8 week life changing journal


8 Week journal to track your life in a whole new way
Created by Kary Has of The Best Life Weight Loss Plan & interactive Journal to continue with your tracking after the Best Life book is completed.
(I promised I wouldn’t leave you hanging and this self improvement stuff is addictive!!!)
Discussed on the Weight Loss Tiki Podcast
Use the journal to create your own weekly “focus” in order to integrate the habits into your life that you need to be successful and fullfilled.

This journal tracks your daily:
– water intake
– food and calorie intake
– calorie budget reminder
– hunger scale
– daily weight capture
– area to record your “wins” and appreciation
– Steps
– Workout plan
– To do list
– energy levels
– obstacles you faced and solutions for next time
– notes sections
– sleep hours
– wake time & bedtime
– top priorities of the day

– Vision board for you to add your own content/ photos/ drawings/ etc
– meal planner chart PLUS visual board (for us doodlers)
– grocery list
– weekly asessment
– keeping track of how foods felt in our bodies (caused cravings, satisfied, etc)
– challenge & solution brainstorm page for the upcoming week
– weekly rewards
– weekly recommitment agreement
– Ideas to try next week

– measurements
– habits/ focuses per week (you customize)
– rewards
– successes

Extras include:
** a daily motivational quote to look forward to every day and plenty of room for extras you may want to incorperate
** Ribbon bookmark attached to keep your place

Never before has a journal been this lifechanging***

Consider who you could become with 8 incredible weeks of designing your ideal life, habit by habit.
Until it was automatic and part of who you are.
I look forward to working with you

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