25- Rewards (How to implement rewards into your plan and keep yourself motivated)

Podcast #25 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 25- REWARDS
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Short Story Featured: The Bamboo Tree

This story can teach us so much
about patience
about persistance
and about how important the fundamentals are to our success
The fundamentals aka: the basic habits of our plan
If you have a week you don’t lose- please remember the bamboo tree
your week was not for nothing
it was teaching you more about the habits you are creating in order to make a healthier lifestyle a permamnt automatic part of your life
every week following the plan is getting you one week closer to these focuses becoming habits and an automactic part of our day
you have one more week under your belt of implementation
one more week towards creating your ideal life
your ideal lifestyle
and your ideal you
every week it will get easier and easier
until these habits are automatic and will feel essentially effortless
but you gotta do the work upfront to begin the process
to jump start the changes you need
to interrupt your pattern-
and reset your momentum in the right direction

which leads us perfectly into this week’s topic- rewards

part of the best life plan- is to make sure we do not feel deprived
and to HAVE FUN
and if it’s not fun yet- to figure out ways to make it fun
to hack the habit- so to speak

I use rewards to help make my weekly habit fun
and to track my weekly focus

rewards tie something you like or want to your week’s focus or habit

There’s a secret to setting up your rewards-
or at least one I have found that works for me=
reward your efforts
be flexible
and do not expect perfection
and don’t use food as a reward

So instead of saying- if I lose 2 pounds this week I will schedule a manicure
Say- if I implement my focus 5 days this week I will reward myself with a manicure, or make over

whats the difference? You are rewarding your efforts
you arent expecting perfection everyday
when you don’t allowing room for flexibility, your setting up yourself for failure
I know what goes through your head because it went through mine too
your worried it will make you lazy and give you an “out” for not implementing your plan sometimes?
I have found-
no, you will actually be pleasantly surprised that once you remove the guilt for not being perfect
and figure out a way to most of the time stick to your plan, and create these habits-
what you create is a sustainable lifestyle where you allow yourself to be proud of your
efforts, and actually enjoy the process
no one wants to feel guilt or shame. And we avoid it to the point that we quit things we may even enjoy in order to not have to feel it
If you have nothing to avoid- you wont quit
you may take a hiatus every once in awhile-
and that’s ok
but will be happy to come right back- that’s what you want

OK- stay with me here.
What do you associate with vacation?
What do you love and cherish about it that makes you look forward to it every year?
And if you havent had a vacation in awhile- what would you cherish about a vacation If you could?

I just got back from a wonderful vacation so I can tell you for me…
doing what you love everyday
being in certain different environments you enjoy
making wonderful memories
cherishing moments with people
I even appreciate things like new smells of shampoos and lotions in a hotel
wonderful welcoming smiles from people all around you that can make you feel pampered and special
enjoying new and unique cuisines and tastes and food presentation
If you go to the beach- one of my favorite things is eating seafood
being adventurous
getting to dress up
or maybe just having quality time with your loved ones
or just really appreciating something relaxing- doing nothing- giving yourself a break
reflecting on whats really important
breathing in fresh air or sea air, taking a nap in the sun

What If you thought of your healthy lifestyles changes and habits the way you think of vacation
as a treat to yourself
as time to spend on you
time to experiment with foods and tastes and cuisines
time to reflect and breath
time to focus on the positive, and appreciate aspects of your life
maybe being a little adventurous- trying new things
rewarding yourself with items you want
maybe even dressing up sometimes
doing what you love

Your healthy lifestyle has a ton of similarities to a vacation
it’s all about how you chose to look at it.
Look forward to your habits, rewards, and positive changes

do more of what you love
and is there a way to tie these things into our daily lives- to give us more of what we love?
You bet there is

2 ways to do this-
1. once you get through your 12 weeks best life book- your 12th week teaches you how to implement other habits into your life
you can implement anything you want
if reading is important to you and you cant find time currently to read-
do you think… there is a possibility… if you focused on creating a habit of reading for say 20-30 minutes per day
wrote down challenges and solutions to help create this habit, tracked it, and made it important… your weekly focus.
you could squeeze it in?
Maybe one of your challenges would be that you don’t have time. And a solution could be to free up your schedule
somewhere else in order to fit it in. If its important to you- you will find a way
you can do this for anything.

The second way to do this- is treat it as a reward.
reward yourself by buying that book you really want to read- or downloading it
or by giving yourself the gift of time to carve out from your busy schedule to read it and enjoy yourself

now another reward rule or side note to mention is:

We also don’t use food as a reward- if you want cake- eat cake
don’t use it as a reward
part of our program is learning how to have the food you want
and make it work within your plan
have cake instead of lunch
or take an extra walk
you can have cake!
You can have ice cream
you can make it work

calories in vs calories out
a twix bar is less calories than a veggie burger
twix bar= 286
bk vegies burger= 410
twix bars for every meal all week long may result in some nutrition deficiencies
but if you have a twix bar every day for just lunch, or a snack,
etc make sure you get in fruits and veggies and protein and other stuff
your body needs during your other meals
eat what you like
but have common sense

We are trying to get away from thinking of food as a reward, or a tool to use to feel better
instead use non-food rewards
now this can include maybe taking a cooking class- great reward
or maybe some kitchen gadgets which you can use as a reward
I had a week that I could not wait to earn my spiralizer
I’ve rewarded myself with food press to experiment with edible arrangements
and a field trip to whole foods or health food store in order to see what’s all out there for food prep ideas and created a reward one week to buy a sushi making kit and teach myself how to make sushi by watching you tube videos
although these are food related- it is not eating food as a reward- see the difference?

Picking your rewards is the fun part. Ask yourself what you want… what motivates you…
Are you competitive? Maybe signing up for a 5k could be a reward
Maybe you havent seen a certain friend for awhile because you were embarrassed about how much weight you had gained?
A reward could be making plans with that friend once you stick to a certain focus on a certain week.
or A comforter set, painting a room a different color, maybe even getting a tattoo to signify a conquered struggle you have faced.

Does materials things motivate you? Jewelry? Or maybe a night out without the kids?
Plan a date night for a reward.
If clothing motivates you like it did me with those cute clothes tucked away in my attic for 10 years-
maybe your date night could include wearing that strapless dress that you feel like a million dollars in?
Or wearing those cowboy boots and going country line dancing?
Or planning that vacation where you are going to swim with dolphins and hang out at the pool basking in the sun everyday?
and wear a bathingsuit everyday
A great blow dryer and make over
I found a blow dryer- rusk, don’t have to use a flat iron

The rest of this podcast is going to be reward ideas
remember to set a reward every week- rewarding your efforts
don’t skimp on this! You deserve it. You earned it.

Now You may feel silly giving yourself a reward for remembering to take your vitamins most days on your vitamin week- but this is improvement and we are rewarding your efforts.
In my movement week- everytime I took a 30 minute walk- I allowed myself a dollar store item.
At the end of the week I went to the dollar store with a certain budget. Now could I just walk into my dollar store and buy anything I wanted anytime? Yes. Technically I could. But it’s so much more fun when you EARN it.
No one is going to assign your rewards, you pick your own rewards for yourself

They don’t have to be expensive or glamourous.
Every other week (on my non-payday weeks) I would pick a reward that didn’t cost anything because I was budget-conscious (AKA: cheap)
AND there were some weeks I would really look forward to my reward and I wouldn’t earn it, so I would try again the week after until I got it. Don’t reward inactivity.
Make sure to keep that carrot dangling for yourself.
Make your rewards compelling to you
Even if it’s a night home with some great old movies and feety pajamas.

Reward your efforts- not your weight.
You will have times that you will have a plateau
You will have times you stall or retain water or hold the weight before a nice drop
Do not give up. Don’t think what you have done is for nothing. Think of that bamboo tree
and remember most times you have a nice weight drop, first you may have a little increase
Some weeks you will be surprised how much you lose and sometimes disappointed
Remember- no matter how long it takes to get there- working on habits, making it fun it doesn’t matter how long it takes because you aren’t torturing yourself
time to get out your notebook, or recorder app, evernote
part of my type A, perfectionist personality is loving to make lists- if your with me this is a fun list to make
reward ideas
i’ve tried to have certain categories which may or may not be helpful depending on what you find compelling
think of it like this= if it’s 9pm and you need another 20 ounces of water to get your water in, what will motivate you to get up and get another water to get in before bed?

See a friend
Open a facebook account
twitter, or instagram
Allow a photo of yourself to be taken
Clean out closet- donate clothes too big now
Make over- either from a friend, from your own products or a mall
pampering= paint your nails or toe nails, nice relaxing bath, hair or face mask
Field trip to health food store
new netflix show that is coming out= handmaids tale Hulu my current obsession
new book
See certain people that you havent seen in awhile due to embarrassment of weight gain?
Social media
New app-
Couch to 5k, push ups challenge app, sit ups challenge app, squats or lunges. Planks
Or my fave clothes app download your wardrobe

field trips
roller skating rink
bungee jump
amusement park- roller coaster
ice skate
health food store
farmers market

$ store rewards-
Nail polish
Decorations- any holiday
Certain hot teas or coffees
Nail polish
Holiday decorations
Water bottles
Pill containers- vitamins
Fuzzy socks
Movies and workout videos
Dollar Tree workout videos= Biggest looser trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels- loved biggest loser! Fave show
Sidewalk chalk
Glo In the dark necklaces and bracelets and sparklers
Bubble bath
Salad buffet ingrediants- sunflower seeds, olives, cheese, croutons, bacon bits, spices

Needed/ plan related items:
Zoodle maker
Nice knives
Best life journal reward ** FAVORITE 🙂
Get kitchen gadgets- see below
maybe lotion to minimize cellulite or stretch marks
step tracker
Thrift shop- $25 gets you an entire garbage sized bag full of clothing!

bathing suit for vacation
going to a movie
date night
Paint your own plates
redoing a room or closet
one of my rewards was getting a wardrobe and a closet make over

New comforter
$40 paint for a room-

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Bfast burrito= canadian bacon ham sliced in strips, 2 egg white patties chopped, american cheese, onion and green pepper strips
Snack:pretzel rods with cheese, grape bunch
Lunch:side salad (italian and bacon bits), bone broth k cup, and grilled cheese panini
Snack: peanuts- 100 cal pack and apple
Dinner: chiken and dumplings canned soup 1 can, (2 servings) plus 2 pieces frozen pizza
Snack: chocolate and peanut butter smoothie= made with a tbsp pb, vanilla yogurt, cocoa, almond milk
Calorie Content for the Day: 1505


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staying on plan when you go out of town vitals for surviving thanksgiving
& expectations for the holiday
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Reward ideas:

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Ninja Blender

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Panini Press-



wide mouth mason jars

dressing tupperware

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