Homemade Dog Food in the Instant Pot

Homemade dog food
x3 frozen turkey ground frozen section
x3 cups dry white rice
x2 cans carrot slices
x2 cans peas or green beans
x1 or 2 cans pineapple chunks
x6 tbsp. oil (coconut or sesame)
x6 tbsp. flax seed

– in the instant pot- cook 3 cups rice with 4 cups water- on the rice setting

in wok or skillet- cook the 3 lbs ground turkey
get out 2 large bowls
empty 1 can each of pineapple, peas, and carrots in each, plus:

1/2 the meat
1/2 the rice
3 tbsp. oil and 3 tbsp. flax seed

for my dog who is 55- 60 pounds, I place 1 cup of the food mixture into a ziplock bag, and feed him one in the morning and one at dinner time per day.
I keep in the fridge and microwave for 13 seconds right in the bag before serving
it lasts 2 weeks in the fridge
if you have a smaller dog you may need to reduce the amount in each bag
you can store in freezer up to 3 months

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