Bean Soup
serves 8
385 calories per serving

– 2 cans Great Northern Beans
– 1 can black beans
– 1 can light red Kidney beans
– 18 ounces ham. chopped up- (I use the Aldi spiral ham in the deli section)
– 1 stick butter
– 1 onion chopped

Dump all in slow cooker for 4-8 hours

Podcast #23 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 23- Habits
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: A turn of the screw
Sometimes we feel lost, not knowing what exactly we need to do in order to get what we want
weight loss has been life that for so long
it seemed like an unobtainable goal that mocked you with every movie and TV show and window mannequin
infomercials about workouts you couldn’t even attempt without the squad being on alert
and every store and magazine and new alert about a new diet
or powder
or supplement
or surgery
guaranteed to change your life
which turns out to be another expensive mistake and heartbreak
I decided to turn off the infomercials and fake news commentaries and wear blinders
to not allow myself to get distracted by any more gimmicks
weight loss happens one way
A Calorie deficit
that can be done the multitude of hard ways that have been invented including fasting
removing entire food groups, even forcing your body to do unhealthy unnatural things, like speed up its heart beat, and prolonged diarrhea
The easiest way I have found to lose weight- is to develop a certain set of habits

Healthy Habit based common sense
baby steps adding one habit at a time until it is automatic
easiest way to change your life with the least amount of effort
we have discussed several habits on the podcast that are imperative
This episode we will discuss what I believe are the top 10 most important habits to implement into your life in order to lose weight and
keep it off, not only that but improve your life to have the best life possible

1 tracking
it all comes back to this
the most important habit
why is it so important?
it keeps you accountable for what you eat- part of it
also allows you to see if this then that… very scientific
most likely if you are like me- you eat a meal- until you cant anymore.
You enjoy it- and eat until it’s gone
usually wishing you could eat more before it is gone or until you are stuffed or to a point that is socially acceptable
after you eat- you become uncomfortable- too full, and maybe some physical things start to happen like uncomfortable stomach
pain, heart burn, bloating or the horrific gas
then you feel sluggish, lack of energy throughout your day, until you begin to crave more food
then the cycle starts all over again
perhaps you have had a food journal before to track things like
calories, or way back- fat grams, or points
maybe even colors or food groups
So the Best life journal is going to go a step beyond what you have previously looked at
we are tracking the time you ate, what you ate, and how that food made you feel
you are going to start to notice the after effect of eating certain foods.
sometimes this will be a good thing to know- if it kept you satisfied for hours
sometimes it will make you feel sick, or cause more cravings- and you will start to notice patterns with this food
then you can have awareness of this after effect before you eat this certain food-
the first week you start the best life plan, all we are tracking is time ate, food eaten, and how it made you feel
eventually after 3 weeks on the plan, you will add in actually tracking your calories, then after you have a little more
than a couple months in- you will start to track your hunger
within your tracker- you can also keep your other habits organized and have a daily reminder and checklist
and of course we will also keep track of our weight, and how our food choices contribute to that

if you woke up tomorrow with you ideal body
and continued to eat the way you do now
you would gain back your weight and be right back to where you are
its science
currently if you weight more than you would like, it is because you consume more calories than you need
tracking plays such an important role for so many reasons, one reason is so we can pinpoint
where our overeating comes into play
so we can fix it
is it grazing throughout the day the extra calories are coming from
is it too large of portion sizes at certain meals
binging after having certain thoughts or after certain circumstances
or having ravishing cravings that are triggered by a certain food
whatever it happens to be- it is fixable
there are other alternatives
we can figure this out
but we need to know what we are fixing exactly
for that, we have to write it down
if you are willing to accept it happened
move past the shame and be ready to go right to solution mode
this is when your life changes

2 water
I didn’t realize how important this habit was until I completed my week 2- adding water to my diet
I drank probably 6-12 diet colas per day
No wonder I had my gall bladder out when I was 20 years old
I NEVER drank water
So I dreaded this week
I followed my plan & tried to make it fun by adding flavored powders, fruit, straws, and I drank my water with ice
and warm, and from a straw, and sometimes from a wine glass
I spent a small fortune on many different expensive water bottles that I never use now
So I learned we need to drink 1/2 our weight (in pounds) in ounces per day.
If you 200 pounds you drink 100 ounces of water
So I told myself once I got in all my water for the day- I could drink whatever I wanted
Something really funny happened this week
I quit drinking cola
and I’ve never drank it since
I didn’t even mean to quit it- but it definitely saves me money
and I don’t have chromic kidney pain anymore
and I don’t have crazy starchy cravings out of nowhere
Now don’t get me wrong- I drink caffeine!
I drink coffee and iced tea
and Amino Energy powder in my water when I workout
I drink alcohol occasionally
I’m not saying you need to quit diet cola
I pride my plan on the fact that you can still eat and drink anything you want- as long as you track it and stay in your budget
I’m just saying this is what happened to me
because I really started craving and liking water so much
something I never thought would happen
just didn’t even see it coming
but it is the best thing you can do for your body

3 Aiming daily for your ideal calorie budget
so we are learning the amount and types of food to eat for the body we want
by taking accountability for what we put into our body- we have become aware of our choices
but also important is how much we are eating
so finding out how many calories we need for our ideal weight
and aiming for that calorie range
we will develop the habit of eating the amount needed to be our ideal body weight
if we eat less than that amount- it’s no longer a habit- it’s a diet
and it defeats the purpose of developing a habit for a lifetime
this habit is so important because- who wouldn’t want to be their ideal weight and never have to diet again
this is the only way to do it
starting this habit now will ensure your weight loss
and maintenance
no matter what- once you get to your ideal weight if you don’t eat within the calories required to maintain that weight
you will be in trouble
it’s best to start this habit right from the start
eat for the body you want

4 vitamins/ medication/ health
see your doctor, get a check up
get blood work done and know your cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse
preventative care is a no brainer
it is imperative
talk to your doctor about supplements you may require

bring with you to your doctor all your medications and supplements
your vitamins
and for the love of god-
stay away from the fat burners and metabolism boosters that are both over and under the counter
take it from me- someone who is still paying off cardiologist bills
it is not worth it
and you do not need it
you will become either sick of it or immune from it after awhile anyways and will be right back here ready to do it the right way anyways
so just stay away from it- save yourself money, time, and just save YOURSELF…

5 5th habit is FITNESS
start out in week 5 in the best life plan- working on getting more steps per day
equivalent to a 20-30 minute walk everyday
this can be accomplished anyway
2 10 minute walks
or just being more active around your house as opposed to going home and laying on the couch from 5-10 pm
a daily step goal is the best way I have found to track my fitness
it becomes a habit to get up more, walk more, be more active
this is something you can improve upon when you feel more comfortable
such as riding a bike, yoga, hiking, join a softball league maybe, caving, swimming, dancing
golfing, climbing, kayaking, skiing- or whatever it is you enjoy.
The more we move- the more calories we burn, and the more fit our body will become
I now have a habit of getting up and using the treadmill first thing in the morning- because I enjoy it now
If I sleep in and don’t have time to use it- I feel off all day
I then check my steps after dinner and depending on how active I was that day- I may or may not need to move a little more that evening
I can get steps in by going to the grocery store- believe it or not you get in quite a bit of steps walking through those isles!
I may take my dog on a walk or mop my kitchen
And if all else fails- I have been known to march in place in my living room while the rest of my family pretends
this is normal and continues watching TV
If Richard Simmons can do it- I can too
So habit #5- is to track your steps daily and aim for your personal step goal
10k is a good number to aim for
if you are just starting out- figure out what is your normal average step goal- then just add 2500 to that #
until you can step it up

6 food prep/ organization
this is setting yourself up for success in your upcoming week
you will greatly decrease your likelihood of overeating these meals- already planned and ready for you
It’s like creating your very own personalized TV tray meals
podcast 21 is all about food prep how to
acquiring this habit helps you stay organized and stick to your plan- period
you will get better and better at it
until you being to look forward to this as well
it’s just like grocery shopping
you may not love it and celebrate going to the grocery store
but you are sure happy you did

7 Attitude
We have had a couple podcasts on attitude, podcast 8 and 17
we have learned that depending on what we focus on will be our reality
if we focus on all the doom and gloom around us- that’s what we will see
if we chose to focus on what we appreciate, on the positive- we can enjoy our lives and be happier at any given moment
I recently went to a football game and was next to someone who was a fan of the same team I was
We started out the game slow
When the other team scored a field goal- and we were down by 3 in the first quarter, with plenty of time
to come back, this person began complaining about the coaches plays, the team, the quarterback not
running like the last one did, anything he could think of to complain about- he did!
I was at the same game, watching the same team, rooting for the same coach.
I noticed how fast some of our players were when they caught the other team before they scored
I found respect for the coach standing up for his players and also taking some out
when certain decisions they made were unacceptable- as he should
And do you know what… they won.
Did they win because my neighbor complained? No.
Did he enjoy his experience watching the game? No
He was miserable. Yet our team had an incredible comeback in the 4th quarter. And they won
Making sure your focus is in the right place is a habit
it will take time to work on it- catch yourself when you start to stray towards negativity
but having awareness of yourself, your attitude, and your mood is a habit that will improve every aspect of your life
and taking ownership of what you chose to focus on, and your actions
is how you let go of excuses and begin really living the way you were intended

8 The 8th habit which will not only help aid weight loss but also all other things you want to accomplish in your life
Is trying one more time
So many times when a diet is broken- it happens because someone has a day they don’t want to write down- which they look at as a fail
and if they fail one day- they no longer have an A+
a perfect score
it’s All or nothing
and nothing is chosen
But the reality is…
we are all going to have those fails sometimes
they only way you aren’t going to fail sometimes
is if you don’t try at all
and how silly is that really- if I cant be perfect I don’t want to do it at all
I don’t want to write it down, where no one else reads it but me
and I quit.
We beat our self up, talk negative to our self then turn to food to make our self feel better and our situation gets worse
So just for fun- let’s say Martha try’s a new diet
she does amazing Monday thru Wednesday- then messes up Thursday
She decides she is going to try again, next Monday since that’s the only day you can start a diet and she has to do it all over again
because you cant have one messed up day in your week, right?
Plus this way she can eat whatever she wants the rest of the week
She stars again Monday then messes up Tuesday
Then throws in the towel- that’s it she cant do anything right
Does this make any sense??
First of all- writing down imperfect days are key to figure out what it is that causes imperfect days
Sometimes the answer is just life
or sometimes you can start to notice a pattern
Wouldn’t you love to know what causes you to have insatiable appetites sometimes- in order to avoid it?
This is the chance-
and one day off plan- is not failing
no more waiting till Monday- that’s one of my favorite diet rules that makes no sense
it’s a ticket to procrastinate
we need to retrain our brains to look at these things we used to call “failures” as obstacles
then in a kind way, brain storm solutions to overcome these obstacles next time we run into them
develop thicker skin
In the best life plan- we do this by putting ourselves out there everyday
we get good at getting no’s and keep going
starting out small- asking for a discount, asking our teenager to vacuum-
we seek out someone saying no to us, 2x a day
sometimes getting a pleasant yes
and we get braver and braver until we are out there asking for what we really want
even when we know we may get a No
Even if we may “Fail”
We can still go after it
So this habit- it getting good at trying one more time.
seek solutions to obstacles
not quitting
try again

9 sleep
Sleep is so important and most adults do not get the recommended 7-8 hours per night
when you don’t get enough sleep
your hormones go bazurk
one of your hormones causes you to feel hungrier by ramping up your appetite
and another one will hoard the calories you consume and store them as fat rather than burn them
it’s a double dose of disaster you want to steer clear from
We talked in the Q+A podcast #19 about sleep a bit
I had a plateau that was busted by sleeping more
I had no idea the affect sleep had on my ability to lose weight
this one is simple- go to bed at a decent time
The “sleep with me” podcast is great to help you fall asleep
The “sleep pillow” app has relaxing sound machine type sounds you can play
It’s just like anything- the hardest part is the first couple days getting used to going to bed earlier
then it becomes automatic and your body will adjust

10 environment
Do you have clutter in your life holding you back?
We get distracted from our goals easily as humans
Look around
are you organized or messy?
Does coming home stress you out?
Do you have a to do list in your home as long as your work to do list?
Do you feel like housework is never done and like you cant possibly start
one more thing until you get the house together?
you may need a better routine to organize your needs
just like for our bodies, we make changes in baby steps
We go through a week in the best life- going room to room and cleaning out
everything, only putting back what we love and find useful
everything that doesn’t have a space, doesn’t deserve a place
then organize into one of 3 piles- trash, donate, or sell
stop distracting yourself with your own crap
I’m not saying become a minimalist-
I’m saying- let’s get organized, then create a routine to stay that way
if you have others that could help-
your future son or daughter in=laws with thank you for teaching the kids how to clean
or cook
or fold
make it into a game
make it fun
draw chores then have a timer
then make sure to have a daily routine
for little things that will be helpful
pick up before bed- it will be a great way to get more steps
make your bed in the morning- spray bath and bodyworks pillow spray on your pillows to
make bedtime more enjoyable
do your dishes everyday, and one load of laundry to prevent things piling up
have a dedicated day or days to catch everything else like the mopping, vacuuming, bathrooms, etc
coming home to a clean home
not being distracted- mentally or visually will help you stay focused on your goal
Stop using your house as an excuse- prevent overwhelm
clean out the clutter
Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Bob Evans Croissantwich breakfast sandwich- egg patty, sausage on a croissant
Lunch: french bread cheese pizza
Snack: 4 bagel bites
Dinner: sweedish meatball lean cuisine and 1 piece of texas toast
Snack: cheese ravioli- lean cuisine
Calorie Content for the Day: 1590


Question to consider until next week…

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Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
Our Q+A Podcast #2
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Podcast #22 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 22, Dieting on a budget
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: The group of frogs

The moral of the story is:
keep going
don’t look back
don’t allow anyone to derail you
don’t allow yourself to make up excuses to give you an out
to relieve temporary pain in order to give yourself short term pleasure
and as far as the excuse: I don’t have enough money to eat healthy
This is not valid…
I guarantee you do
You will probably even SAVE money

Welcome to Dieting on a budget
we touched on this in episode 9- popular weight loss excuses
many people think they will need to go to expensive health food stores and supplement stores
hire a trainer and diet coach and personal chef
maybe even a personal assistant that can walk around with you and slap the food out of your hands
Have you ever looked at thin celebrities and think they can stay thin or lose baby weight since they have so much money
Unless their money goes towards liposuction
they have what we have
24 hours in a day
ability to count calories
freedom to focus on anything they would like to focus on
and arms and legs and lungs just like we do
you may argue and say they have access to the best fitness instructors and cooks money can buy
if you have the internet, or access to you tube- you do too.
Once you drop the excuses, you will start seeing progress

I can tell you honestly- I spend less money since acquiring my healthy habits
For a handful of reasons
1. I “pack” more
I premake all my meals except my dinners on Sunday for the upcoming week-
takes guess work out of what to eat when hunger strikes to stay healthy
packing is almost always less expensive than buying
for example- even if you think it might be cheap- if you swing through fast food
and order a drink and something to tide you over- you are normally spending 4-5$
for that amount you could buy a tub of hummus, a bag of baby carrots and bag of celery and have snacks for the entire week
or a bag of apples or oranges or pears and a pack of 5 individual 100 calorie peanuts
or a pack of string cheese, carton of eggs to hard boil, AND bunch of bananas
all for under 5$ for a week
AND all of these options are most likely healthier than those chicken fingers, or those fries or milk shakes at the drive thru
2. The second reason you save money- you eat LESS
I used to look at my bank statements and I was amazed sometimes at how much I spent at fast food, gas stations, and restaurants
all throughout my week
because I was always hungry (not physically hungry, emotionally hungry- discussed in podcast 20)
and it was habit to give myself food when I wanted to make myself feel better. And looking back- I must have felt bad a lot
3. Less ordering in due to inadequate planning, organization mishaps, or low energy
For me- we ordered in and ate out often because I didn’t have energy to cook- to stand in the kitchen for a half hour or an hour after work
was way too much for me. I timbered over onto the couch after work and barley moved
until bedtime
as your healthy lifestyle unfolds- your energy explodes and you will have time and energy to plan and prepare your meals
plus if you begin food prepping (discussed in deatil in podcast 21) which not only smart for your wallet, but also you waistline,
your stress levels- and your time management
4. You wont buy as much impulse junk walking through the isles
you will have focus and intent when shopping

So if you are brand new to the BEST LIFE weight loss approach-
Either because you just stumbled across the weight loss tiki podcast or you are reading the Best Life…
Weight loss plan for the first time and purposely sought out this podcast-
either way- the entire idea for the plan is to baby step lifestyle changes
by focusing on one habit to implement at a time
for a minimum of a week, until it becomes automatic.
One they are automatic, they become habit, and these specific set of habits will allow
you to be at your ideal weight AND have the best life possible

So we will walk through getting you started in your new healthy lifestyle,
and what you will need to invest financially per habit
for your first month or so

Week 1- is all about Tracking
get used to writing down everything you eat, the time, and how it made you feel
week 1- we don’t count calories
week 1- we don’t look at fat grams or micro nutrients
we don’t require deducting food groups from your diet or emptying out your fridge and pantry
there are no cult-like bans on beauty products that you may absorb fat from and you wont be required to chug laxatives or use special enemas
you just write down everything you eat and drink- then how that foods feels in your body
pay attention- did it give you gas, make you bloated, make you jittery, or satisfy you for hours?
Penny saver budget for this week= is $1 (that you may have to spend for a notebook at the dollar store if you don’t have one sitting around you can use)
Splurge cost- if you want to spend more- you can purchase a best life book or journal at

Week 2- You will be focused on tracking just like last week, and if you did well with tracking,
you will add in water
get 1/2 your body pound weight in ounces
track it in your notebook, too
you can drink other things as well, including alcohol, soda, coffee whatever you want-
just make sure to drink your required water per day- anything else is extra above and beyond
penny saver budget for this week= free- if you have clean water to your house- you are set
most fridges now have a filtering system with ice and water dispenser on the door
if you cant stand the taste of water- you may want to add some lemon wedges to your water,
a bag of lemons is under 3$ at aldis
if you want to splurge- you can get a nice water bottle- Walmart has the knock off Yeti cups
with a straw, and a britta pitcher so that you can filter your water and keep it cold- all for under $40
I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to lose weight in the past and would go buy very expensive water bottles
then I hated the way they worked
and it was a huge waste of money
there are so many different kinds of water bottles out there
if you have a goodwill or thrift shop near you with housewares- my best penny saver advice is to go stock up on water bottles there
you can buy water bottles for cheap- and you wont feel bad if you end up not liking the way some work

Week 3- This is where we begin eating for our ideal body
we look up the calories needed at our ideal weight, and this is the calories we aim for each day
we add tracking our calories to our journal, in addition to the food we eat, time we eat it and how it makes us feel
This is where some people will say they cant afford a healthy lifestyle, and again, couldn’t be further from the truth
we are going to cheat a bit this week and do our shop chop and roll early, and times 3 for 3 different food plans
and not only discuss the calorie budget, but also the monetary budget
First look at your own bank account, how much are you currently spending on food every week?
add up the grocery store items, convenient store purchases, fast food, take out, and farmers market buys
How much are you spending on food for yourself for one week?
Here is example #1 for thrifty shop chop, and save

Dinner Choices

OK now if you are a foodie and like the shop chop and roll grab your paper and pen cause this is the motherload
I have 3 weeks of meal prep options- that are healthy AND cheap
And 4 different dinner options to chose from each evening.
The dinner options are the same for all 3 weeks, and include enough ingrediants to make each option twice a week

So I will go through the 4 dinner options first,
Then I will share the 3 meal prep week’s og Breakfast, snack, lunch, and snacks
plus calories for each meal and weekly grocery budgets for each week
including the 4 discussed dinner meals

Dinner Choice A-
fish- salmon 207 3.79 3.79
rice- faux fried rice with eggs, veggies 205 1.29 1.29
egg (1) fried in with rice 70 0.89 0.89
soy sauce 25 1 1
broccoli 20 1.59 1.59
with american cheese melted 35 0.99 0.99
salad- see below 114 8.04 8.04
16.59 16.59
Salad details
spinach 10 1.59 duplicate
bacon bits 25 1.29 duplicate
lite balsamic vinegrette 30 0.89 duplicate
cherry tomatoes x3 9 1.79 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
crouotons 30 0.89 duplicate
114 8.04

Dinner Choice B
keilbasa 180 2.29 2.29
potato- stuffed with 110 2.49 2.49
american cheese 35 0.99 duplicate
broccoli 25 1.59 duplicate
sour cream 25 0.99 0.99
veggie foilpack- see below 110 12.24 12.24
20.59 18.01
veggie foil pack details
green pepper 10 1.69 see above
hot sauce 0 0.99 see above
onion 10 1.59 see above
squash 20 1.99 see above
mushrooms 10 1.99 see above
1/2 tbsp coconut oil, salt and pepper 60 3.99 see above
110 12.24 see above

Dinner Choice C
grilled cheese
bread 45 cal x 2 90 1.29 1.29
american cheese x2 70 0.99 duplicate
Can of soup 200 0.89 0.89
360 3.17 2.18

Dinner Choice D
chicken breast 120 4.99 4.99
egg noodles- 1cup 220 1 1
bread on side- 2 slices 90 1.29 duplicate
Salad 114 duplicate duplicate
544 7.28 5.99

Salad details
spinach 10 1.59 duplicate
bacon bits 25 1.29 duplicate
lit balsamic vinegrette 30 0.89 duplicate
cherry tomatoes x3 9 1.79 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
crouotons 30 0.89 duplicate
114 8.04 duplicate

total price for dinner ingrediants= $42.77

Meal Plan A
Breakfast vitality cereal 110 1.89 1.89
1 cup almond milk 30 1.89 1.89
1/4 cup blueberries 21 1.79 1.79
2 sliced strawberries 8 1.99 1.99
169 7.56 7.56

snack apple 70 3.49 3.49
yogurt- 4 pro biotic 110 1.69 1.69
180 5.18 5.18

lunch turkey sandwich
bread- 45 cal 90 1.29 duplicate
turkey lunch meat 50 2.49 2.49
lettuce leaf 10 0.99 duplicate
mustard 10 1 1
cheese- american 35 0.99 duplicate
195 6.76 3.49

snack hard boiled egg 70 0.99 0.99
cheese stick 50 2.49 2.49
120 3.48 3.48

total for week including dinners $62.48

Meal Plan B-

Breakfast Smoothie
non fat vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup 50 1.69 1.69
berries 42 1.79 1.79
almond milk 30 1.89 1.89
1 tbsp cocoa powder 10 1.79 1.79
132 7.16 7.16

snack cottage cheese (1/2 cup) 80 1.59 1.59
bananna 110 1.33 1.33
190 2.92 2.92

lunch grilled cheese
bread 45 cal x 2 90 1.49 duplicate
american cheese 35 0.99 duplicate
tomato soup 1 cup 90 0.49 0.49
215 3.95 0.49

snack 100 cal peanuts 100 1 1
2 mandrain cutie oranges 80 2.59 2.59
180 3.59 3.59

Total for week including dinners: $56.93

Meal Plan C
Breakfast oatmeal 100 1.49 1.49
2 sliced strawberries 8 2.09 2.09
1/4 c blueberries 21 2.99 2.99
egg- fried 70 0.99 0.99
toast 45 1.29 1.29
244 8.85 8.85

Snack hummus (2 tbsp) 50 1.99 1.99
baby carrots (5) 25 1.69 1.69
celery 12 0.99 0.99
87 4.67 4.67

Lunch ground chicken 3 oz 120 1.99 1.99
1 tbsp lite sour cream 20 0.99 0.99
green pepper 10 1.69 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
4 cherry tomatoes, halved 12 1.69 duplicate
hot sauce 0 1 duplicate
lettuce 10 0.99 duplicate
182 9.94 2.98

snack spinach 10 1.59 duplicate
bacon bits 25 1.29 duplicate
lit balsamic vinegrette 30 0.89 duplicate
cherry tomatoes x3 9 1.79 duplicate
onion 10 1.59 duplicate
croutons 30 0.89 duplicate
114 8.04 duplicate

Total for the week including dinners: $59.27

Here is 3 weeks food plans- less than $75 per week to purchase these ingrediants
these food plans will be on the show notes-
each food item calorie and price listed for the Aldi’s in Columbus Ohio in Sept 2018
your local grocery store may be more or less- these ingrediants are normally healthy and economical

Week 4- your habit is to Add vitamins/ supplements
if you haven’t had a check up within a year- schedule that
your health is #1
a multi-vitamin is a good idea
$3.79 at Aldis
I know there are more expensive options out there-
I don’t buy into expensive vitamins- maybe someday I will but I don’t for now
for now if you are on a budget- just get a multi vitamin to cover the basics
if you want to splurge this week-
fish oil is a great supplement to splurge on
most fish oil supplements are 20$ a bottle
I normally buy these from the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for their recommendation
also if you have ever had a blood work up done- and have been told you are deficient in Vitamin D
as many people are in my region, those are also a great supplement to pick up
But if you are on a tight budget- pick up the $4 vitamins and start the habit
of taking your vitamins everyday
what we are actually going for here- is the habit of remembering to take those supplements
you can always add more to this routine after you have the habit down, or use a supplement for a reward
one thing I do NOT do, is fat burners or appetite control pills, stay away. Remember Kelly from 90210?
we don’t need racing hearts and unknown side effect synthetic short cuts-
we in fact WANT to feel what our body is telling us not hush it up or speed it up
So for week 4, your penny saver budget is $4 for your Aldi vitamins

Week 5-
Which will be the most expensive week most likely
is movement. Meaning we are getting a little more active in order to burn more calories
We know we are moving more, by counting our steps
if you are an apple user- you have a health app already installed on your phone that tell you the steps …
you have taken…. At least while carrying your phone around with you
which is fine iy you carry your phone with you everywhere
I prefer to wear a step tracker or pedometer on my wrist
there are so many trackers on the market right now
all that I know of have an app you can sync to your phone or computer to help keep track of your steps
even the most inexpensive wrist pedometers I have found have an app to help you track
and you are going to track you steps, and your personal step goal in your tracker week 4 and on
Fit bit is probably the most well known step tracker
Fit bits are anywhere from 100- 250
I prefer an older version of step tracker made by Garmin
Called Vivofit 2
it is waterproof and you do not have to charge it
After ruining 3 fit bits by wearing them accidently in my hot tub- waterproof is a must for my lifestyle
You can find it online- I’ve seen it for from 35$-up to $65
my search for it today on amazon I found one for $37 with free shipping
You can also find other off brand step trackers at box stores
Walmart has several under 10$ with free shipping
Again this is pricing for USA
movement/ steps- is being just slightly more active than you are now.
You can take a 20 minute walk in your neighborhood-
you can march in place in your bedroom
you can walk around a store or park or on a treadmill like I prefer
we are going to have a fitness episode coming up soon to go over workouts more
just for now- try to move more than you do currently
if you are like me, and have been a couch potato for the last few years and now you stand an extra 1/2 hour a day cooking dinner- that’s great!!!
that IS definitely moving more
remember- Baby Steps

Sidenote: once you are 4 or so weeks in you may start to need new clothing due to your shrinking body
if you are not yet to your goal weight and you have a ways to go- a good solution
is, again, the thrift shop. Go in and see when their 1/2 off days are (usually they have them once or twice a month)
to have super savings
I hated buying clothes when I was morbidly overweight, and I hated spending money on clothing when I wasn’t planning on being that size
for long- it seemed like such a waste of money
at a good thrift shop, you can usually get a couple pairs of pants for less than $10.

So no more I can’t afford a healthy life style excuses.
IT’s invalid

If you don’t have an Aldi’s you may have another discount grocery store
the foods I discussed are not normally break the bank type foods.
Eating healthier and making your own meals will save you money and help you lose weight
Now- save those extra dollars for some weight loss rewards for yourself!


Question to consider until next week…

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top 10 habits needed to lose weight
Show Notes Bonus Features…

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Beef Stroganoff
(freeze ahead)
– 1 pound ground beef chuck, browned and drained
– 1 can cream of mushroom soup
– 1 can beef broth
– 1 pkt beef gravy mix
– 12 oz bag frozen Parisian veggies

Dump all ingrediants into gallon size zip lock and freeze.
Freeze in a large circular shaped tupperware in order to dump it right into your instant pot without thawing later

To Make:
Place in fridge overnight to thaw
cook in instant pot 20-25 min
Serve over egg noodles

Podcast #21 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 21- Food Prep
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: The wise teacher and the jar- Roger Darlington

live your life full out
Don’t dwell on the small things
take responsibility for the life you have made for yourself
if there is something you don’t like about it- change it!
everything you say, do, or don’t do is a choice you are making every day
you have the power to chose your daily actions, activities, and thoughts
your time is as busy as you decide to make it
normally our time is not as busy as our mind is
that, too, is a choice
unless you are currently incarcerated- your day, time, thoughts, and all actions are all a daily choice
you don’t have to go to work, or have a big house
or have a house at all- some people live in boxes
you could survive in a box and not die
you don’t have to have nice clothes- or any clothes… some people chose to live in a nudist colony- it is a choice
you don’t have to pay your bills, or have electricity in your home
some people live without electricity, and not too long ago everyone lived without electricity
if you currently go to work, wear clothes, or pay your bills- it is because you decided to,
you chose this not because you HAD to or had no choice, in fact you had a choice, and did not want the alternative
all decisions we make- have a consequence
good and bad- which can be objective
if we break laws- we might be gambling- we may get caught- get a ticket, or go to jail
if we eat 20 donuts- there’s no gambling- it’s inevitable. We WILL consume the calories, and gain the weight
if we aim for our calorie budget, usually hitting it pretty close, drink our water, move a little more, and keep a good attitude-
we will be happy, we will lose weight, and we will improve our health
we make choices throughout our day that either hinder or help our weight loss goals
this week is all about pre-making some of those decisions before hand to make your life a little bit easier

YES- this week is all about food prep
I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that say I would food prep- but I don’t have time
Or I tried it once and it took all day and it was horrible
or I would try it but I’m not that organized, or I don’t know how
and some of you have said- what the heck is food prep?

So let’s start with the basics- WHAT is food prep
Food Prep is preparing certain meals- into single ready to eat portions
Do you have to food prep every meal?
No- prep the meals you want to prep. I for example do not food prep dinner
Dinner is something I make every night, with the help of my instat-pot
I think I would go insane if I ate the same thing for dinner every night- but I prep everything else
Why is food prep popular?
3 reasons
1- saves time- you prepare a certain amount ahead of time and do not have to prepare it that way
2- you can think ahead about healthy foods and will cut down on impulse unhealthy choices
3- saves $- pack vs buy
bonus: It looks pretty lined up in mason jars or Tupperware and could inspire a great instagram or Pinterest or FB post
How can I make Food Prep FUN:
HERE is my trick- this is nothing new guys.
I hated food prep day too.
But as many of you already know- I have a trick I use on myself to workout- I have a netflix obsession. Since I am a Couch potato at heart
I only allow myself to watch a certain binge worthy show while I’m on my treadmill…
AND while food prepping. This is one occasion I allow myself to be able to watch my show off my treadmill.
Cause I’m moving around doing good healthy things for myself and preparing the success of my week
so HECK YEAH my one exception to only watching my
certain treadmill show OFF the treadmill is when I am food prepping.
And as everything else- it gets easier the more you do it.
I know some people who wear June Cleaver type aprons, and dresses and pearls, drink wine, and watch lifetime or hallmark channel movies
I mean have fun with it however you please- dress up like a zombie and watch ghost hunting episodes or steven king movies
tease your hair wear blue eye shadow and watch 80 movies
have a new theme for every food prep if that’s what gets you excited about it
honestly I am usually in slippers and a football jersey, with my bluetooth over the head dorky blue tooth earphones watching my girly
shows as I sashay around the kitchen making my foodplan- sometimes I’ll light a candle. And my husband is
normally watching sports, doing estimates, or playing iron madien on his phone in or ajoining living room
area smiling at me every once in awhile and popping in for a peak or bite here and there
Point is- make it fun and compelling for YOU to want to be in your kitchen for 2-3 hours
you WILL get faster and more efficient at this- at the beginning it will take longer so make it enticing
And the final question: I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know how to food prep..
OK- so if this is you- this podcast will be a game changer for you because we are going to go through everything step by step
but let me first ask you- have you ever packed a picnic. I know it’s not 1953-
how about this- have you ever packed a lunch? Either for yourself or your kids?
its just like that- times 4 or 5
you are going to make 5 lunches, not one. AND it doesn’t take much more effort
you already have out the bread, turkey, chips, fruit, etc
this is efficiency and planning
this is all food prep is- preparing the food ahead of time.
for as many meals as you desire
so that you save time, save money, AND don’t have to think about it- guaranteed healthy choices

step 1= plan your menu choices
when your first starting out
you will want to explore your options
this is the fun part!
I use good old fashioned 3×5 index cards
the 3×5 card is essentially a recipe card
I keep mine in a card box- under categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
on each 3×5 card- I write the food name at the top, and the calorie amount to the right circled
you are going to go through and make some 3×5 cards to get yourself started
what sounds good? What do you want to eat?
go ahead and make some cards for yourself and you will be adding to this as you go- every week

For example: under the snacks divider-
you may have a card that says at the top “Apple”, and 70 circled at the top right corner
then another that says “hard boiled egg” at the top, then to the right 70 is also circled
now when you are looking through your snack choices and need an option for a snack under 100 calories-
you have 2 great choices

when you get to something more complicated- such as taco salad
you would write the title- taco salad, and the calories on the upper right circled
then list all the ingrediants, with calories next to each ingredient in case you have to tweak it to fit within your calorie budget
then write in cooking instructions if there is anything you need to remember
now when you are looking for a lunch option and you get to taco salad- you can quickly scan the card to see if it is an option,
maybe its over what you were allotting for lunch that day, but by omitting the black beans and their 55 calories it
or switching the sour cream to salsa it is back in the game
and you have your shopping list right there too
I do these cards for every meal I ever food prep- big or small
don’t think something is too simple to write down
you will be glad you did someday when you are out of creativity
such as a pickle or a sugar free jello cup- each only being 5 calories
and remember to write in the ingrediants which will save you time when you go to make your grocery list each week

2= figure out what meals you want to prep
I am moving forward with the assumption you are already a weight loss tiki podcast listener
if not- go back to the beginning you have missed like 20 great episodes
or at least to podcast 5 and 6 which will teach you some of the basics you will need, including your calorie budget
and how to track- which will be important to know when your hungry throughout your day and how many meals per day you want to eat
if you have a best life journal- grab it- everything you need is in that journal
if you don’t- grab a few sheets of paper
calculating meals
so say your cal budget is 1600
and you prefer to have your largest meal for dinner
reserve 1/2 those calories for dinner- or at least start out trying that
800 for dinner
800 for other meals throughout the day
you can always tweak this # if you need to- remember this is where your food journaling is going to come into play and help you realize
how often to eat, when you are most hungry, and what is the best foods to help you stay satisfied
depending on how many other times you want to eat throughout the day, you spread around the rest of the calories
I know from my best life journal I get hungry- most days- about every 2 1/2-3 hours
So I want to do a breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, and dinner and if needed a lite snack even after dinner
So if I reserve about 1/2 my calories for dinner- which I usually do-
that leaves me 700-800 calories to plan into how ever many other meals I want to eat throughout the day
and because I don’t want to cook for hours and hours,
I normally plan smaller calorie, EASY snacks-with minimal prep time
like fruit, pre-packaged foods like yogurt, cheese stick, nuts, applesauce cup, etc- something to just tide me over
there are examples of food prep ideas in podcast 6 if you want inspiration
then I plan more substantial meals for my bfast and lunches- my main meals
so my calorie amounts are normally budgeted like this:

200-300 for bfast
50-150 for mid morning snack
200-300 for lunch
50-150 for mid afternoon snack
600-800 for dinner
50-150 for evening snack

again this is a guideline which you can play around with
so figure out how many meals you want to prep for
from last week we know we are only eating when we are physically hungry
Maybe you don’t get physically hungry like me every 2 1/2- 3 hours
maybe 3 meals a day is enough for you
cross off meals you don’t want- if in the mid morning you’re not hungry and don’t need a snack-
cross it off and more calories for another meal
and decide how many of those meals you want to make ahead-
one thing I worried about before I meal prepped for an entire week of the same breakfasts and lunches and snacks all week long was that I would get sick of the same food
this surprisingly happened very rarely
first of all you can swap out what order you have your prepared food in during the day
second of all you are eating what you like
which is a lot better than the last minute aisle wander thru a gas station to grab something unappetizing
or swinging thru the drive thru where everything starts tasting and smelling the same and isnt doing your bottom any favors
by meal prepping you get to decide what you want to eat
Dinners- that beind said- I don’t meal prep my dinners- I make each dinner every night- it’s my variety
MY family likes certain dinner staples like lasagna, chicken and noodles, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs
and other higher calorie foods
My trick here is my salad buffet drawer
adapted from a great ideal from the phit n phat podcast
I try to add a salad with my dinner in order to fill myself up, and this allows me to eat less of the starchy higher calorie foods
I purchased a clear acrylic drawer type container from the container store- I think it was about 12 bucks
but you can use a dollar store basket or whatever works
I get out the whole container and inside the container I have about 6 mason jars with different salad toppings, and a bag of lettuce
I get this out every night when I serve dinner- set it up on the counter and fam can go along pick what they want and make their own salad
the mason jars keep food way longer than Tupperware I have found, and hold ingrediants such as:
bacon bits
shredded cheese
cherry tomatoes
raisons or cranberries
canned foods like artichoke hearts
the options are endless and you can swap out different ingrediants every week or so for variety
I usually have 3-4 salad dressings on hand as well for variety

So now you know how many meals you want to prep, you have figured your approximate calorie budget per meal
and you may already have some options on your cards for meals this week
your goal will be to prep for a week at a time- I usually prep for 5 days, use one day to eat out and try new things, and one for leftovers
when your first starting out- try to prep for 2 or 3 days at a time until you get the hang of it- remember baby steps
now, time to put it all together
when picking which meals to make this week
you may need to take a few things into consideration
what environment will you be in?
if you will be in an office- will you have access to a fridge, microwave, stove?
will you be in your car- without fridge and microwave access but you can bring a cooler?
will you be flying and can not have a cooler?
will you be home?
the foods you choose may need to be chosen carefully depending on your environment of which you will be eating
keep limitations you may have in mind
will you be eating out or have anything planned? If so- deduct that meal on that day from your prep, you may have a brunch planned
and can deduct a day of breakfast and lunch you need to make

keeping all considerations in mind- pick your first food prep- aim for a 2 or 3 day time period for now

grocery list
so when I am making my grocery list-
add in your ingrediants from your chosen food prep meals right from your 3×5 cards
include your salad buffet ingrediants, and dinner ingrediants for the week
plus if you are making those school lunches or work lunches for other people in the house- add those in
If you have a best life journal- you have a grocery list page
I like to make my list according to where in the store I will find each ingredient
such as dairy, frozen, cans, boxed foods, fruits and veggies, etc
it helps you stay in the section of the grocery store you need to go to-
the cookie isle is usually not on my list- don’t have to wander down it
again we are streamlining this process to help you get through your food prep faster and efficiently

in todays day and age- you most likely have a store nearby that for an additional $5, you can pick your ingrediants online
and pick them up at a certain time from the store already bagged up
you will save more than $5 not going into the store and will be less likely to pick up junk food AND save time
triple great idea
My Krogers does this
or if you are like me- a bargain hunter, its worth saving 50% on my groceries to shop somewhere like ALDIS yourself
where I can get all my shopping done in under 30 minutes- sometimes less

getting your kitchen ready for your food prep gets its own category here because it is also very important
before you walk out the door to shop- you want to have your kitchen ready for you to go
make sure your kitchen is clean
dishes are done
dishwasher empty
I like an empty trash can- I pull it out of my pantry and put it in the middle of my floor
depending on how much counterspace you have- you may want to grab your card table to set up or some of those family room tv trays
you are going to have “stations” in your kitchen for your food prep
Each station I have a cutting board and nice knife if needed
and several measuring spoons and cups
This is where the real dollar store comes in beautifully- I have several measuring spoons, cups, cutting boards, large bowls to mix things
also get out your Tupperware or mason jars per section to fill
which if needed is something else you can purchase at the dollar tree
you may also want to do a quick clean out of your fridge and make sure you have an empty shelf for all your food prep for the week
and while your in the fridge- cross off any items on your grocery list that you already have
other things you may need at first is:

cooler in case you are away from the house for some of your meals
cool packs to keep your food cold in your cooler
tin foil
large bowls
measuring cups, spoons
cutting boards as we discussed
plastic silverware if your packing foods
and of course I don’t know what I would do without my instant pot and ninja blender
egg patty cooker
potato bag
copper skillet
nice spatulas

4- shop
come home and put away- keep out things you need now into stations
set up stations
I normally have a bfast section, lunch section, kiddo and hubbys lunch section and a snack section if any prep is required
this is where easy snacks are a blessing- mozz cheese stick, fruit, pre-packaged snack or yogurt- goes in fridge first
put soapy water in sink- wash as you go
or rinse and put in dishwasher- makes clean up easier

5- cook If I’m cooking anything in the instant pot I start here
meat, rice, hard boiled eggs
phit n phat podcast also recommends buying = rotisserie chicken- great idea so you don’t have to cook a whole
chicken if you are using chicken meat in any food meals
canned meat= tuna, chicken
ground chicken or turkey or beef- cook all at once on copper skillet or wok- taco meat
if your making anything in the oven- I do this prep next
then put together cold items, salads, sandwiches, bowls, and I
always make my son’s and hubby lunches last
The meal prep is then complete once the dishes are done and kitchen is clean

make sure to record all meals prepped on your 3×5 card for next time prep-
or meal ideas and ingredient list to help save time in the future

make observations throughout the week also
if something sounds good or you think of other meal prep ideas, or want to tweak a recipe you already made- jot them down
A couple tips I have found-
if you are buying mason jars- buy the wide mouth ones- easier to clean and also fit the small tupperwares for dressing or salsa
don’t pre-make burritos for the week- burrito or flat bread will get mushy. Put the ingrediants in a tupperware
and dump it in the tortilla that day
don’t add in a lot of fiber at once
if you prep ahead and freeze instant pot dinner meals- put the ingrediants in a gallon sized ziplock
then inside a large circular tupperware- also found at the dollar tree- this way you wont have to thaw the
meal and it will plop right into your instant pot
write on the back of your 3×5 cards notes about the recipe- did you family rate it a 10/10- was it bland?
Would It have been just as good with half the cheese, etc
if you are looking for meal inspiration- Pinterest is a great place
also podcast #6 is full of great brainstorming meal plan inspiration
myfitnesspal also has recipes with calories
also Aldi’s website has recipes with calories
most importantly- eat what you like. Tweak things is you need to in order to stay within your calorie range
and have fun!!!

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: egg white omlete- with green pepper, tomato, american cheese, salt and pepper
Snack: vitality cereal with blueberries and almond milk- wide mouth mason jar- 1/4 cup
Lunch: salad with spinach, 0 cal raspberry dressing, bacon bits and cherry tomatoes
flatbread with spinach, roasted red bell pepper, green pepper, onion, american cheese, dijon mustard, mushrooms and banana peppers (emulate subway)
Snack: apple and mozzerela cheese stick
Dinner: instant pot beef stroganoff with noodles- recipe on, mashed potatoes, and salad with reduced fat mozzerela, croutons, bacon bits, and poppyseed dressing
Snack: pumpkin cherrios 3/4 cup and 1/2 c almond milk
Calorie Content for the Day: 1567


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how to lose weight AND save money
Show Notes Bonus Features…


Beef Stroganoff
(freeze ahead)
– 1 pound ground beef chuck, browned and drained
– 1 can cream of mushroom soup
– 1 can beef broth
– 1 pkt beef gravy mix
– 12 oz bag frozen Parisian veggies

Dump all ingrediants into gallon size zip lock and freeze.
Freeze in a large circular shaped tupperware in order to dump it right into your instant pot without thawing later

To Make:
Place in fridge overnight to thaw
cook in instant pot 20-25 min
Serve over egg noodles

Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
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Instant pot picture/ link

Cutting boards


100 calorie nut packs

lunch cooler

popcorn 100 cal bags



Fiber One Chocolate Bar

wide mouth mason jars

raspberry calorie-free dressing

potato cooker bag

dressing tupperware


Ninja Blender


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