Podcast #16 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 16
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: Changing our vision
Moral: Keep your focus and you will reach your goal
you can be flexible in your approach and keep your commitment on the end result
be creative, think outside the box
focus on your goal
try again when you fail
re-consider mistakes and repackage them as challenges
challenges you can overcome
and try one more time.
and when you do… this is what is on the other side of the rainbow and its worth so much more than gold

The psychological benefits of weight loss
part 2 of our weight loss benefits- make sure to listen to podcast 15 for part 1- grab your paper you started last week and let’s get to work
as long as your losing your weight the lifestyle way- not by restrictive dieting or cutting out food groups
if your working along with us in the best life journal- you have been working on more than weight loss already
you are tracking progress and putting yourself out there everyday- getting stonger and growing a pair- tracking your no’s with pride
you’re brainstorming solutions to obstacles as part of your week prep and daily observations
you are working daily on some self love aspects-
you are most likely proud of achievements you have been making and may already have some of these benefits

psychological benefits of weight loss

Did you know that low self esteem is considered an emotional problem. Like grief or anger
which can negatively affect the quality of your life and all your experiences
something tell me- you may already know this- first hand
but guess what… Once you have a plan that is actually follow-able
a big enough why and determination to try one more time
your weight starts to fall off… almost making it feel too easy at times
right here you begin to realize you CAN do what you commit to do, you CAN follow through
how many people TRY to lose weight, but you actually did it
you put in the actions, and you got the results
you gain confidence that you CAN do what you set out to do because you are willing to do the work involved
you realize you can do other things the same way and your mind opens up with possibilities
has this ever happened to you before?
have you felt almost euphoric or like a light bulb went off or something really clicked
say you quit smoking- which is hard to do… which took effort… and you were proud of your accomplishment
you knew if you could do that, you can do anything
forward momentum
and your confidence begins to grow- rightfully so
this leads you to want to dress better- to show off your new found indentations
doing your nails, make up, hair in a different way- updating your new you
proud of your physical accomplishments
you will begin to feel important and worthy in situations where before you may have felt inadequate
your confidence will allow you to say no when you need to- because you have new found self esteem and are not OK with being used or pushed around
with being used or pushed around
studies also show our thinner counterparts are making more money- so you may get a promotion, a raise, or have the energy, confidence and
energy, confidence and self esteem to seek better opportunities you will enjoy more
you wont take anyone’s Poo-poo. Especially if you are working on your No’s from Episode 4.
You are becoming more mentally strong and able to go after what you really want- and you now have evidence to back it up
that you are not only good for the work and can put in the effort- but you also are worthy of it and deserve the results

Think dominos- it’s hard to have all these awesome things happening to your body and health and clothing choices
better relationships and naked moments, energy and confidence—- without being in a better frame of mind
You have a positive focus now in the back of your head all the time
a goal to achieve- a positive goal which requires many focused positive decisions throughout your day
your writing down moments in your day that make you proud,
your trying new things and putting yourself out there
and fails are looked upon as challenges you can overcome
I mean Heck, It would be more unusual if you didn’t have a better outlook and mood if all these other positive things
are happening strategically all around you, bettering your life
your focus changes
so your attitude changes
with your focus
because it can
because you are looking at everything in a new light
in a successful achievers light
looking for the healthy, for the better
looking for the improvements because you are self improving
looking for he experiences because you are having real life experiences and making memories
because you are older than you have ever been and as young as you will ever be RIGHT NOW and you have so much to be thankful for
and there is so much beauty in the world to see when we wipe the fat out of our eyes and allow ourselves to see past it

Even people who complain about being “sore from working out” do so with a beaming pride and usually giggle
This multiplies once you add in your week 5 habit from the best life= movement
and week #9= strength
This also happens from science- chemistry in your body which automatically can change or enhance your mood
endorphins let loose in your body naturally from physical activity
think of it as a built in “tickle me Elmo” type of internal happy dance
you wonder why most athletes don’t take drugs or seek ways to get high…
they don’t need to!!! They have it all figured out.
They already know about the internal happy dance option here!
Further more- I was listening to Ryan Seacrest’s national radio show, this was August 2018- where
Ryan discussed a recent study that focused on people at the gym dating
and they found a very interesting fact
the study found when working out your body doesn’t know the difference between
excitement and working out.
Your body gets so happy from working out- it gets excited!
And I’ll have to admit I really have not noticed many people leaving the gym all pissed off
most are happy, with more energy, revved up, or excited.
recent study in Australia found men were 90% more likely to feel moderate psychological distress
if they sat more than 6 hours a day at work
phycological distress:
being nervous
I’ve had depression in my past- and it is nothing to take lightly
I’ve had anxiety- and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy
I’m not declaring that walking around the block with fix all psychological disorders
it will help improve mood in a healthy mind by releasing endorphins
If you suspect you may have depression, anxiety, or other mental illness issues- a healthy lifestyle change wont hurt
but also reach out for professional help as well. Drugs are not the answer always for everything
but they saved my life once. And I’m not the only one
Some depression is situational, some is clinical. You are best to be seen by a professional
to have this monitored and have a game plan personalized for you
Also- depression symptoms are not always 100% of the time just being sad.
Sometimes you wont even feel sad.
we have been programmed to eat away our feelings- many of us are numb and don’t even
know what we are feeling half the time
you may just notice a lack of energy and motivation, extreme tiredness in some cases,
and not particularly feeling sad at all
Now stress is something we all know too well
movement and activity can help this
As your on your journey- you find that the habits you are developing that are making you healthier and thinner
and your giving your body what it needs to work
like water, vitamins, nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, resistance
it not only makes you physically feel better, but it also becomes hyper sensitive to anything not optimal-
to the point where you know immediately if something is off
pay attention to how stress feels in your body
I carry mine up in my shoulders and neck and find myself getting migraines when I’m at that top stressed level
sometimes I’ll grit my teeth, or grind them
you can feel it in your muscles and joints
it’s like a warning signal your body puts up in order to let you know its reaching those levels
and stress in the body- well let’s face it- it can destroy you
it can cause heart attacks without having clogged arteries
it can cause strokes, high blood pressure, even menstral problems among many other things
but you now have an internal stress alarm to know when it hits.
when you start to feel those physical symptoms..
shoulders start to feel tight or you tummy starts to bubble-
you can say to yourself-
Uh oh- “here comes Hurricane Huffy”
and I have found- that once you are aware of it
if you do 2 things- your stress simmers down
1- is it a stressful situation or are you making a mountain out of a mole hill?
listen to podcast 8- you may need to change your focus to realign your reality
maybe it doesn’t HAVE to be a stressful situation
once you are able to do that- go to #2 which is
2- treating the physical symptoms
this normally causes you to stop what you are doing and relax, stretch, or do whatever
it is needed in order to make your stomach calm, or your shoulders relaxed, or your
headache cured- even if it is just taking a 30 minute bubble bath or going to Starbucks to
get a coffee and read a book for 30 minutes, or take a walk, or do a 7 minute yoga session
from the app pocket yoga behind your desk
listen to your body to know when its “Hurricane Huffy” alarm sounds and its had enough
then know what helps calm down those symptoms in order to treat them
being able to control your own stress levels is an amazing healthy self love gift you can give yourself
and again you are the only one who can help yourself this way.
you are the only one who can feel your physical symptoms
you are the only one who can know what caused the stress to raise, what you were thinking
you are the only one who can alter your thinking to be more helpful,
perhaps more positive, in some cases even being able to turn it around to be enjoyable
but most importantly less stressful to you
and you are the only one who knows what you can do to relieve those physical stress
YES- you are the only one who has the power within your own brain who can lower your anxiety and stress
Worry is a misuse of imagination
Let’s save our imagination for our Dreams and Aspirations instead
Something else that is a huge benefit for weight loss- is you leave behind the shame and embarrassment
that you have been carrying around with your weight
this helps alleviate a lot of that stress and anxiety- since you np longer have it about
specific things related to your weight- like if people are looking at you or
judging you for order certain foods, wearing certain clothing, even being with certain people
I know- Shame is the heaviest thing I ever carried
I know a lot of my food cravings, were my psychological brain trying to make me feel better
most of the time I was trying to feel better about being ashamed of my weight
being ashamed I couldn’t physically keep up with my family
or do things I wanted to do like swim, ski, wear shorts in public
Not having as many psychological food cravings is definitely a benefit- since you don’t have as
many painful situations to feel better about
or embarrassing and shameful experiences to avoid
which brings it home to my last benefit which is my favorite- and will most likely be your too

The quality of your life
this is due to everything wrapped up into one persons amazing journey of what is possible
when I was overweight I think just about every moment and experience I had was shadowed by my weight
If I was at a store I felt frumpy and inadequate
If I was at a grocery store my feet hurt and I just wanted to sit down
I hardly went into a mall or clothing store because it was torture to buy clothing and see myself in them-
about 5-7 years ago my company employer had a picnic for the employees which was supposed
to be fun. They had a mandatory softball game to try to get everyone involved. This was absolute
torture. I hadn’t run for years. Having to all of a sudden run from home plate to first base was one of
shame and disgust. I couldn’t believe how slow I went- I felt weight all around my hips and thighs and
rear like weights holding me down. And MY hips hurt for days afterwards because I wasn’t used to using
those muscles anymore. I was praying I would strike out so I wouldn’t have to run.
MY picnic shouldn’t have been torture. It was supposed to be fun.
And when I go to the back to school events- I would feel self conscious and frumpy. I wondered if the
teachers thought I was a lazy mom since I obviously didn’t take care of myself like I should
I stopped going to amusement parks, fairs, carnivals all together because it was too hard to walk around
that much, especially in long pants and 3/4 sleeve baggy XL shirt tent I needed to hide in.
I loved seeing family at holidays but always went through the painful motions of trying on 20 outfits, crying, and
settling for the one that I hated the least. Maybe if it had some sparkles on it would make me feel pretty
My point is… I can’t remember doing much of anything that didn’t have my weight holding
me back from enjoying the actual experience.
And once I began to lose weight- it all got better
I slowly began being able to take the focus off my pain and size, and enjoy the task or experience I was in
When I removed the shame I was feeling all the time… it allowed room for life to give me back joy
it was such a remarkable experience
without all the worry- I felt as if I had won the lottery everyday
I could wear what I wanted without being self conscious
you get to enjoy the moment you are in. Not feel shameful, self conscious or embarrassed
you’ll enjoy where you are and the things around you as opposed to being pissed. At the pool or beach
realistically now- I’m not going to tell you false promises feel you will feel like Bo Derek or
Pam Anderson running in slow motion on the beach with a perfect body and no extra jiggling parts
but you will go.. Participate.. Maybe even show off that bathing suit.
and that’s a bunch better than sitting there and sulk that you are fat
you will swim if your want, build sand castles, walk on the beach, find shells, read a book
and get a sunburn and feed the seagulls
your focus will be enjoying what you are doing where you are and who you are with
not on your humiliation or what you are missing out on
once you get a taste of what it’s like to live, enjoying every moment the way its supposed to be enjoyed…
and add in the confidence, and sprinkle on top the fact that
you are getting braver and braver and are more and more comfortable with being
uncomfortable because of your no challenges
you even begin to add more to your plate
because achieving things is addictive
self improvement is another habit you have automatically obtained
as a positive collateral in your journey
and you will never again be satisfied with an average life
because YOU are not average
average individuals do not purchase self improvement books
they do not track their habits, and plan for failure
average individuals do not listen to podcasts about improving their lives
and if they by chance happen to stumble upon one- they most certainly don’t
make it to podcast 16 on accident
you are extraordinary and are on your way to obtaining many goals- this is just the
beginning of your journey
you will get to a point where all of a sudden it all clicks, the lightbulb beams
and you have a game changing mind blowing moment
and you realize you CAN do it. Whatever IT is. You can
because this life of yours is amazing. And you are living every moment- FULL OUT
you are enjoying every moment you have and you realize you have the best life
because you make it that way. And you know exactly how to do it
you can dream and plan and achieve goals and look forward to the future
I think about where I was just 2 short years ago.
I loved my family. I had great friends, a good job that I enjoyed going to most days that allowed me to
help people and earn a decent living and have my desired material items
But I had no energy and I hated myself
I was slowly dying and had given up on being attractive ever again, on skiing, swimming, and most things I loved.
then I made a decision. To try one more time
and I made a plan different from anything I had ever tried before
I wrote it based on what I was willing to do the rest of my life, and how to make it part of my life in baby steps
and made sure I couldn’t fail
my worst fear then- would have been anyone seeing me in a short sleeve t shirt and shorts due to the shame I had of my own body
No I have a picture of that scared sad 39 year old woman on my website for anyone to see- in a bathing suit.
and a picture of who I have become. On purpose.
you can see my before and after on Wlmotivation.com
You may look at me now- hardly 5′ tall and a size 4 and say I could lose another 10 pounds.
And it wont make me cry and eat 3 cheeseburgers in my closet anymore
I have confidence I found along the way
I wrote a book. You may say it doesn’t work
I have proven results attached- and I can hear No and keep going
I don’t take any medication anymore. I can run. I can focus on anything I want
I still deal with hurricane huffy, and occasional victim mentality- especially when dealing with electronics
but I have HUGE DREAMS that I pursue everyday and you cant stop me
My quality of life has skyrocketed beyond my wildest dreams
and I’m pretty awesome but I’m not special. You can do the exact same thing
which is why I named my weight loss plan…. The best life

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Banana and an extreme wrap rolled up with American cheese and red bell pepper strips
Snack: cottage cheese individual pack with fruit (in the yogurt aisle)
Lunch: pesto zoodles and a can of tomato soup
Snack: hard boiled egg made in the instant pot and a plum
Dinner: 1 cup bowtie pasta with marinara sauce, 6 turkey meatballs, and veggies (spinach, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes), a salad with shredded mozzerela, croutons, cucumber, bacon bits and honey mustard, and a mini croissant
Snack: vending machine size bag of pretzels
Calorie Content for the Day: 1460


Question to consider until next week…

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Having ultimate happiness
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Podcast #15 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast what is your top 3 reasons you want to lose weight?
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: Weight Loss Benefits
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: It’s in your Purse- one of many amazing stories in:

Everyone has embarrassing moments in their past
We can later tell these stories of humiliation and laugh,
whereas at the time there was no laughing matter
But we made it out alive, the embarrassment and shame of that moment is done and gone
someday soon we will look back on our heavier times of our life in the same way.
without the pain- with only laughter and love
we are fast forwarding to that time today
to discuss some of the amazing weight loss positive collateral

The benefits of weight loss inside and out

There are so many great things about loosing weight I wanted to go over with you- so many in fact I had to break this into
2 podcasts in fact even when talking fast. And I missed about 9000 items so please forgive me for that
you will think of many more along your journey I don’t even touch on.

But if you are able to- use this episode as a motivator for the future you that has a bad day, needs a little
push, or for that one more try moment. We all have them. Bad days aren’t reserved for bad people
they happen to everyone.
So get out a piece of paper and get ready to write on every inch of that paper. All the reasons why you
want to lose weight
Perhaps it all started out due to a favorite dress you can no longer fit into. Or maybe you are tired of not
portraying yourself on the outside the person you are on the inside
write down on that piece or pieces of paper why you cant wait to lose weight.
what are things you want to do that this extra weight is holding you back?
keep this list in your phone, your wallet, your purse, your car, or on your fridge
add to the list as we go along if something resenated with you or sparks your interest
this week and next week’s episodes are full of content of weight loss benefits
on the inside and the outside
and when the flying poo hits the fan and it gets tough.
When you need that little push to try one more time.
get it out and read back through it

And so #1 benefit of loosing weight
we can’t even start to talk about weight loss benefits without talking about health benefits
that you gain when you lose
think of what a 5-10% reduction of your current weight would look like
if you are 300 pounds, this would be 15-30 pounds
if you are 250 pounds, this would be 12-25 pounds
if you are 200 pounds this would be 10-20 pounds
with just this amount of weight loss, the following begins to happen in your body:
decreased risk of diabetes
improved blood sugar levels
if you are currently pre-diabetic, diabetes is not inevitable
it is not too late- with this lifestyle change, and weight loss it is possible
to being your blood sugar level back to normal
lowered blood pressure
which is important because a raised blood pressure causes risk for heart attack and stroke
improved cholesterol levels
the average american has borderline high cholesterol anyways..
And 1 in 3 have not had their cholesterol tested in the last 5 years
and the higher the cholesterol- the higher the level of heart and blood vessel disease
and also leads to blood clots, heart attacks and strokes
now whether you are in America or Australia or the Phillapenes- if it’s been awhile since
you’ve seen your doctor- go ahead and make an appointment- this could save your life
write DR on the back of your hand like I always do to remind yourself
and so by loosing just 5-10% of your body weight right now,
you already have a decreased risk of obese killers like
heart disease
even certain cancers that fester in obesity such as breast cancer, esophagus, brain & spinal cord,
kidney, ovary, liver, thyroid, gallbladder, pancreas, upper stomach and colon and rectum
there’s more- go to cancer.gov and search cancers associated with overweight and obesity
Your pain begins to decrease in your
and back
due to less pressure exerted on these body parts
I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I used to wake up with lower back pain
used to
decreased risk or even improvement in
symptoms of osteoarthritis
and sleep apnea
and speaking of decreased risk and improvement
you may decrease or eliminate all together some or all of your medication & disease
Now everything I have mentioned so far just happens from losing 5-10% of your body weight- no matter
how you do it… even one of those stupid diet, liquid unobtainable diets or VLCD

BUT- When you add in the practice we preach— Lifestyle changes
with healthier eating- eating more of those good for you foods which just
happen to also be the lower calorie foods like fruits, veggies, good grains, fiber
you begin to do the following:
everything mentioned above-
lowers or controls blood pressure
combats and prevents cancer
reducing risk of heart disease, stroke, reducing pain…
you can even
strengthen your bones- with veggies like broccoli and beets
you can boost immune system and ward off disease- are you sick often
aids digestion and prevents constipation- especially when your water intake in on
say goodbye to squatty potty and hemroids- you wont need them anymore
when you are eating better with more fruits, veggies and fiber-
things realign and flow as they should
or if you have the opposite issue- apples tend to help prevent diarrhea
avocado helps stop strokes
and bananas have been known to protect your heart
a balanced diet also helps
improve your memory
slows aging process
helps prevent painful heart burn, dizzy spells, and
improves life expectancy- do you want to meet your great grandkids?
and further more- once you begin to move a bit more- which is week 5’s focus in the best life book,
you get even more added health benefits
since just being sedentary alone without even adding in obesity
has similar risks and more. Couch potato is the new smoking
besides the obvious heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke,
high blood pressure, blood clots and cholesterol, cancer, depression, anxiety, AND osteoporosis
it can also cause you to develop hormonal imbalances
your bones get weaker and lose mineral content
your metabolism is effected and you may have more trouble breaking down fats and sugars
immune system gets weaker
more inflamation- which means more pain
poorer blood circulation
and of course premature death risk
I remember reading this along my journey and being horrified
I couldn’t imagine dying before I was able to lose this weight
before I was able to live my live full out
and memory is also effected
I think the only thing worse than death would be to lose my memory
recent studies show older adults who are sedentary
may be just as likely to develop dementia
as their counterparts who are genetically pre-disposed
and men we didn’t forget about you…
men who binged on tv more than 5 hrs a day had a 29% lower sperm count
and higher likelihood of erectile dysfunction
all of the specific diseases and risks I’ve discussed have a
whole set of symptoms of their own as well
such as high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels causing frequent headaches
cysts from thigh fat friction and infection from poor immune systems
GREAT NEWS is all of these are preventable or much less likely as your lifestyle change
begins to improve your health and well being

2 Beauty/ Appearance
You know what we are allowed to get a little vain here just to point out the benefits weight loss provides
the obvious of course, is you will be thinner
some other non- obvious benefits exist as well
such as your clothes looking better on you- not as bunched up and tight in certain areas
clothes just fit better and are more comfortable to wear as bodies shrink
you have more options- more choices.
Such as sun dresses and skirts, tank tops, bathing suits, shorts
dare I say… lingerie
if your drinking your water as we discussed in episode 11’s tracking lesson,
There are some benefits from weight loss just from water consumption being on task you are already noticing some benefits from this such as
a younger appearance due to hydrated skin which helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
water will also help with skin elasticity- which you will want as much as you can get as
you lose weight and may have extra skin
if your eating healthier your complexion has most likely improved tremendously
since you aren’t oozing oily toxins from your pores of your face
now don’t fret if this hasn’t yet happened. It will.
your body may still be in the process of getting some of those nasty toxins out-
they gotta come out somehow and it may get worse before it gets better- bear with me
and speaking of eating healthier- other benefits will be your nails and hair
vitamins like biotin in fruits and veggies like avocado will assist in this
even your skin coloring will improve- not so ashy
And with the confidence you gain which we will discuss next week in more depth, you tend to dress up more
for your life
your posture improves since your back is not so sore which makes you more attractive
your face gets chiseled to flaunt those cheek bones
your body gets chiseled and you will notice bones you forgot you had like
collar bones
shoulder blades
even ankles
and you will find yourself buying clothing to show these new sexy chiseled body parts off
3 Mobility
your mobility is improved
This means everything from= if you fell down and no one was around- could you get back up
to- Can you roller skate, sled, or ski with your kids or grandkids?
how about if you were kidnapped and stuck in a trunk- could you kick your way out?
When you start to lose weight- you are suddenly able to move around more, become more agile
and have less injuries
I used to get bruises all the time and I had no idea why
I know when I went to the movies I was always banging my hips against the
seats when I walked through the aisles
if you are moving more and have increased your strength- week 9 in the best life plan
you may even be able to suddenly do more things around the house you weren’t used to
like lift yourself up one the counter to grab the higher to reach cabinet items
or get yourself up into the truck
You’ll find your self suddenly participating in those family activities you used to find excuses to duck out of
such as hiking
zip lining
impromptu living room dance offs
handstand contents

you can reach your toes, paint your own toe nails, even climb to the backseat without having to
call the fire department to get you unstuck
spatially you will physically fit into spaces and places better
your behind will not take up as much landscape when you lose weight
so things like even your own car seat and the space between you and the steering wheel
you will not feel squeezed in or like you have to hold your breath in the airplane
or at the play or movie or recital squeezed right next to someone
you will have plenty of room to sit comfortably
you will be able to fit in the rides at the fair or carnival if you want
and when someone physically picks you up for the first time you will feel like the world just stopped
turning and angels will begin singing and you will feel the pride excluding like a beacon
4 Social life and relationships will improve
better relationships- because it’s hard to love someone or believe they love you when you hate yourself
as you begin to love youself in this journey- your capacity to love others and allow them to love you back opens up
you realize you are worthy of amazing love and you are
if you are single- you will have more dating prospects- partially due to your improved looks
and partially due to your own confidence improving which is even sexier
And speaking of sexy and confidence- you will begin to feel better without clothing- Basking in the glory of your own nakedness
I’ll let your imagination take over from there of those possibilities
and I know It should not be like this- but it is a fact- that people treat you better if you are not overweight
you will get more compliments
people will open doors for you
smile more at you
and people just want to be around other people who are:
1 attractive
2 successful and achieving a goal- as you are
3 positive- you uplift others and others like to be uplifted… you will become contagious
Be ready for people to gush over you- compliment you and probe you for your secrets
of how you magically lost the weight
friends want to be around you- confidence, exude excellence and achievement when you are killing a goal like this
people may look up to you, see you as a role model and turn to you for advice, inspiration and motivation
you will get more compliments
more than likely you will want to go out more anyways- show off your progress, be seen
and because you don’t have embarrassment, wardrobe issues, or shame holding you back anymore
in fact shopping for your wardrobe is FUN- even reward-worthy!
another fact- thinner people make more money- you may have more to shop with as you lose weight
or new career opportunities and options
plus you will definitely have more of our next benefit which is priceless in my opinion
5 Energy
There is so many reasons why you have more energy- physical and psychological reasons… some of which are
better nutrition, less vitamin and mineral deficiencies
improved hydration is a huge energy booster
better quality sleep due to how your treating your body
improved mood
reduced anxiety and stress
once once you add in movement you add in endorphins and watch out- you will be crawling up the walls
Now increased energy happens fast in your journey- I noticed a big difference in mine around week 3
Suddenly I noticed I could come home after a whole day at work and cook at night, clean, take walks with my family- kayak, boat
it was like adding an additional day to my day.
previously I had no energy after working 8-10 hours- I was spent.
Compare it to- after college or school… when your finally out in the real world-
before kids and houses. After your work day you could
do anything you want and not feel guilty you weren’t reading that book or studying.
it’s like that- it’s like finding the best kept secret in the world= free time
quality free time
time is the one thing you never get back- time is priceless
In a world where Time is priceless… and extra QUALITY free time is found
life is good

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: fried egg with a light Engligh muffin, 1 russet potato chopped with green pepper, onion, and mushrooms on the skillet with salt, pepper and of course…. hot sauce and salsa
Snack: apple
Lunch: Aldi Poke Bowl (found in the meat/cheese cooler- near the humus and guac)
Snack: plum, cutie orange, and a hard-boiled egg
Dinner: Marco’s Pizza 1 slice pepperoni pizza and a small garden salad with 2 light italian dressings
Calorie Content for the Day: 1520


Question to consider until next week…

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Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
The psychological/ mental benefits from weight loss including quality of life!
Show Notes Bonus Features…
Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
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Instant pot picture/ link


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Podcast #14 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 14
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: A Sense of Goose
just as last week-
have a flock of encouragement
have multiple places you can go to get your uplifting thoughts
whether it be social media, calling a friend, the Wlmotivation forum,
or reading a great blog that motivated you through that challenge
we can all use positivity
what goes in, comes out
pass on the positivity, pass on the encouragement to others

the top 10 we discussed last week were:
2nd hand shopping websites:
Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ HULU
podcasts advice for free
FB/ Facebook groups
workout apps
you tube-

and nowthe conclusion… #11-20

10 Step tracker/ health app
if you do not have a step tracker- get one.
In the best life, you will need yours for week 5
there are many on the market
fit bit probably most well known
my favorite and what I recommend is the vivofit 2
it’s garmin. Its outdated. I love it
it does not have heart rate.
I have a finger heart rate monitor I keep on my treadmill besides when I’m on there I don’t care what my heart rate is
its waterproof, doesn’t fall off, and does not have to be charged
one a year I go to a battery store and have the battery changed for under 6 bucks
the strap is interchangeable and I bought a rainbow of colors for it on ebay for about 2 bucks per color
when it finally dies someday I will cry. I’ve seen it online for anywhere between 35-65$, fraction of the newer trackers
the whole point tp the step tracker is to find out how active you are
its all about awareness
once you know how much you are normally moving- you can set a goal for yourself so you move a little more
when you become aware of how much you are (or aren’t) moving its amazing how much more movement
you can squeeze into your day
the door rings I’ll get it… I need steps anyways
you need a water? Ketchup? Oh I’ll get it… gotta get in those steps!
the dog needs to go out- volunteer here! That will add to my activity
Plus as we already mentioned under myfitnesspal- most companies that sell trackers
have apps or websites with stats that sync to your device and to myfitnesspal directly to give you more calories to eat
I know for sure- garmin and fit bit have challenge with 9-10 other people with similar step activity
as you do per week- if you are of the competitive nature and are neck and neck with someone or want to win- you
will for sure be able to find additional ways to get in your steps
there’s also social features on most apps so you can request to be friends and challenge
certain friends with private challenges
And I can NOT talk about steps and moving more and cool apps without talking about pokemon GO!
YES I know. MY son had pokemon cards growing up and I have no idea a poke is besides slang for prison
but the game gets you out and about and is so much fun to collect the little strange creatures.
I am a proud middle aged poke mon player
hey if nothing else- it makes going to your local parks and zoos THAT much more rewarding because there are
always rare poke mon there. If you havent done it yet- Geek out with me and try it. I’m on level 24
they are always adding new creatures and making it more and more fun.

9 food science advances-
when I was growing up, health food tasted like cardboard
cauliflower rice
veggie burgers
seaweed snacks
0 calorie dressing raspberry kind is amazing still wouldn’t recommend the ranch version
fiber bars and cereal taste better than ever before
even an option for sofritas at chipotle- vegetarian protein
instant pot
ninja blender- amazing
suagr free candy and popsicle
potato bags- microwave
eggwhich cookers for microwave
quesadilla maker and Panini maker

8 recipes
no longer do we have to drive to the library
or the book store
search for the healthy books we can find a couple recipes in each we may like,
buy them or check them out to bring them home and find a space for them along the other recipe books that have 2-3
recipes we like in each book
now its as easy as typing it into your search engine and viola! You have thousands of options
you can search very specific under a certain amount of calories,
the way its cooked such as slow cooked, instant pot, microwaved, etc
you can search by the ingredients you currently have
or the time period you have to make it in
we can get written instructions, a shopping list, how to photos or videos
and we can save them now in our phone- under a file we create
by the evernote app, or by saving a a favorite, or a youtube follow
and we can even get notified when the same chef comes out with a new recipe
taste made has the fast forward videos that make any recipe look do-able and amazing and inspiring

7 online shopping
we talked about great 2nd hand online shops- but what about just plain old shopping… even grocery shopping
amazon- if you can’t find something, or you just don’t want to go to 4 different stores to get everything
you need- I am now an amazon affilate just so I can enter in products I recommend on the podcast
into the show notes with links in case you can’t find things in your area we discuss…like extreme wraps-
an absolute must in my house- order and it will come to your door, plus perks if you are an amazon member besides
free shipping- that’s right the netflix-like app with amazing shows that are binge-worthy…
There’s also actual grocery delivery and pick up services available out there
I te;ll you what- it’s never been more easy to become a recluse you never have to leave your house
kroger clicklist- you can now in many cities either have your groceries delivered to your door
or go show up at a certain time and have them loaded into your car for a $5 fee which you will be saving
by not walking through isles picking up items you don’t need anyways
other companies send pre- determined dinners or healthy recipe ingredients right to your door places like
hello fresh, blue apron, home chef, sun basket, plated, and freshly among others
and itunes, speaking of itunes

6 music- be it from Itunes, spotify, sound cloud, pandora, even you tube
if we hear a song in a movie or on the radio or on a tv show or on netflix-
we can now purchase this immediately with a few swipes and digits to type in
the other day I was watching episode 1, season 1 from beauty in the beast on netflix- great song
it sounded familiar but I had no idea the name or what it was called
I opened up my S H A Z A M app
which is an app that listens to the song, then tells you information about the
song like who sings it, the name, when it was released, etc
and so within 2 minutes of me thinking- I love that song. And having no information
about it at all, I now have it in my library
because it even gives you an option to purchase it right away on itunes
for 99 cents to a 1.29
same as the recipe book where you used to have to buy the entire book for one or 2 receipts you were intereted in,
you no longer have to buy the entire album for the one or 2 songs you actually want
there are apps like spotify that will create playlists for you
or rock my run- a great app with workout playlists already made up for you
I like to call it rock my dishes because I like to listen to it while I pre-wash my dishes to make dish washing more fun
you know it’s the little things
in your music library on your phone you can create playlists
im huge into playlists on my phone- inspirational songs and workout songs
sexy jazzy dinner making music and chillaxin playslists I play while lounging at the pool
then more serene playlists for when I’m practicing yoga, writing, or relaxing in the hammock
I have an upbeat nautical playlist for when we’re on the boat
I even have a playlist for when I’m walking through the grocery store even to keep up my tempo,
speaking of keeping tempo- There is an app I would like to share called Pace DJ lite
if you are walking or running- this app will scan your music and play songs to the beat of your feet.
There is something so harmonious about walking or running to the beat- this makes that happen
also an app called sleep pillow- no more need for a sound machine at night, you have this app
you pick and choose what sounds you want to hear- sounds that sooth or relax you
sometimes I like to play this in the background during a yoga session or just while I’m working
some of my favorite sounds they offer is whales, bamboo chimes, ocean waves, rainforest, birds, fire crackling,
rain, even soft music. You compile your own concoction up to 3 at a time and enjoy.
heat up a washcloth for over your eyes and spray some lavender on it and you’re set!!! IT can literally feel like a massage room
it’s sleep pillow and has an owl on the app picture
and speaking of sleeping…

5 phone alarms
have also come a long way
ive mentioned using my phone alarm as a tool several times
the amount of alarms you can have In a day is limitless
you can now label your alarm so you know what the alarm is for
and control what the sound is on the alarm- from a “swoosh” to a door bell, a rooster crow or witches cackle
or a song from your library
you can set your alarm to a great motivational song in the morning
think lion king
I even set my phone alarm tp remind myself to take a break, get up and walk around
if I’m into a project,
or to remember to take my vitamins (with P1nk’s raise your glass song).
set an alarm to remember to drink your water
or to write in your journal

4 Email
good old fashioned email isnt a new technology in the last 10 years- but it can be used to further our fitness journey
I don’t know about you but I can type a lot faster than I can write and I can think a lot faster than I can type and
I can always read my writing when I type- not so much when I write
that all being said..
create a new email address
use this email as your journal
write at lunch at work, in the morning first thing, after dinner, or at night from your bathtub.
give yourself 10 minutes to just write about your journey, about your day, about your successes and frustrations
set 10 min alarm- I use the little alarms they sell at the dollar tree but you can even use your phone alarm
you will enjoy when you reach your goal- looking back on your progress.
you will also learn to work out a lot of challenges and solutions just by writing about them
9 times out of 10… after I get done with my 10 minutes I want more time to keep writing because I’m on a roll
about something or other
at the end of your journey- you have an entire email full of your experiences from yourself
fron your old you
that you will cherish
you can even email that account snapshots of your day, your progress, or your recipe wins along the way

3 Video Games-
not your old nintendo super mario 3
Wii fit
balance ball
dance dance revolution
I even have a Black eyed peas video dance game-
have a tennis match with your family
if you follow any of my social media you will know I have a 15 year old sponsored skateboarder at home-
and yes you can even learn to virtually skateboard on wii at 40 years old without serious risk and injury
pilates and yoga

2 closet app- (Style book)
ok another fun one
remember Clueless
if you are a female or feminine male and have not seen this movie I demand you immediately order this movie!!!
the famous closet scene when Cher goes into her computer and puts together her outfit and the closet spins around
and produces the outfit—- ok its kinda like that
here is an app you can take a photo of your own clothes
(or future clothes)
and put together outfits
I went to the thrift shop and got a yellow sheet and a red sheet, that along with a
white sheet I already have on my bed
you then take photos of your clothing on a contrasting colored background which then removed the background
all together
each outfit item you will put into a category you select such as tops, shorts, shoes, jewelry, etc
from here you can search for each item. Put together outfits, and save favorite ensembles
its just fun
especially if you are like I was, and one of my biggest motivator was being able to fit back into my smaller
clothes from my past.
Cute clothes, sundresses, and high heels was both a reward and motivator in my journey
this allowed me to dream as I input all the clothes I couldnt wait to wear.

1 tracking sites:

progress body tracker & health- I use this to keep my measurements
happy scale- tracks your weight loss trends and can predict how much you will weight
by certain dates you enter (think xmas, family reunion, vacation)
and by certain times, likeby the next Monday, in 7 days, in 30 days, in 6 weeks, in 20 weeks,
and when you will reach your final goal
myfitnesspal had its own #
mydietcoach- where you customize an avatar to represent you,
more fun and motivational. Dress your avatar, get points and clothes to dress your avatar as you
sign in and do different things on the app like click on a button saying you are having a craving and it
will count down then give you avatar clothing
there are challenges you can accept that are fun such as water consumption, filling 1/2 your plate
with veggies, eat only when seated at the table, etc.
it’s like a womans weight loss game and is fun to use
you can even download motivational photos to review when you want- or before pics if you do not want to
save these to myfitnesspal or your own camera roll

the one thing I think is still better in paper old fashioned form
is our journals. Our trackers
I have not yet found an app or online version yet that can track the items I find imperative
I just think it’s
easier to look back on paper pages for meal plan ideas, assessments, highlight and write notes in the margins
white out, erase, circle and highlight
I have been toying around with the idea of app development for the best life journal- so stay tuned
for future possibilities
I will practice what I preach… I will stick to my end game- to help as many people
as I can reach their ideal weight & best life possible, and stay flexible in the approach.

in the meanwhile- the best life book has built in journal pages
and Wlmotivation.com my home base website also has journals for sale to purchase- if you are outside the US you
and are interested in a journal message me directly for shipping pricing
no go on- get out there, track responsibly, and live full out today. I’ll catch you next week

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: 2 whole wheat waffles with lite syrup, 2 tbsp fat free whipped cream, 1 cup sliced strawberries, and 1 tbsp chocolate chips
Snack: celery stuffed with laughing cow swiss cheese
Lunch: tuna salad “plop” in a bed of lettuce surrounded by 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup honey-dew, 1/2 cup watermelon, and 1/2 cup cantaloupe
Snack: plum and a cutie
Dinner: spinach pie (or spinach Quiche), buddha bowl with 1/2 cup cous cous, 1/4 cup sweet peas, 1/4 cup blueberries, 5 olives, and 5 cherry tomatoes and a caprese salad with lettuce, tomatoes, 2 ounces mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and salt and pepper
Snack: strawberry shortcake with 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 short cake, and 2 tbsp whipped cream
Calorie Content for the Day: 1532

Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
the positive collateral damage to losing weight
Show Notes Bonus Features…
Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
Click on the photo for more info or to buy immediately from Amazon 😉

Instant pot picture/ link


folding mat




Ninja Blender

Quesadilla Maker-

Panini Press-


tape measure

Lite Syrup


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Podcast #13 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 13
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: The 2 hospital patients
allow others to encourage you
and if you get the chance- pass it on
there are so many amazing people out there willing to share their tips and tricks with the rest of the world
soak it up like a sponge
I’ll share with you some of my favorites
hopefully they will encourage you as they encourage me

If you listened to my podcast #2, you know my story
I struggled with my weight for 30 of my 40 years on this earth.
The last 10 years, I half committed to diets and was never fully invested
I found once I really began my lifestyle change all the things I had been missing out on that had completely changed in the
last 10 years. And I would like to share these things with you
Technology can be confusing and frustrating. Or it can be amazing and eye opening
it’s whatever you decide to focus on.
I still cant figure out my Roku or blue Ray player… but I have found the following top 20
things to be incredibly helpful and game changing in my weight loss journey

I can only fit 10 at a time on the podcast so you get 2 incredibly amazing podcasts out of my technology tips and tricks for weight loss
and this is part 1 of 2

top 10 of 20 ways technology has made dieting and healthy living easier

20 2nd hand shopping websites:
things like:
let go
Craig’s list
Facebook market
offer up
even amazon
for things like gym equipment that you can buy and make yourself a home gym on a budget
it’s like having your very own modern day garage sale priced options right at your fingertips
you can even set up a notification on most sites to let you know if a certain “keyword”
becomes available within a your determined mile radius in your set price range.

We have bought other gym equipment this was as well.
I love a good deal, and 2nd hand gym equipment is hardly ever used.
if a home gym is an option you are considering and you need equipment- this is a great option

19 Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ HULU
use as a motivator like I do to walk.
either at home or at the gym- bring your pad or phone and connect to WIFI and your Netflix or amazon Prime app
and away you go
find a show you can’t wait to watch the next episode- like the killing, scandal, anything binge-worthy
you will find yourself popping up on the treadmill or stationary bike more often than your scheduled workout times just to watch another episode or 10 more minutes
binge-worthy doesn’t have to mean you are a slave to your couch

calorie counting has never been so easy
already implemented in the site is almost all brand names, fast food items, you name it
there’s even a bar code scanner
recipe input- manual or online
if you find a recipe on a website, you can go to myfitnesspal and give the recipe name and website and it
will download it for you, and verify the ingrediants & servings
so if you copycat the recipe and swap out something to make it healthier- you can adjust it here as well
if you food prepped for a few days or so, there is an option per meal you can fill in other days with the same meal
you can save meals per whatever you would like to call it such as “Kary’s kick A Gazpacho”
There is a blog that gives you meal prep ideas, fitness articles, recipes, and other worth while reads

fast food and chain restaurants already input- you can look ahead and create your meal plan for a future trip
you can use the free version or buy a year membership with extras like macro nutrient information, personalised meal
times, etc for $49 per year- which I do chose to utilize
you can save your weight daily and look back on progress, and even add progress photos
You can attach your step tracker to the site and gain “activity calories”
you can get a daily assessment for “if everyday was like today, in 5 weeks you will weight…”- although I have a better
app for that I will discuss coming up

17 podcasts- advice for free
such as this one
more favorites: loosing 100 pounds with Phit n phat- love her! Feel like could be best friends
The life coach school with Brooke Castillo- mind blowing mental game
like Tony Robbins- feel in complete control of your thoughts by listening to her
Dirty John- story and entertainment only
which brings me to audio books
I will sometimes purchase them, also can borrow them through my library card.
set it all up through overdrive app- need your library card # and pin to set up
can normally borrow about 21 days
podcasts or audio books you can download onto your phone when your on WIFI, then listen to them
during a walk with your dog or while driving or working out.

16 FB/ Facebook groups
can start groups,
get content
some of my fav=
Facebook- getting ready to start group soon for the best life weight loss plan Kary Has or Wltiki
groups with great content
Coming soon- the best life fb group
Wltiki or Karyhas for everyday content

15 Instagram

some of my fav=
powerwithin.in= great motivational quotes and stories
quotesonthewall- great quotes from modern day leaders you will recognize and love
the.motivation_club- great quotes and statements
zest my lemon- great food porn healthy pics
blinkist= great positive quotes of modern popular authors
delicious fitness meals
tastemade- great recipe videos on fast forward- hardly ever healthy- but you can adjust
buddha bowls- great food porn
Wlstories- before and afters and stories
instagram- wl.motivation= everyday content: Sunday meal prep, Monday motivation, Tuesday tips, etc

14 forums
community of like minded individuals who can share
and seek help
talk to others going through exactly what you are going through
help each other through it
Wlmotivation.com now has an active forum you can discuss content, ask Q, answer Q, uplift and motivate one another
and get great tips and tricks
make friends with like minded others
our family and friends can be a great support system- but we sometimes need to talk to someone else who understand
our exact same struggles and issues without judgement
come to Wlmotivation.com- click on forum on the header and sign up to post today and get the
conversation going!

13 Pinterest
watch out- huge time suck because you can get lost in how amazing it is
keep “files” things you love
type in front porch swing and wait ,3 second until your mind is blown with hundreds of photos and possibilites
you can save a photo you like into a file you create.
organizational ideas
this is great for our weight loss journey for so many reasons.
you can create a vision board right in a file for fitspo photos and motivational quotes
you can save healthy recipes
you can even save separate files for
zoodle recipes
cauliflower recipes
Buddha bowls
italian, instant pot, slow cooker, grill, foil packs, vegetarian, etc
under 100 calorie snacks
great for meal prep ideas
mason jar salads
you can search for your favorite types of
workout plans, Pilates, dances, yoga, strength train, etc
there are many isometric or body weight exercises and challenges for certain activities or events
such as academy awards, super bowl, or Victoria’s secrets show outcomes
you can save photos and posts about
vacation places you want to visit when you reach that goal weight
or rewards you can give yourself along the way
or outfits you will wear at that ideal weight
there’s even informative information to educate yourself on things like what cigarette’s do to your body. And aspartame
Pinterest- search for Kary Has
check out my Pinterest which is divided into best life book chapters

12 workout apps
push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, pull ups, yoga, running, biking, walking
some of my fav-
if you want to run: 5k runner. You can open this app and have in the background running when on Netflix
or amazon and it will ding and tell you to run or walk and have a notification at the top of your screen
if you use your phone or tablet to watch shows during your treadmill like I do
Pocket Yoga- great beginner yoga lesson right on your phone
JEFIT design own workout based on your own body weight like push ups, sit ups, etc without needing gym equip
besides dumbbells

Footpath- if you walk in your neighborhood or outside-
you can plan your walk or bike ride, by tracing your finger on a google earth type view of an area
which you can use your current area or type in an address and find out your mileage. You can save these
planned walks or rides under whatever name you assign it
wonderful for exploring your town
free and paid apps for yoga, Pilates, workout ball, kettle bells,
push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, pull ups, planks
usually month long challenge that steps up the intensity and reps every check in, which is normally
3 days a week preferred
sworkit- 5 minute workout

11 you tube-
beachbody workouts
yoga workouts
Do you have any old favorite workouts that could be revived from searching them,
like some richard simmons, elle mcpherson, kathy ireland, or cindy crawford workout videos?
How about the carmine electra workout series teaching a whole new kinda dancing
or buy some old pom poms from a garage sale or dog them out of your attic
and tackle the 1990’s dallas cowboy cheerleader workout
learn to belly dance or hula
or break dance
do you know the thriller dance?
learn to make certain recipes on you tube like sushi, hibachi cooking, or seafood quiche
if there is anything you do not know-
go onto you tube and search it and it will teach you
literally anything and everything

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Granola cereal with almond milk and an orange
Snack: sugar free jello and a pack of 100 calorie salted peanuts (both from the Dollar tree)
Lunch: Salad with lettuce, 2 tbsp goat cheese, sliced strawberries, 1 tbsp candied pecans, thin red onion, and chickpeas
Snack: peanut butter and jelly on 35 calorie bread (sugar free jelly)
Dinner: stuffed baked potato with salsa, lite sour cream, 1 tbsp real bacon bits, melted american cheese and broccoli and a marinated grilled salmon steak
Snack: 1/2 cup orange sherbert
Calorie Content for the Day: 1407

Don’t miss next week when we will discuss:
the conclusion (#’s 1-10 of my favorite top technology weight loss tips)
Show Notes Bonus Features…
Shopping made super easy- Below are products mentioned on the podcast
Click on the photo for more info or to buy immediately from Amazon 😉

100 calorie nut packs

potato cooker bag

dressing tupperware

wide mouth mason jars

raspberry calorie-free dressing

35 calorie Bread-


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Podcast #12 Show Notes
Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Hosted By: Kary Has
Podcast Episode: 12
Sponsored By: The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & Interactive Journal

Short Story Featured: Rafting
life with its challenges and obstacles does not have to be a battle
you can alter your attitude at any given time to make your experience in ANYTHING more pleasurable
depends on your attitude towards to obstacle, what you chose to focus on
focus on following the leader to a T, and the danger you will be in without his commands, and
your experience will be about how well you followed direction and stayed out of danger
focus on harmonizing with your surroundings and laughter- and you will appreciate the beauty
around you. You will find yourself enjoying the process

try to keep this same mentality with you as we begin to assess our weeks actions and progress going forward
if you look back on your journal pages focused on mistakes
you will be assessing your progress with disgust at decisions you made, or disappointment in yourself
you will not only be breaking rule # 5- be kind to yourself
you will also not look forward to your next week and any momentum you have built up,
or confidence you have gained will deflate
any mistakes or failure along with way- we will add to our challenges and solutions brainstorm
all it is- is an obstacle we still need to tackle.

Part 2 of self assessing- this is where we really get into the nitty gritty-

So after we have been tracking our food and water consumption, weight and our weekly focus and challenges, and fails
everything we discussed in podcast 11 all week long- now it’s time to self-assess our progress
You should now know the best life program is all about adding in one focus at a time until it becomes habit
so look back first on your weekly focus.
How did it go?
did that focus get easier?
does it feel like it is beginning to formulate into a habit?
Is it beginning to feel automatic?
did challenges come up that you were able to find solutions for?
do you feel comfortable to add in another habit or should we stick to this focus another week to get it down,
and master it
this is what that looks like:
So week 1 you just focused on tracking- writing down everything you ate and tracking weight, obstacles, etc
after the first week you became good at remembering to track everything until it became 2nd nature
habit was formed. So week 2 you were able to add something new since tracking was mastered, and
on its way of becoming a habit
week 2 you focused on drinking your required water amount. But you had some things come up and
maybe you allowed your focus to falter. And you need another week to try again
then you do another week of focusing on water, then go onto your third focus in the 4th week
Do your focus as many times as it takes to get it down
I had to repeat multiple weeks along my journey. It happens.
don’t keep going when you have confusion or if you are still struggling with that focus,
or you make everything 10 times harder and overwhelm will follow…
the purpose of focusing on 1 item at a time, it to focus on that habit, repeat, repeat, repeat
until it works for you on autopilot.
the ONLY difference between you and the person you want to become, is a set of specific habits
the ONLY difference between your life now and the life you desire, is your daily actions
the ONLY 2 ways you can implement those daily actions- is by strategically adding in these
habits to make the process automatic and enjoyable consciously OR
working your absolute ass off, hating the process, and struggling uphill the entire time
it’s always your choice. You can chose the hard way.
most chose the highway and just never get that life they desire.
very few are able to strategically add in new habits, change their life.
Be one of those people. Be amazing.
It will be a consistent dance of going slower than you desire usually, but fast enough to build momentum
if you go forward too fast, you get overwhelmed because you have multiple focuses you are
concentrating on at once
if you haven’t quite got it yet- keep at it. If you’ve hit a wall- it happens
dig in and keep at it
always commit to try one more time and eventually u will conquer it
example: say you are on your vitamins week and you just keep forgetting to take them
you are not self sabotaging yourself- you just forget.
if you are tracking in your journal- you have an area to write in a checkmark or x or smiley
when you take them- this will help you remember
if you don’t yet have a best life journal…
then let’s go ahead and write up a challenge/ solution for this obstacle
ready- challenge: remembering to take your vitamins
I like to try to think of at least 3 solutions if I can
solution 1- set an alarm on your phone
you can label it vitamins…
you can have it play a certain song.
like- “raise your glass” by Pink
or “worth it” by fifth harmony
solution 2- tie it in with something- such as morning coffee or
brushing your teeth- put in you toothbrush drawer
solution 3- make it part of your meal prep- if you line up your mason
jars in the fridge- use small jars or little dollar store tupperwares
wrap them up in little tin foil and stick inside your mason jar salad
1- FOOD- look back on your food-
keep a list of food handy that leaves you satisfied
that gives you cravings
and makes you ill
this week when your making your food plan- keep these things in mind
you may need to tweak and adjust things dependent upon the signs your body is giving you
if you are getting hungry 1 hour after lunch, maybe you need a bogger lunch, or more protein then
maybe having a large breakfast is making you sleepy first thing in the morning
maybe too big of a dinner is depleting your energy too early in the evening
maybe you need a snack between a meal here and there
take your food responses for how each meal made you feel into consideration when planning this week

2- WEIGHT- remember a 500 pound deficit per day is equal to 1 pound lost per week.
other factors can alter this throughout your week- like sodium consumption, constipation, our monthly friend
what I can promise you however, is having that cookie that one day did not cause you to gain 2 pounds.
its impossible. Stay with me. Be realistic here
a cookie is what- 150-300 calories maybe
you need 3500 additional calories to gain a pound
now if you had 70 cookies- maybe.
and if you did- let’s write that in for one of our challenges to overcome

3- In fact, look back on all your week’s challenges and solutions
what worked?
what still needs work?
let’s brainstorm some additional solutions to challenges we didn’t quite conquer that we know may come up again
Be part of the 8% and don’t give up
go ahead and get a game plan together
do yourself a solid there and proactively fill out a challenges and solutions guide for yourself for all your known obstacles
such as if you are going to be out of town and have limited pre-packing options
or school is ending for the summer break. Kids will be home and you want to make sure your
not going to be tempted to get off track- remember to be flexible and think outside the box
if you think of one u cant get a solution to, email me- I challenge you to stump me.

the challenges that DID work- what worked about them-
is that something you can take and implement into a different challenge’s solution
example: you stop at McDonalds every day the last year and buy a chocolate milkshake on the way
home from work
you now don’t want to spend the extra 500 calories per day on that milkshake and would rather
put it towards eating a couple starch servings with your dinner
so far your solutions haven’t worked
your solutions were:
1 just keep driving and don’t stop
2 stop and get a salad instead
3 call a friend and talk to them on the way home so you cant stop to order

it hasn’t worked so far. Day 1 you stopped and a salad sounded horrible so you got the milkshake
you are not looking at this as a failure. You are looking at it as a challenge…
you are aware of a habit you have that you would like to change. Awareness is key
you look at it as a challenge… you know you will do better next time… you will try again- 1 more time
day 2 you really tried. You tried calling a friend but they didn’t answer, and a salad sounded awful
you stopped and got the milk shake
you still did not beat yourself up because you know that helps nothing
you are aware of this habit and look at it as a challenge,
AND now you also know what does NOT work
you realize you can not expect said friend to always be available
you realize you need a solution where you just rely on yourself so you cant rely on or blame someone else for your actions
you realize a salad is not compelling enough obviously- how about an ice cream come?
Its 170 calories and much better than the 500. Or a iced coffee
keep at trying one more time.
keep your end goal, have flexibility in your approach, try one more time… and you will get there

but we tried something else last week that worked well- instead of eating over the sink we ate at the table.
Here- our solution was to reward our-self by putting a black checkmark on 0ur calendar at work.
We felt proud looking at all the checkmarks adding up on our calendar
Could we use that same method, since we know it already worked for us, for our milkshake issue?
Why not? I’ll bet we could get really creative even and buy a red pen, or green or blue or brown- and put
another check mark, or x on the calendar on days we passed on the milkshake.

So this mind play sound easy but you and I both know it isn’t. I’m asking you to pretty much step outside yourself and
look yourself right in the brain to figure yourself out
to get conscious about your unconscious behavior
how you work. What makes you tick… and manipulate yourself in order to mold yourself into the person you want to be’
there’s a lot of mind work that goes into that
it doesn’t happen overnight
the key is tracking- the more info you have to work with the better
you can look at your patterns, what works and what doesn’t, and change it all up
it’s fascinating
you CAN Frankenstein yourself, mold yourself into the person you deserve to be
You CAN get yourself to do anything you want to get yourself to do
commit to it, track it, assess it, adjust it. (be flexible & kind to yourself), Repeat.. Repeat..repeat until
Boom- new on purpose habit is born

So now that we have looked back on our week-
1 we know if our focus was mastered enough that it is becoming automatic or not,
and if we feel comfortable moving on and adding another focus
2 we have reviewed what foods and meals felt like in our body- in order to make informed
decisions this week for meal planning more appropriately for what makes our body feel magnificent- or at least not sickly
3 we have reviewed the challenges and solutions we faced last week- and if we need to add additional solutions to overcome
some lingering challenges, and we have brainstormed some more ideas to try- remembering to make solutions compelling and fun
if possible, and pulling some ideas from our solutions to challenges we slayed
4 our water and No’s were reviewed to make sure we are following these habits as well- and we are planning separate weeks
to focus on these areas if we need to

Now that we have assessed last week, and are moving forward into our next week
we will do so with flexibility to improve 1% bettwe than last week because we have real, transparent results
right in front of us
what worked
what didn’t
what we need to improve
if we are adding a new focus or not
Now for the most stellar upcoming week: we will plan:
a new meal plan for this week- if you want to do the exact same thing- do it
make some tweaks here and there, great
or completely change it up- awesome
most likely you have a better idea now of when your body is hungry, what satisfies it and what doesn’t that
you can plug right in
BTW- what is the best day to start a diet? Or lifestyle change?
Most people surveyed will say Monday
I say today. In the best life journal you pick if it’s a Monday, Tuesady, Thursday, or whatever
the BEST day to start is now.
My day 1 of my week is a Friday.
if you want to wait till Monday- double check your commitment, that’s called procrastination

Now you have all the tools you need to track your daily habits and actions
Have a stellar week! And Track responsibly

Shop, Chop and Roll Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Oatmeal (100 calorie pack), hard boiled egg, 2 pieces toast (35 cal bread) with sugar free jam
Snack: fiber one granola bar
Lunch: chicken salad on bed of lettuce with a mini croissant
Snack: assorted fruit and veggie mini spread= 1 plum, 1 cup snap peas, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 cup celery with 100 calorie guacamole dip pack
Dinner: stir fry= chicken, onion, pineapple chunks, peanut oil, teriyaki sauce, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas and mushrooms served over 1 cup of white rice made in the instant pot. Sprinkle on top half of 1-100 calorie pack of salted peanuts
Snack: individual bag of baked chips and 1/4 cup of salsa
Calorie Content for the Day: 1380


Question to consider until next week…

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Super Easy Chicken Salad
serves 6 one serving= 86 calories

either 2 large cans tuna in water or 3 regular size cans
4 tbsp lite sour cream
4 tbsp relish
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