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    Getting up early was my weakest link.
    I wanted to get up and conquer my morning like a boss…. but I also had a very hard time physically waking myself up.

    So I practiced it.
    On a weekend when I had time…
    I took a nap and set my alarm for 20 minutes.
    I woke up tired and my body wanted more sleep but I practiced jumping out of bed, going to the restroom and brushing my teeth, putting on my tennis shoes and walking on my treadmill for 10 minutes.
    When I was done,
    I set my alarm.
    Then I went back to sleep, for 30 minutes.
    My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed, went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, put on my tennis shoes and got on my treadmill.
    Then I set my alarm…
    did this 5 or 6 times.
    I did it until it was automatic when my alarm went off.
    I practiced waking up and jumping out of bed.
    Going through the motions.
    It was such a simple solution for a problem I had for almost 40 years- but it worked!
    I still sometimes have trouble walking up.
    But most days now, I jump out of bed, go into the bathroom and brush my teeth, put on my tennis shoes and then get on my treadmill.

    “Repetition is the mother of skill” -Tony Robbins

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