Foil Pack Veggies

Foil Pack Veggies:
2 servings- 160 calories per serving

Cut up 1 Vidalia onion
handful of mushrooms
1 squash chopped into bite size pieces
1 zucchini chopped into bite size pieces
* optional= potato chopped up or baby potatoes halved. This will increase the cook time
1 tbsp coconut oil dollop in middle of foil pack
salt and pepper to taste

Put all in middle of foil
fold up foil pack so that edges are creased together and top has some air between food and foil
put on grill or next to fire pit 25-30 minutes
check veggies and put fork in potato to check cooking status

(If it’s raining or you dont have access to a grill… you can also cook these on the George Foreman)