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Podcast #24 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: Q+A
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Short Story Featured: from Russia with Love


Moral of the story is …
challenge the teacher!
sent me questions
do what makes sense
don’t follow diets that will end up hurting you- psychologically or physically

So today I am answering some more questions you guys write in to me-
at the recording of this podcast I’m so happy to announce we now have listeners in 37 countries!
our last q+a podcast 5 weeks ago we were at 28
so thank you so much for listening and I think I will do another Q+A podcast again in another month or so, so keep the questions coming
I have really enjoyed hearing from everyone who has written in
you guys have some amazing stories you have shared with me
and without further ado, question #1

Leah in UK
I’ve tried several recipes on your show notes- thanks for sharing I appreciate you including this into your podcast. I always thought
healthy food was monotonous and you have inspired me to try new things. Where do you get different food plan inspiration and have
you had any food plans you hated after you made them for a week and if so then what do you do?
Very great questions
I do sometimes get sick of what I eat- if I try something new and didn’t really like it. Normally I’ll have a plan B
like subway. Or Wendy’s chili and baked potato
So my 9-5 is on the road and I can usually always find a fast food restaurant that I can go to, I have a list
of FF restaurants and healthy choices with the calories I keep on me- which maybe I will actually do a podcast on-
thanks Leah for the idea
and my go when when I’m at home and my dinner doesn’t turn out well or if my son and husband just want a pizza or something I don’t want
is soup. I’m a soup hoarder. I love canned soup I can just microwave- very filling and low calorie
I eat the soup usually with a baked potato I also cook in the microwave in my potato bag cooker or a salad from my makeshift fridge salad buffet drawer
which I talk about how to set up in podcast #21- Food prep
So – where do I get my food plan inspiration…
honestly I do go out to eat often on the weekends- I find inspiration trying new meals
I recently went to a mexican place- and I try to get something healthy- I love seafood and chose the Hawaiian fajitas
which I chose to eat without the tortillas- and it came out in a pineapple made into a bowl- it was the coolest thing!
so I may have to search online how to cut a pineapple into a bowl for a future dinner idea at my house- Chez Has
I also have my 3×5 cards I make for every meal so sometimes just looking back through them helps spark an idea or remember something I liked and want to eat again
Pinterest is another great resource- when my son came home from NY where he went this
summer to film skating clips, he was suddenly asking for acai bowls-
so I just googled acai bowls and many recipes popped up that I could scroll through
instagram is another place- I love photos of food inspirational- my fave is buddah bowl recipes
its like food porn
and I think of things throughout the week before that may sound good that I want to try the next week.
If this week I have a large salad for lunch, next week I may want a sandwich.
it’s really just whatever sounds good
If you haven’t done it- get the myfitnesspal app- when you first log in they have several
blogs they highlight and so, at times this will feature recipes within a certain calorie range
or for a certain meal plan which is never disappointing as well
and if I ever find myself in line at a checkout next to magazines- I pick them up and skim through sometimes which can provide
meal plan inspiration too
And of course other people’s cooking. My mom is a great cook and I learn from her still all the time,
also friends dishes from potlucks or parties- I beg for recipes all the time
And I have a kitchen gadget fascination if you haven’t noticed- so I turn to Pinterest and google for recipes all the time for
specific kitchen gadgets- like my
instant pot
slow cooker
fajita maker
air fryer
waffle maker
and panini maker

2 what is your fitness routine? You haven’t mentioned specifics about fitness besides that you treadmill
jessie in Gatlinburg
I count my steps and have a step goal- I aim for 10,000 steps for day
I hate running- I’m almost 41 and not 21 anymore so I want to be kind to my knees and hips and joints
but I do sometimes do the couch to 5k workout- I have no shame I will do week 1, day 1 for months
it’s like interval training because you walk then run then walk then run and its great for getting your heart rate up
I also have a routine everyday I do for strength- I do sit ups, push ups, squats and my least favorite lunges
and sometimes I will do yoga- I can do it right in front of the TV with my pocket yoga app in my living room
and my family just ignores me while I balance and stretch it out- a 30 minute session goes by really fast
currently that’s what I do- my minimum daily workout is a 30 minute treadmill walk and a 5 minute isometric strength excersizes
and I love to dance, so if I get a chance and no one is watching I will try to dance it out- mostly done now in my car from the waist up

3 Jedi mind tricks to help us write it down when we really “Fork” up
do you have a trick to how to write down crap meals?
its so hard to put the pen to pencil and be that brutally honest.
especially when I really have screwed the pooch
Christy from yellow springs
I know it’s hard because we want to make our self proud which is why we love writing it down when we make good choices
but as soon as we overeat- we usually don’t write it down and essentially quit for the day
writing it down for some reason makes it more real to us. We have to look at it. We have to look at our mistake
and when we don’t write it down- we can ignore it happened, and start over
So I am going to hold your hand here and we are going to jump into common sense land real quick
what happens if we over eat and don’t write it down?
we ignore it happened
we ignore the mistake we made
we still consume the extra calories
we feel bad we messed up our plan
and we probably make the same mistake again and ignore it again

now if we overeat and write it down
we can take a look at our mistake, own it, AND be proud we took initiative to write it down
by writing it down we can take a look at the circumstances, and study it… maybe we have details after a couple weeks of several
overeat sessions… and we can take a look and see… was it because we had a certain cereal that morning? Because we had presentations that day?
maybe something sugary set off cravings. We have data to look at if we track it.
We have the ability to FOCUS on solutions to our challenges, instead of bullying and shaming ourselves.
That was important so I am going to repeat it
We have the ability to FOCUS on solutions to our challenges, instead of bullying and shaming ourselves.
So if you are having trouble writing down your not so favorite meal choices- look at that as one of your challenges
brainstorm solutions to that issue
how can you write these days and meals down and feel proud of yourself?
Maybe you could attach a reward to give yourself if you track everything this week
you may need to write on a sticky note to remember not to shame or bully yourself, but to pat yourself on the back
when you write down the not so great moments
you are now aware of your actions
choosing not to write them down, is the same thing as choosing not to change
choosing not to lose weight
it is not a lack of will power or a failure- it is in fact part of the journey and a challenge we all have to face within ourself
if you are overweight- you have this challenge at one time or another
you will not always be perfect. Your journal pages will not always be pretty
What makes you engaged in your weight loss, and dedicated to a more healthy life
is you ability to look at your own challenges and be willing to find solutions
without guilt
without shame
without you bullying yourself
no amount of will power or motivation can create a you that has perfect journal pages the rest of your life. It wont happen
Be kind to yourself
and reward yourself for being brave enough to write it down. When you start looking into your actions from a scientific research curious
point of view- you can see things clearer, from a new perspective, and are able to then create alternatives and modify your behavior

4 alcohol
Pam Boston

I cant believe you allow alcohol on your plan- that’s amazing! Where have you been all my life?
Well thank you Pam.
So- to clarify- this is not a “Diet Plan”
IT is a life style plan
When I started this plan- I did so to incorporate the healthy habits into my life I would need in order to lose weight
which worked
I also wanted to make sure anything I did I would be willing to do the rest of my life, because I didn’t ever
want to have to diet again
I wanted to do as little work as I could to implement habits that would then just be automatic so I didn’t have to think
about it and it wouldn’t be hard
So eliminating food groups or certain foods or activities was not an option
I wanted something that fit with my life
I have alcohol on occasion socially and I have found ways to be flexible in order to make sure I stay within my calorie budget
like Miller 64 (64 calorie beer), Or budselect 55 which is even better
add a lime and it tastes like corona
vodka and flavored water, or
vodka with water and a sugar free crystal light packet
bloody mary with vodka
or virgin bloody mary with spicy v8, celery stick
And I often have a couple drinks then order coffee at the bar- I love
coffee and a caffeine buzz to keep me awake if it’s getting late is sometimes just the ticket
also through tracking I know I can have 2-3 beers but if I have more than that I will have a headache
so as always- make sure you are tracking your drinks and how they make you feel

weight every day?
Tia in Fairfield

yes- when actively loosing
may skip a day here or there
for the most part
such a range
saw a good instagram post on this
up or down 3-4 pounds within a week
happy scale averages it out- can predict your weight
and weight loss within a certain time frame
things like salty or canned foods, alcohol, time of the month and your #2 activity may play a huge role in your weight.
Happy weight averages it out to show you your progress over a weeks time
for instance, if I start lacking sufficient fiber- walk around feeling like about to have a poop
baby for sometimes days which does affect my weight and comfort level
So make sure to not be disappointed- your weight is supposed to fluctuate
Do not let it ruin your day if your weight is up a tad from yesterday,
I always noticed my weight rose a bit before it took another nice dive

you mentioned multi vitamins in the habit podcast episode- what do you recommend and take? What all supplements and shakes do you do?
I buy store brand vitamins
from Discount drug mart or Aldi vitamins
They work for me
My son has gummy vitamins- juice plus which is an excellent brand
he swears by them and says they make him feel great
And we have a family member who sells them so it’s a win win
I also take fish oil
and vitamin D- which I found out I was deficient in- as are most middle aged women in the Midwest
Also I add in a probiotic supplement to help aid my digestion
Also I take magnesium and a biotin chewy- for longer nails which I end up breaking almost immediate
that’s my supplement haul
now before you start something- bring all your meds and supplements into your doctor
and make sure you get the ok, you may have medications that counteract with some
supplements, and be sure to take other medications prescribed by your physician
as far as shakes and things-
I recently started adding a protein powder to my smoothies and my sons smoothies
I wasn’t excited about it at first because some protein powders are heavy in calories
so I went on the search
and I found one that is 100 calories for a scoop of chocolate flavor- Atkins brand I found at discount drug mart
IT was only 10$.
I bought it just to add a chocolate flavor to my smoothie.
What was funny and unexpected was it ended up keeping me full for so much longer than I expected and what I was used to
so those 100 calories I have found are very well spent

7 Donna- San Francisco
too many calories- anxiety

it gives me major anxiety to even think about eating as many calories as you suggest- I guess I’m stuck on the old fashioned diet rules
you mention. But wont it take longer to lose weight at this higher calorie amount?
I understand the calorie deficit idea
so whats the average loss rate?

OK so the entire idea of our plan is to create a habit.
Your habit around your calorie budget- is to learn to eat for the body you want
your calorie budget is the amount of calories you will need each day at your ideal weight
so you are learning to eat the amount of food everyday that you can have so that you don’t have to diet
your body will catch up
and your less likely to feel deprived and quit if you are eating this amount
I was about 75 pounds overweight, and lost an average of 2 pounds per week- for the first 50 pounds.
You don’t want to lose much faster than this- your skin wont be able to keep up
and trust me you will want to bring your skin with you
You need to get to the point, where you want to lose weight, even if it takes awhile.
if you are just looking for an easy temporary fix- this isn’t for you
be willing to lose weight- no matter how long it takes

8 Alisha- Sunny Santa Cruz
I feel like I need filling foods since I am eating less. What are your favorite filling low calorie foods?
popcorn- 100 cal bags- feels like you get a lot of food
soup- especially chicken noodle or broth based
baked potatoes- bags- potato 110 calories, serve with salsa
fairly large low cal salad- butter lettuce, bacon bits and fat free italian and a couple halved cherry tomatoes- 56 calories

also depends on the season-
spring & summertime-
tomato- super low cal, sliced with some lite balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper sprinkled on top
gazpacho- recipe on Wlmotivation.com
spinach salads with strawberries, maybe feta or goat cheese
foil pack veggies- spray Pam or spray oil in tin foil or put a little oil and add cut up squash and zucchini,
maybe mushrooms if you like them, you can add potatoes if you want, onion, any veggies you want.
salt and pepper and any other spices you want
you can do these right in the oven or on the grill
and of course the smoothie I talked about earlier- add a scoop of protein powder and it can keep you full longer
protein tends to help me stay full longer
I make these by combining 1 cup almond milk- 30 cal with 1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt 50 cal and a cup of frozen fruit
which is about 60-70 calories- add in your protein powder, 100 calories more= 250

fall and winter
sweet potatoes
chili- healthy
tacos salads
buddha bowls
zoodles with pesto or tomato sauce
chicken breast- 120 cal for a breast
bean soup- in shop chop and roll this week
oatmeal- 100 cal packs
spicy v8 can (tiny can) 30 calories you can drink from a wine glass and have some olives or pickles attached to a toothpick to imitate a blood mary

9 Jackie from Minnesota
Wrote a very sweet email to me and mentioned she could not find the best life book on Amazon
that is because… it is Not yet out- publication is taking longer than I expected
I am hoping by the first of the year but rest assured I will definitely let the VIP list know when it is out
we chose to do some extra editing and I wanted to get it just right
which pushed back production a bit
right now we do have food journals available on Wlmotivation,com, but the actual Best Life book is not yet available
Make sure to sign up for the VIP list
at Wlmotivation.com
You get a free PDF 24 hour kick start journal page and I email you maybe every 2-4 weeks or so

That’s it for today- please if you have any questions or comments send them over
I look forward to hearing from you- I’ve heard some great beginnings of success stories and cant wait to
see and feature if you give me permission some of your before and after photos
which reminds me- make sure you take those before pictures!!!! You will want them- I promise

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: smoothie with chocolate protein powder

Lunch/ Brunch: potato medley- sliced russet potato, hot sauce, onion, green pepper and salt and pepper with a tbsp of salsa and a tbsp of lite sourcream
35 cal toast sandwich with egg white patty and american cheese

Snack: banana
Dinner:Bean soup
Snack: ice cream sandwich
Calorie Content for the Day: 1556


Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
Weight loss reward ideas

Show Notes Bonus Features…

Bean Soup
serves 8
385 calories per serving

– 2 cans Great Northern Beans
– 1 can black beans
– 1 can light red Kidney beans
– 18 ounces ham. chopped up- (I use the Aldi spiral ham in the deli section)
– 1 stick butter
– 1 onion chopped

Dump all in slow cooker for 4-8 hours

Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
Click on the photo for more info or to buy immediately from Amazon 😉

Instant pot picture/ link

Spicy v8

Keurig K-cup broth



popcorn 100 cal bags


Ninja Blender

Panini Press-

Instant Oatmeal packs-



potato cooker bag


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