Favorite Apps that help with Weightloss

Loosing weight in 2018 is WAAAAAY different that it was 10-20 years ago. I can’t believe how much technology plays a role and helps.

#1- If you don’t have a step counter- get one! It’s like a little cheerleader right on your wrist. Even when I’m tired and had enough for the day- my step goal is enough to make me walk around the block (or even in place next to my bed sometimes).



Here are my fave Apps I couldn’t live without that helped me shed 75 Pounds:

A link for each app-
#1 favorite app

Great app to take your weight loss trends and predict weight loss rate and future milestones
Happy Scale

Motivational App where you can save photos= I put my “before” pics here
My Diet Coach

I would never have gotten through week 5 without it… my saving grace

Ditto- Round 2 (after I had watched most of the Netflix shows I was interested in- I started on Amazon and now equally hooked…)
Amazon Prime

I did a free month and really got into some of the shows

I use this to input my measurements once a month

My strength Plan I normally customize with this app

And of course you need your motivation 🙂
THE Weight Loss Tiki

Check out the music playlists as well for more great Lists to fill your cup!!!