking your vitamins everyday
what we are actually going for here- is the habit of remembering to take those supplements
you can always add more to this routine after you have the habit down, or use a supplement for a reward
one thing I do NOT do, is fat burners or appetite control pills, stay away. Remember Kelly from 90210?
we don’t need racing hearts and unknown side effect synthetic short cuts-
we in fact WANT to feel what our body is telling us not hush it up or speed it up
So for week 4, your penny saver budget is $4 for your Aldi vitamins

Week 5-
Which will be the most expensive week most likely
is movement. Meaning we are getting a little more active in order to burn more calories
We know we are moving more, by counting our steps
if you are an apple user- you have a health app already installed on your phone that tell you the steps …
you have taken…. At least while carrying your phone around with you
which is fine iy you carry your phone with you everywhere
I prefer to wear a step tracker or pedometer on my wrist
there are so many trackers on the market right now
all that I know of have an app you can sync to your phone or computer to help keep track of your steps
even the most inexpensive wrist pedometers I have found have an app to help you track
and you are going to track you steps, and your personal step goal in your tracker week 4 and on
Fit bit is probably the most well known step tracker
Fit bits are anywhere from 100- 250
I prefer an older version of step tracker made by Garmin
Called Vivofit 2
it is waterproof and you do not have to charge it
After ruining 3 fit bits by wearing them accidently in my hot tub- waterproof is a must for my lifestyle
You can find it online- I’ve seen it for from 35$-up to $65
my search for it today on amazon I found one for $37 with free shipping
You can also find other off brand step trackers at box stores
Walmart has several under 10$ with free shipping
Again this is pricing for USA
movement/ steps- is being just slightly more active than you are now.
You can take a 20 minute walk in your neighborhood-
you can march in place in your bedroom
you can walk around a store or park or on a treadmill like I prefer
we are going to have a fitness episode coming up soon to go over workouts more
just for now- try to move more than you do currently
if you are like me, and have been a couch potato for the last few years and now you stand an extra 1/2 hour a day cooking dinner- that’s great!!!
that IS definitely moving more
remember- Baby Steps

Sidenote: once you are 4 or so weeks in you may start to need new clothing due to your shrinking body
if you are not yet to your goal weight and you have a ways to go- a good solution
is, again, the thrift shop. Go in and see when their 1/2 off days are (usually they have them once or twice a month)
to have super savings
I hated buying clothes when I was morbidly overweight, and I hated spending money on clothing when I wasn’t planning on being that size
for long- it seemed like such a waste of money
at a good thrift shop, you can usually get a couple pairs of pants for less than $10.

So no more I can’t afford a healthy life style excuses.
IT’s invalid

If you don’t have an Aldi’s you may have another discount grocery store
the foods I discussed are not normally break the bank type foods.
Eating healthier and making your own meals will save you money and help you lose weight
Now- save those extra dollars for some weight loss rewards for yourself!


Question to consider until next week…

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Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
top 10 habits needed to lose weight
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