Another Vacation on the beach in long pants and sleeves.  Every year I would try to lose weight so I could participate on vacation like everyone else.  I wanted to swim in the pool. layout at the beach, even ride a scooter or moped.  I was scared to go to a roller coaster park.  What if I got so fat I couldn't fit in the seat?  I tried every diet plan imaginable.  I thought I had a motivation problem.  I didn't.  I just didn't have the right plan yet.  I created and used THE BEST LIFE plan in order to change my body, my lifestyle, and my mental outlook.   I will never diet again,

I was tired of being tired

I had huge plans for myself everyday.  I would research a new diet plan and hardly even got started before I quit... again.  I was getting better and better at letting myself down.  I would come home from work so tired I could hardley dial for pizza.  How was I supposed to go from 0 to 100?  Where was my magic motivation?  I was overwhelmed by any diet plan... which would just cause me to eat more in order to "make myself feel better".  It was a lose-lose situation.



I knew what Didn't work

Low calorie diets, cutting out entire food groups, crazy workouts, anything that caused me to re-route my life temporarily were sure to be just that... temporary.  I didn't want to have to lose the same weight over and over again.  I wanted it gone once and for all.



I developed a new plan that I couldn't fail at

I was good at planning- not so great in the execution department.  I needed to start where I was right now and work my way up.  I knew if I changed everything at once, I would be overwhelmed... again... and quit.  I wanted a game changer.  I wanted to succeed.  I started slow... baby steps... focusing on changing my habits.



I wanted to put forth minimal effort and get big results

I was finally ready to swallow the fact that what I was currently doing wasn't working and I needed to change my  habits.  I figured I could work on each one at a time.



I developed rules in order to protect me from myself

I am my own worst critic.  I am usually the only one in my own way.  I needed to be able to understand why I do what I do- be kind to myself, and give myself the ability to be flexible in my approach until I succeed.



Weight loss happened automatically as I developed new habits

The plan allowed me to add in something new each week after I mastered the focused habit from the previous week.  If I needed to do a week over again- I did.  Until I was happy with my results.  Until it felt automatic.  Weight loss just happens as you are improving yourself.  The self improvement, confidence, and self worth you will develop in your journey is worth so much more than weight you will lose... you will understand this statement as you are succeeding on THE BEST LIFE plan as well...


I stopped participating in my life due to shame of my weight

I spent 10 years slowly dropping out of my own life due to my weight and the shame I felt because of it.  I was obese.  I hated vacation time every year because it would just remind me of another year that went by and I,  once again, failed to lose weight and still can’t wear a bathing suit in public.

I decided one day that I had enough and wanted to live the best life I could live.  I created a plan that didn't have restrictions, didn't require me to join a gym, and I made it fun enough that I didn't want to quit.   It  allowed me to slowly add in good habits.  Before I knew it I was creating my ideal body and life on auto pilot with minimal effort.  I lost 75 pounds and still can't believe it was so easy!

I decided to share my plan- Heck I wanted to shout it from the roof tops!  I found the secret to weight loss without pain!   I have developed a program that anyone at any range or age can succeed at without fail.  By starting slow with one focus at a time, weekly additions and assessments,   overcoming mental challenges and constant self improvement- it’s the best plan on the market today.  Sprinkle on top of that some motivational coaching and the  included interactive weight loss journal...   You can't fail at this unless you fail to start.

In one year you could be on the beach, proud and confident with your new shape- or wishing you would have started today.

Love, Kary


Kary Has

The Best Life Author and Creator