26- Surviving Thanksgiving- staying on plan when you go out of town and expectations over the holiday

Podcast #26 Show Notes
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Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 26- vitals for surviving thanksgiving
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vitals for surviving thanksgiving
staying on plan when you go out of town
& expectations for the holiday

Short Story Featured: KFC
believe in yourself
you will face challenges-
you wont always have 100% of the support of others around you
you will get frustrated and at times feel defeated
you will hear no- probably not over 1000 times- but several no’s will come your way
you do not have to always make everyone happy
you are not obligated to put aside your goals in order to tip toe around others
you and your goals are important
you will sometimes hear no
and on the flip side of that, you will be able to give a NO
you will be able to say NO sometimes when you need to
I liked this story for this week in particular due to our possible challenges over this coming week-
If you are an American- it is our thanksgiving- the day all around eating
and being around family
which both can have challenges
don’t worry you will be ready

This podcast is dedicated to help you successfully survive thanksgiving weekend
First let’s discuss expectations for this week

According to the Calorie Control Council, Americans eat about 4,500 calories during a typical Thanksgiving meal—
consisting of about 1,500 calories from snacking and 3,000 from the turkey and trimmings.
are you getting anxiety yet?
if you are overweight- it is not due to thanksgiving- its due to overeating consistently everyday
Remember to keep common sense in the back of your head=
worst case scenario=
if the average American eats 4500 calories for a thanksgiving meal
and you add in your other meals that day, say you ate 500 calories for brunch
That’s 5000 calories for the day.
If your normal calorie budget you aim for is 1500
you will be over by 3500 calories= which is equal to 1 pound
so you can go into thanksgiving with no restrictions and eat whatever you want- and the only damage is 1 pound- not 10

Another study I read showed Americans gain on average of 7 pounds throughout the holidays
This is thanksgiving through New Years
You may be nodding your head from experience… or in memory of… holidays past and weight gain
one thing I can promise you…
Is that If allow yourself some flexibility for this one meal, you will not gain 7 pounds
HOWEVER you say “screw it” and eat everything you see until the first of the year- you may gain 7 pounds or more
And the #1 reason why people say “screw it”: is because they have been depriving themselves and can’t take it anymore
If you are working the best life plan as designed
YOU are not depriving yourself- so you don’t have to worry about going down that rabbit hole
So decide how you want to go about your thanksgiving expectations
be realistic and fair to yourself
whether that means to you allowing a certain amount of weight gain, not gaining, or losing weight
yes you heard that right…
you can give yourself permission to gain a certain amount of weight- I recently gave myself permission to gain up to 5 pounds
during a 10 day vacation. I didn’t want to worry about it on vacation. I didn’t gain 5 pounds. But I did gain 2.
and it wasn’t a big deal because I know how to lose that weight, and once I got home and right back into my plan
I lost those 2 pounds plus another pound within a week and a half.
and so you can decide you will give yourself permission to
enjoy this thankful time without making yourself feel awful
and guilty, and beating yourself up. That is not allowed- no matter what
if you get through thanksgiving only gaining one pound- that could completely be a win!
If you go into thanksgiving, giving yourself permission to only gain a pound, or a half pound- that is a realistic goal
or you can strive to not gain weight or even continue your losing streak with a few adaptations
I want you to know- whatever you chose- is ok- it is up to you. This is a lifestyle plan and flexibility is key.

remember last week we talked about every once in awhile we can go on a hiatus and come back excited to get back to our plan
this is a perfect example of living that scenario full out
most likely your week will not be your normal schedule
you may be traveling
or you may be hosting
or if you work retail you may be getting ready for the busiest weekend of the year
so no matter what your goals and holiday expectations happen to be,
here are some holiday survival tips

1 expectations
make sure to identify your goal over the holiday
give yourself permission to be flexible if needed
and allow yourself this flexibility without hysterical guilt and self loathing

2 focus remember what the holiday is all about- being thankful
remember to appreciate EVERYTHING
Sometimes being around friends and family can cause additional unintentional stress
some people know how to press your buttons
try to keep your focus on the things you appreciate in order to have more patience
if you need to- go back to the positivity bracelet-
from podcast #17- all about having happiness now
there was a challenge in this episode to wear a bracelet or rubber band or hair tie around your wrist
every time you hear yourself complain or say something negative- switch the bracelet to the other wrist
you begin to realize how negative you are- and how much you focus on things that don’t serve you or others
you can even bring several bracelets or rubber bands, get others involved too- make it a game
try to catch each other complaining or being negative.
one thing I hear from some of you who have written in and are having some anxiety about the upcoming holiday season-
is that you sometimes feel like your being picked on by certain people
or you are afraid of being sabotaged by others
I challenge you to look at it from another point of view
are these people really picking on you- or trying to make you feel better
if you have a history of eating to make yourself feel better- to treat yourself
is it possible that this person knew this comforted you in the past, and have only good intentions
maybe they are trying to treat you- because they themselves have that mindset since that’s how they treat themselves as well
and if someone is truly trying to sabotage you- don’t let them.
Remember you are still in charge of what you put in your mouth.
Even if things get dumped onto your plate without your consent- that doesn’t mean they have to go into your month
here’s a trick- if there is more food on your plate than what you want to eat but you are worried you will not be able to control yourself,
normally there is something on the table you don’t like- whether its cranberry sauce or beets or mushrooms, or way too much SALT-
whatever it is- put it on the food you don’t want to eat so that you don’t unconsciously eat it
unless you are being fed through a tube by someone else- you are the only person who has 100% control over what you do and eat
have a response ready, practice it
People may have different responses
Aunt Millie might act offended if you don’t eat her triple layer chocolate cake
if you have had your fill already and would like to say no- say no and stick to it.
Have a complimentary no thank you
take a pic of it, put it on your instagram with the hashtag #foodporn and congratulate yourself for saying no
do you know what is 0 calories? Smells
My response after someone asks me if I would like something is usually “Yes I would love some, but I’m not going to have it. ”
I am not saying I can’t. I JUST chose not to.
I will ask if I can smell it, and take a picture of it and compliment the chef so that no one gets their feels hurt
lets start something-
post it on social media under #foodide- for food I didn’t eat.

3 drinks
if you are going out of town or staying with family, bring your water bottle with you!
you may also want to bring or buy a water gallon-
in order to be prepared. The city you are staying in may have different tasting tap water that hits your palate wrong
if you are currently doing well with your water intake its important to keep that up.
if you are thirsty your body signals may be similar to when it’s hungry.
Try to stay hydrated all day to help not overeat
plus having something in your hand you can put in your mouth can help omit grazing
One trick I’ve learned, is After dinner- at desert time-
if you chose not to have desert- you may want to instead stay at the table be social and have some coffee or hot chocolate.
or even hot tea or hot water with lemon. It’s my go to when my family has desert- I can still sit at the table without feeling
deprived. Usually my coffee will outlast the desert anyways
check out healthy starbucks swaps at Wlmotivation.com on the show notes
And if your thanksgiving tradition includes alcohol which many do
you can still enjoy and keep the calories on the lower side as well
wine: 5 ounces= 125
Miller 64 or Bud select 55- with a lime
cocktails with vodka
such as the 45 calorie fruity tooty spritzer
with vodka, sparkling water, grapefruit juice, raspberries, and fresh mint
go to Wlmotovation.com for the recipe

4 keep moving
if you are going to be out of town and wont have access to your tred mil, or gym or normal walking routine spot-
if you are going out of town- research the area and find out if you can get a guest pass somewhere else.
One thing I love when I go out of town is visiting other gyms (usually in the hotel)
if you follow me on social media you have probably seen gyms I’ve posted
Some have carafe’s of healthy juices
rolled up towels
wonderfully decorated locker rooms
great wall quotes
I love checking out the treadmills-
and if you are like me- remember your Bluetooth headsets and iPad so that you can keep up your plan
I love adventure and this is one mf my favorite adventures- checking out different gyms
if this is not an option- see if you can conjure up some interested parties for a different kind of adventure
research the area for walking or hiking paths or parks
or some shoppers to go shopping- you can get some real miles from shopping
or go to the local zoo which is sure to get you mega steps for sure
or an evening downtown stroll to look at the lights
your host may really appreciate some guidance on what you would enjoy doing while your in town
and may have some great suggestions
if you are the host and are having guests, and you currently have a habit of going to the gym or Y everyday-
ask about guest passes for the holiday
many gyms will provide a day or week for free- and if not, find out the pay as you go pricing and offer this to your guests as well

5 keep hands busy-
sometimes the before appetizer spread is just as amazing as the actual dinner.
be selective and then keep your hands busy so that you are not just sitting next to all the Hors D’oeuvres

this is where your water bottle comes in handy
volunteer to take the photos
babysit the little ones
or offer to do your relatives make up and hair
cut. Chop, or mix

6 have healthy alternatives
volunteer to bring food that is on the healthy side- fruit tray such as a veggie tray- for pre-feast healthy grazing
healthier way to make deviled eggs with non fat or light sour cream
bring a salad or healthy butternut squash soup or some veggie side dishes
most likely you wont be the only person at the party thankful for healthy options
even when I wasn’t on a diet, I always felt better when eating healthier food
Funny side note: Back when you were allowed to bring in birthday treats at school-
way back elementary school late 80’s, everyone’s mom brought in cookies or cake
I have always gravitated towards salads and veggies and my favorite growing up was ranch dressing
So my birthday my mom brought in a veggie tray with ranch dip and set it up like a buffet
the kids couldn’t believe it and at first were like “eww”
then everyone got in line and put different fruits and veggies on their plates and dips
and I got so many kids coming up to me afterwards that loved it and said they were going to do the same thing on their bday
I’m talking 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders ENJOYING fruits and veggies
It’s never too late to introduce healthy options to your little ones
you can also bring your lighter alcohol options if you know there will be alcohol
such as your 55, 64, or vodkas
don’t find yourself in a situation where you feel deprived

7 Enjoy yourself!
most likely if you are on podcast #26- you have been at this for a little while and are a smaller version of
yourself than the last time you saw family and friends you may run into this weekend
get your hair done, buy a new outfit, and go with confidence
people will be interested in what you are doing
be a great role model to others in your family, and be ready to be helpful and share your success story
remember to LAUGH
bring fav board game- apples to apples
allow yourself to be inspired
this weekend doesn’t have to be stressful
if you are driving or flying- I have a special treat for you-
I’ve recently gotten into another podcast which is a comedy true crime podcast- MY favorite murder
the hosts are 2 women- and they are hilarious! If they had a lawn and garden show I would listen just because
absolutely anything they have to say is funny
now a disclaimer- The F bomb is dropped quite regularly-
so if you are offended by this or have little ones in the car- beware – or bring earphones
and you will laugh all the way to your destination
and have a focus for once you get there
maybe your focus can be to make sure your family laughs as much as possible
and feels loved and special
or that you learn as much as you can about your elders
ask how couples met?
if anyone has met a celebrity and the story behind it
or tell true ghost stories
families that laugh together don’t kill each other
Have some great down time as well- pop in a funny holiday movie
weird movies- Tusk, what we do in the shadows, bubba hotep= laugh because they’re so stupid
funny older classic holiday movies= Xmas vacation, planes, trains and automobiles, polar express (kiddos), ELF, Bad Santa
How about gremlins or Scrooged or mixed nuts
remember to bring your 100 calorie bags of popcorn
and of course every Xmas season my family watches A Christmas story- which my orange cat is named Ralphie after

8 Remember to eat wisely before the big feast
you will most likely eat at least once leading up to thanksgiving dinner on thanksgiving
try to chose filling foods to get you through the day
I have found the following foods to be most filling:
cottage cheese
protein rich foods (sometimes go through McDonald’s and ask for the grilled chicken breast without a bun- filling)
and remember that water- saying it twice due to its importance

9 Have a feast game plan:
If you are the hostess- you are calling the shots and can do what you want
I will provide a link to some healthier delicious thanksgiving recipes on the show notes- go to Wlmotovation.com/26
including sweet potato casserole, Brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, butternut squash soup, etc
while you cook- you can use the Myfitnesspal app to enter in your ingrediants, save the recipe and meal and find
out how many calories are in each serving
you can even put the higher calorie food in small serving sizes pre-made=
such as cranberry sauce or gravy or dressing in shot glasses, or pumpkin pie already cut into thin single serving sizes
If you are the guest and do not have access to the exact ingrediants and calories per serving- do not fret.
You do not need to carry measuring cups and spoons in your purse in order to make sure you are not going overboard this thanksgiving
I have trick for your treats
there are many pinterest and instagrams and facebooks out there teaching you to eyeball servings from different parts of your hand
I find this method useless-
If I look at my hand compared to my husbands- his is double mine
also the results vary- some graphs say a cupped hand is 1/4 cup, some say a cup
I wanted to find real things to compare to that don’t change shape
here is what I have found:
1 tbsp= ice cube
1 shot glass or golf ball 2 tbsp dressing
1 ounce: 4 dice (cheese)
3 ounces meat deck of cards
1/4 cup= egg
1/2 cup: light bulb, hockey puck size
1 cup: baseball
Now that we can eyeball food serving sizes- I am going to go over some calories of average thanksgiving dishes- the calories may slightly vary depending on the
food prep and specific ingrediants but this is a good barometer to plan what you are going to be able to enjoy within the range you have decided

6oz turkey meat = 340 (6 ounces is like 2 decks of cards)
mashed potatoes- 1 cup= 237 (baseball)
gravy 1/4 cup= 25 (fill an egg)
cornbread (3×3″ square)= 198
stuffing (1/2 cup)= 195 (fill a hockey puck)
cranberry sauce (1/4 cup)= 114 (fill an egg)
green bean casserole (1/2 cup)= 150 (hockey puck)
sweet potato casserole (3/4 cup)= 285 (between a hockey puck and a baseball- several tennis ball- for me cant tell difference)
brussel sprouts (1 cup)= 56 (baseball full
butter roll (1)= 140
pumpkin pie slice= 316
ham (6 oz)= 300 (2 decks of cards)

Go in with a game plan- I eat what I want on thanksgiving. 1 serving. Sometimes smaller servings in order to taste more.
especially in order to have more of what I like- I will probably have 1 cup stuffing (favorite), skip the pie and cornbread
you can Plan out your meal- input into myfitnesspal before the meal so I know what I am eating.
for instance, the ham and turkey calories I mentioned are for 6 ounces, which is the size of 2 cards of decks
if I half the serving, I half the calories
then I chose to skip desert and have a couple after dinner lower calorie drinks
such as the 45 calorie fruity tooty spritzer
you can play around with different scenarios and serving sizes before hand in my fitness pal in order to figure out your plan
and there are always options for calorie swaps and healthier recipes
such as cauliflower mashed potatoes, add a green salad, bring your own dressing if you would like, make baked sweet potatoes in addition to the
casserole so that there is a healthier lower calorie option on the table as well- and add more veggie side dishes
I will also include a link for other healthy recipe options that I will be making on wlmotivation
healthy recipes: https://www.foodnetwork.com/thanksgiving/photos/healthy-thanksgiving-recipes

10 The rest of the weekend:
Get back to your healthy routine right away-
great low calorie filling healthy turkey soup which may hit the spot after everyone is still recuperating from the large feast https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/130979/day-after-thanksgiving-turkey-carcass-soup/
serve with some dinner rolls and hits the spot
Many times if you have traveled for thanksgiving or if you have guests that have traveled- you are looking for things to do for another
couple days for entertainment
again try to get in your steps- black Friday shopping does the trick, going to a zoo or the park, hiking, depending on where you live possibly going
sledding or skiing
And why not start a tradition to be proud of- and Do something for someone else
after all its thanksgiving and we are taking time to stop and appreciate what we have and each other
get together food for food pantry
give blood
gather clothing, toiletries, blankets for shelters
help serve at a soup kitchen
bring firefighters toys for kids
donate to red cross
gather a box to send to the troops
fill a purse for a woman’s shelter or go a nursing home to help with holiday activities
If at any given moment of time you need cheered up- helping others is a for sure way to reroute your focus
and appreciate the gifts you don’t normally notice all around you

And now for the organizational type A’s out there: If you are going out of town: things to pack to stay on track
if you are able to get away to a gym:
device (ipad)
workout outfit and shoes
water bottle
2 gallon jug of water
snacks for road trip
outfit feel great in
comfortable shoes- walking
vitamins and medication
salad dressing
100 cal popcorn
and your journal

Shop chop and roll this week is a sample day on thanksgiving ___________________________________
Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Brunch: oatmeal, 1/4 cup blueberries, fried egg and toast with sugar free jam
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup
Snack: deviled egg, cup of baby carrots with 2 tbsp guacamole, 16 tiny pretzel twists, 2 tbsp cheeseball
Dinner: turkey, Brussel sprouts, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole
Snack: Coffee with 2 creams
Calorie Content for the Day: 1631


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Show Notes Bonus Features…

45 calorie Fruity Tooty Spritzer

From Daily Burn

1 cup sparkling water’
2 ounces vodka
1tbsp grapefruit juice
6 raspberries
garnish with fresh mint


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